Pool play is an innovative and above all, fun method of playing the world's biggest lotteries with your friends. How often have you been chatting with your friends or co-workers and the subject of pooling your cash to purchase more tickets comes up?

Pool Play allows you to do just that. And it's so easy to do. Here's how:

1. Log in with your existing account.
2. Select POOL PLAY from the EXTRAS menu on the right of the page.
3. Enter a catchy name for your pool and select the CREATE button
4. Once your pool is created, select INVITE MATES.
5. Enter the names and email addresses of the mates you'd like to join you in your pool, followed by the security code and select SEND MESSAGE.


This will send a message to all the friends you have invited prompting them to accept your invitation and join you in your pool. The site will display the full list of members you have invited, and indicate whether or not they have accepted.

The only thing that is left for you to do is collect their funds and begin playing on behalf of the pool. When you are paying for your entries, you will be asked whether the transaction is to be allocated to you personally, or to your pool.

Pool play selection

Should you identify this entry as a Pool entry, the results email will be sent to all members of your pool that have accepted your invitation. As the Pool organiser, it is your responsibility to ensure that all winnings are paid out according to each pool member's contribution.

So don't delay. Get your friends to join you in playing some of the world's most exciting and rewarding lotteries today!

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