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How to check the latest Powerball lottery results?

As soon as the Powerball winning numbers are announced, members who purchased ticket/s via PlayHugeLottos.com will receive a results email showing the latest Powerball lottery results. Your results email will give you the winning Powerball numbers and reflect any matches you have.

With PlayHugeLottos.com registered members do not have to watch the live Powerball lottery draw in Florida on television. Instead, we publish the American Powerball results immediately after they are available (usually within a few minutes after the draw) on this page. This way you will always know if you have won immediately as it happens.

To find previous Powerball lottery results from prior drawings, click on ‘Please select draw date".

In the event that you were lucky enough to match enough Powerball winning numbers to win a prize, your PlayHugeLottos.com account will be credited immediately after the Powerball draw.

What is the minimum Powerball jackpot?

With a minimum jackpot prize of $20 million, it’s no wonder that the US Powerball lottery is a firm favourite to play online.

In the event that nobody matches all the Powerball winning numbers, the prize fund will roll over to the next draw.

What makes playing the Powerball lottery so enticing is the fact that this incredible American lotto game has no jackpot cap, and when this happens the jackpot can end up jumping to a much higher amount than usual.

Biggest Powerball lottery payouts

The US Powerball boasts some of the largest jackpot payouts in the world and on numerous occasions have soared into billion dollar jackpots.

Play American lottery Powerball online now to stand a chance to win life-changing prizes right here at PlayHugeLottos.com.

When does the Powerball lottery draw take place?

The USA Powerball lottery draws take place every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday at 22h59 (Eastern Time) in Tallahassee, Florida, USA.

Powerball lottery enthusiasts are able to purchase tickets through our website, PlayHugeLottos.com up until an hour before the draw.

What are my chances of winning the Powerball jackpot?

Your chance of winning the Powerball lottery jackpot prize is 1 in 292,201,338.

Prize Category


Winning Chances


Five (5) numbers + Powerball

1 in 292,201,338

2nd Prize

Five (5) numbers

1 in 11,688,053

3rd Prize

Four (4) numbers + Powerball

1 in 913,129

4th Prize

Four (4) numbers

1 in 36,525

5th Prize

Three (3) numbers + Powerball

1 in 14,494

6th Prize

Three (3) numbers

1 in 579

7th Prize

Two (2) numbers + Powerball

1 in 701

8th Prize

One (1) number + Powerball

1 in 92

9th prize

Zero (0) numbers + Powerball

1 in 38

How to claim a Powerball Lottery Prize?

Seeing your lucky Powerball numbers reflect in Powerball lottery results is a dream come true for any American lotto player. What makes it even better is the fact that you can enjoy the moment even further because here at PlayHugeLottos.com claiming your Powerball lottery win is easy, fast and super convenient.

Your Powerball lottery winnings will be automatically allocated to your PlayHugeLottos.com account immediately after the Powerball results are published.

To ensure that you are aware of your win, one of our amazing PlayHugeLottos.com customer service agents will call you to inform you of your Powerball lottery win and to congratulate you if you have won £/$/€200 or more.

Our Customer Service agent will request that you file a “cash withdrawal” request from your PlayHugeLottos.com account. Once we have received your withdrawal request, our security team will contact you. The reason for this is to ensure that your PlayHugeLottos.com account is verified before granting your cash withdrawal request.

Your winnings will then be deposited in your preferred bank account as soon as your withdrawal request has been approved.

Powerball lottery winners also have the option to have their winnings paid out in several web wallets. However, this option depends on which country you reside in amongst various other criteria.

The minimum withdrawal amount is set at £10, €12 and US $15.

How does the Powerball lottery pay out?

After winning the US Powerball jackpot, PlayHugeLottos.com members have two options in which to receive their US Powerball payout; annuity or cash pay-out option.

  • Annuity

With Powerball you can win hundreds of millions as your first prize, you can have it paid out as a one-time payment over a stipulated period. The annuity pay-out option distributes your winnings in a series of yearly payments.

The annuity payout option is calculated on the declared Powerball jackpot-winning total.

  • Cash pay-out

Requesting the cash or lump-sum pay out means that your Powerball lottery winnings will be paid out to you immediately. It’s important to note that depending where you are located, you may be subject to tax deductions.

What to do if I win the American Powerball?

After the Powerball lottery results are published and you match all the required Powerball winning numbers, your PlayHugeLottos.com account will immediately be credited.

We suggest that substantial Powerball lottery winners seek professional advice to help manage their winnings according to their local legislation.

When you play and win the Powerball lottery with PlayHugeLottos.com, your privacy and anonymity are always assured. By default, all PlayHugeLottos.com lottery winners stay completely anonymous. Unless you give us permission, we will not reveal your identity if you win the Powerball drawing jackpot.

When can I claim my Powerball winnings?

Your Powerball lottery winnings will remain in your account until you choose to withdraw it. You can choose to withdraw the full amount or use the winnings to buy more lottery tickets.

Powerball FAQ’s

Do I have to match the Powerball winning numbers in the exact order that they were drawn?

As long as you have matched all the Powerball winning numbers, you have won the jackpot.

After the Powerball draw, the Powerball winning numbers are then put into numerical order.

How many numbers does the US Powerball lottery have?

All of the machines used in a Powerball draw are gravity-pick machines, even though they resemble air-mix machines in appearance.

The US Powerball lottery has two lottery ball machines per draw – one for the main numbers (69 white balls) and one to draw the Power Ball (26 red balls). Five main white balls are drawn from the first drum. One red ball, which is the Powerball, is drawn from the second drum.

The first prize tier on the American Powerball lotto game, isn’t the only place where members can become instant millionaires, as the second prize tier also gives lottery players the chance to become instant millionaires, winning a staggering $1 million for matching just (5) five main numbers!

Powerball Historical Changes

The American Powerball lottery has experienced significant changes during the years.



Pick 5 numbers from a pool of

Pick one 1 Red Ball from a pool of

Jackpot Chance

April 22, 1992



1 in 54,979,154

November 5, 1997



1 in 80,089,127

March 7, 2001



1 in 80,089,127

October 9, 2002



1 in 120,526,769

August 28, 2005



1 in 146,107,961

January 7, 2009



1 in 195,249,054

January 15, 2012



1in 175,223,510

January 19, 2014



1 in 175,223,510

October 7, 2015



1 in 292,201,338

The first Powerball draw took place in April, 1992 when it replaced Lotto America. At that time the starting Powerball lottery jackpot was $2 million. Now Powerball lottery enthusiasts are playing for a minimum of $20 million!

Powerball is organised by Multi-State Lottery Association (MUSL) which currently consists of 45 American states, the U.S. Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico and the District of Columbia.

Thanks to the internet and PlayHugeLottos.com, you can play Powerball lottery online, even if you do not live in one of the participating states.

Make your American Dream come true today and here’s wishing your Powerball numbers make you a multi-millionaire!

Explore our Powerball Resource Centre for more information on playing the Powerball lottery on PlayHugeLottos.com.



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