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Am I eligible to play from my country?
This is an interesting question, but the nature of our business makes it almost irrelevant. Here's why:
What is
More information about
What to do if you can't access our sites
Some company networks, or even geographical regions block access to certain websites. If you experience this, we suggest the following:
What are Phishing Detectors and how do they affect me?
This article deals with Phishing Detectors and the effect that they have on your browsing experience, with specific reference to our sites.
What is a 500 Error?
A 500 error is a generic error message that simply indicates that your browser is not able to make a connection to the page to which the URL (Universal Resource Locator) is pointing. offers you the following: as your preferred ticket agent.
Where are you based?
Various Q & A's regarding our company registration information and licensing.
Why am I not receiving my e-mails?
Our systems send out a substantial amount of e-mail based communication, the majority of which have customized subject lines and "From" addresses. This can sometimes cause problems in the receipt of mail from our system.
Some info on scams
In the interest of providing our customers with as much info as possible, please see the following anti-scam guidelines.
How do I sign up for an EntroPay Virtual Visa Card and how to I use it?
This article serves as a guideline for anyone who wishes to use an EntroPay Virtual Visa Card on our website.
How can I redeem a voucher?
This tutorial will explain the redemption process if you've received a voucher.
How to register and play your first entry.
To play, you will first need to register. Registration is free and works as follows:
How can I play using my Mobile Phone
Customers may be away from their computers and as a result, unable to play.
The MUSL/Camelot site says one cannot buy tickets online.
This document explains how we are able to offer our ticket purchasing service despite there not being an official online retailer outside of the countries that offer the sale of lottery tickets.
I have received a winning notification. Is it a scam?
Many customers receive fake winnings notifications from companies claiming to be online ticket vendors. Below you will find an example of our results mailer which will indicate the status of your entry after a draw, and whether or not it has won.
What is Signup Code and how do I use it?
As part of our ongoing promotion efforts, you might have received a printed flyer or card with a signup code attached.
How secure are your websites?
Security information for customers:
How to spot a Scam Email
We receive many complaints from customers that have received fake winning notifications. We'd like to offer the following advice for anyone that has been the victim of one of these scams:
What does "We reserve the right to withdraw this service" in the Terms & Conditions mean?
What are the Terms & Conditions?
What are the Terms & Conditions?
What is NETELLER and how do I use it?
More information on NETELLER and how best to make use of it.
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