5 Big Oz Lotto Winners

If there’s one thing we at PlayHugeLottos.com love to do, is bring online lottery players the best lotteries from all over the world which includes the top lotto games from Australia, namely the Oz Powerball and the Oz Lotto.

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Oz Lotto results

The Oz Lotto is arguably Australia’s most popular lotto game, and if you had to speak to an Aussie and ask which international lotto game they will be playing, they will tell you this week’s American Powerball, but they will also tell you that come rain or shine they will also buy an Oz Lotto ticket!

They’re loyal lotto players and absolutely love their favourite lotto game that’s for sure.  Let’s take a look back at previous Oz Lotto winners and find out how they did it!

Big Oz Lotto wins

1.  15 million Oz Lotto

A woman from the Sunshine Coast scooped up the whole $15 million on the Oz Lotto in February 2014 with the same set of lucky lottery numbers she had been playing for twelve months solid. Unfortunately she didn’t play the Oz Lotto online, so she had no idea that she had become a multi-millionaire. It was only once she double checked her ticket a while later that she realised she had scooped the big one!

“I’ve always wanted a holiday home and now I can build one,” she said. “I have adult children and they’re now rich as well!”

2.  $15 million Oz Lotto

Another lucky Oz Lotto player’s dream came true when he won $15 million. He found out about the life changing lottery win when he double checked his Oz Lotto ticket at this local shop. He couldn’t stick around too long though, as he was on his way to collect his child from school. The shop owner said that the man was “more deserving” of the win than a lot of people, and that he was “a good customer” who played the Oz Lotto regularly.

For those thinking that $15 million’s not but to write home about, think again! The Oz Lotto can get big – really big!

3.  $100 million – Oz Lotto

Australia’s biggest lotto jackpot comprised of four winners who shared the $100 million in November 2012. They each won $27 million including prizes in minor divisions.

4.  $90 million – Oz Lotto

Two lotto players took home over $50 million each thanks to a second prize tier win.

5.  $70 million – Oz Lotto

In December 2013, a lotto player from Queensland broke records by winning the entire prize pool, making it the largest single lotto win in Australian history.

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Australians love playing the lotto and with jackpots like these, it’s easy to see why. After all that’s why we play the lottery in first place right? To become instant multi-millionaires!

So while the most searched for keyword worldwide on Google in 2016 was “Powerball” the number one search engine word in Western Australia is “lotto”.

So why not join the Aussie lotto fun and play the Oz Lotto online today!

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Posted by PRADIP (31/01/2017)

i have been buy OZ POWER BALL LOTTO, draw on 2/2/2016 and jackpot has been inscribed by "GOD" in my name !!!

Posted by Boris (31/01/2017)

Try to connect words Powerball and Lotto in one amazing engine named PlayHugeLottos!

Posted by PRADIP (1/02/2017)

just few hours i have to wait to win JACKPOT IN LOTTERY.

Posted by PRADIP (1/02/2017)

i have lots of curiosity about numeric numbers through L O T T E R YT...

Posted by PRADIP (1/02/2017)

my heart beat is moving fast, tomorrow OZ POWER BALL JACKPOT WINNER NAME IS "pradip bhowmick".

Posted by PRADIP (2/02/2017)

today is that moment has been come in my life, because today "I MUST WIN JACKPOT IN LOTTERY".......... my life will take immediate turnover.

Posted by Julian (2/02/2017)

I hopeing that 1 day. I may also win like others win Pray for me to win

Posted by PRADIP (3/02/2017)

yesterday i failed to match oz powerball, 3 nos.just 1 no difference forward and backward.

Posted by PRADIP (3/02/2017)

today i have purchase USA POWER BALL, jackpot will be gifted by GOD.

Posted by PRADIP (4/02/2017)

every day is winning day to me, because i want to win jackpot in lottery.

Posted by Thinh (10/02/2017)

Thanks for the info!

Posted by PRADIP (14/02/2017)

i won't be stop to buying lottery ticket, until winning jackpot or 1 m $.

Posted by PRADIP (15/02/2017)

month of december, 2015, i matched 2 numbers of oz pb with pb no, my cofidence still have, so jackpot of ozpb i must win.

Posted by Leyla (3/03/2017)

Thanks for the info!

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