You may have heard of the air steward who flew into a rage and went on to “resign” in the most unambiguous manner?

When fed-up flight attendant Steven Slater got into a foul-mouthed row with a passenger after landing at JFK airport he decided enough was enough. The 38-year-old immediately announced his resignation over the public address system, grabbed a cold beer from the galley, activated the jet’s emergency slide, slid down and headed for his car.

Although widely hailed as a hero, Steven has been charged with criminal mischief and reckless endangerment and, if convicted, could face up to 7 years in jail!

Picture the following... You play your favourite numbers for your favourite jackpots on You win big – so big in fact that you never have to worry about money, or an office again! How would you resign from your job? Would you go out with a bang? Would you disappear without a trace or would you see out the remainder of your contract?

Give us your ideas and the most interesting or entertaining comment wins a monthly bundle – that’s one ticket to every draw that takes place over the course of a month.

The winner will be announced on the 30th September and contacted by email. The winners initials will be displayed by means of a comment from in this article's comments section on the first of October 2010.

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Posted by Keitumetse L (2/09/2010)

I am an accountant,I will formally write a letter as follows:with immediate effect i tender my resignation without a notice as i have won a lottery.Please all my pension and other benefits share them among destitutes as i really dont have time for that money. Thanks. Lesedi Modisaotsile

Posted by Lim (2/09/2010)

dear my boss, thanks so far for change to give me can support my life by working here, but im thing its enough now im offering you for take over this place and company, dont worry i will take offer and pay you by market prices dont below, dont ask me where i got the money but one thing sure its in god name, nothing imposibble right

Posted by Lai (2/09/2010)

good morning boss, sorry im decide for stop working today, just need your help , please raise other staff salary, their so suffer for live with the lower income their got every months, so no problem if you can do thats, you just fired them all and dont worry i will help you to pay them double from now on, and im make sure when you fired, their will totally happy

Posted by Kumar (3/09/2010)

it is nice

Posted by Sarbjit (3/09/2010)

Good comments thinking of future and motivating is the best things i love in life.

Posted by Lye Choon (4/09/2010)

I will send everyone in my department a box of chocolates and in addition, my resignation letter to my boss stating my resignation with immediate effect. Since I have to serve a month's notice or pay one month's salary in lieu, I will advise her to sue me for breaching my employment contract. However, I will warn her that I have plenty cash to burn in hiring lawyers but I am just not willing to compensate the company.

Posted by MOSES REAGAN PAUL (4/09/2010)


Posted by Balasubramaniam (5/09/2010)

Dear sir,thanks for your help for working upto now in your concern.submitting my resignation,as i have won a big lottery.from this i will help more people to be happy.Thanks/ Bala

Posted by SzYB5 (6/09/2010)

Dear Boss, Please book yourself and your family in for the weekend in this Boutique Hotel & Spa on my account. This is what my family and I will enjoy for the rest of our lifes - I, hereby resign. Regards. JJ

Posted by NJ+ (7/09/2010)

I hereby tender my letter of resignation. I have to warn you that I also tender to buy out the company on condition that all managment will be retrenched. See if you will be able to find a job again at 50+.

Posted by Brian (7/09/2010)

I really enjoy my job so their wouldn't be any vitriol in my resignation. I'd give my notice and work out the remainder of the contract but obviously I'd be arriving to work each day in a succession of super cars. I'd announce my arrival with a couple of revs and probably annoy a couple of folk around the office. I'd eat gourmet takeaways each day, go for massages after work and generally live it up while still holding down the 9 - 5. No doubt I would be asked politely to leave before my contract expired.

Posted by H6Rzae (7/09/2010)

I would serve the term of my contract. Telling your boss is one more person who could ask you for money. Personally the fewer that know the better...its surprising that when not exercising the proper financial restraint that lottery winnings can disappear almost as fast as they came in the first place.

Posted by Ernesto (7/09/2010)

Dear Sir, Kindly note that you have 24 hours to leave the premises and never come back. I'm buying you out! Sincerely

Posted by QtOE2Q (7/09/2010)

I am a pensioner on a limited income, but with a great lotto win I can treat family and many friends in similar predicament to a group trip around the world - JOY for all.

Posted by Sherwynne (7/09/2010)

If I win the Superena lotto today, I will pay President Obama 20 Million Dollars just to announce on International TV that I will be resigning from my job. Also, I will pay Brad Pitt 30 Million Dollars for his personal delivery of my resignation letter to my former boss. Meanwhile, while all of these are happening, I am holidaying in Necker Island with Angelina Jolie on my bedside.

Posted by GFP5lHw12je (9/09/2010)

I am an accountant, I wouldn't even worry about resigning, I would go to work naked, sit in our morning management meeting with nothing on but this huge smile. Then a week later send my resignation via DVD where I am sitting on my own island with white sandy beaches, still with no clothes on, with I resign written on the sand, with a few choice words here and there....

Posted by Marek (9/09/2010)

Well, that is a beautiful thought. At first I was thinking about how I would tell my boss that he is an idiot and that even the cleaner would make a better manager. I was also thinking about buying the company and have all the managers fired, or break everything around me, but in the end I realized that there is no need for violance or self realization, shouting or anything, really. Its all about being profesional I think. It would give me a great feeling inside just to be able to present my boss with my resignation. I think if I had a few millions on my bank account and I would hand my boss my resignation I really believe that he would see the looks on my face, that I am happy and without a worry, that would be the best way, just to have the feeling that I can leave without any concerns about how my life will go on (that would also bother my boss and would be a good punishment for him). Just one more thing, I would really that Michal, my collegue, would get such a possibility, he would deserve it, but I think he would really tell a lot of things to our boss after how he was treated by him.

Posted by Emmalene (10/09/2010)

I will send him a postcard from Ibiza saying: I'm a winner, you're a loser. You need to be in it, to win it!!! Dont expect me back any time soon.....

Posted by Sumit (11/09/2010)

I work as a Chauffeur in a luxury car company.. and I am treated like shit..! So as soon as I get to know about the lottery, I' ll buy all the cars in that showroom. Will arrange them in a line outside the showroom.. get their roofs out, will spray paint DUSTBIN & PUBLIC UTILITY on them..Get them filled with Garbage and shit and flee away.. :D

Posted by NdnLa0 (15/09/2010)

I will just disappear with out a trace .. a week later I will send them a DVD. On the DVD will be a video of me and my family in our new Hope on the Isle of Capri. Formally tendering my resignation.

Posted by Lowell (16/09/2010)

I would take whatever work I had to do and go tear it up into a million pieces and throw it in the bosses face and say "screw You, I quit!"

Posted by Valentina (17/09/2010)

I work in a supermarket as a cashier. And I hate the boss there. So if I win I would open a muchhh bigger and better supermarket beside hers and sell everything for just 10 cents. And I would resign by saying hi boss sorry I can't work here anymore Because I'm so busy with MY supermarket next door.

Posted by Pramod (18/09/2010)

Being a chef in a hotel, I' ll cook one of the most expensive meals ever.. with caviar.. monkfish.. italian black truffles etc. Though, the irony being instead of serving it to the guests.. Me and four of my kitchen friends will be having that feast ourselves.. We will enter the restaurant from the service doors.. Ask the guests to politely leave (tell them it's an emergency). Grab 4 bottles of Vintage Champagne from the pantry.. Pop it up. Stand up on the center table.. and raise a toast to our resignation.. :D . Have our feast.. and as soon as the boss appears in fury and disarray..We will take of our chef coats. I'll cut him a cheque which will be higher than his month's salary and tell him to keep the change..! and then Walk away forever with my friends..

Posted by JjU1lh (19/09/2010)

I would buy myself a Rolls Royce Ghost and consistently come early every morning to take the CEOs parking spot. Then I'll resign for being 'unfairly' treated because I drive a much more elegant car.

Posted by 3QiWk (19/09/2010)

I would seriously fax my boss my and hubbies resignations. I would buy my mom a new townhouse. Travel will become the name of the game for me.... Ireland, The Fjords etc...

Posted by RUq+RO (21/09/2010)

I would hire a Hollywood style production company to pitch up at my work with a couple of actors dressed in black suits, with helicopters flying around the office and squad cars pulling up in front of the doors. Three official looking actors will walk through the doors magically knowing all the security codes, two of them will drag me from my office and one will hand a small envelope to my boss. Inside the envelope will be a warrant for my immediate detainment because I am an integral part of some secret government project. A few days later a formal letter of resignation will arrive by courier. By which time I will be sitting on an island enjoying a good, looong holiday.

Posted by Daniel (24/09/2010)

being an air traffic controller I will communicate to all the airplains I have on my frequency on the LAST DAY on duty to take the opportunity and to whatever they want because I won big time on and I quit my job..:)

Posted by Surbhi (27/09/2010)

Working in a Cinema Hall Having connections in the projector room.. Instead of playing the movie on showtime, I 'll play a tape of my own.. Which will be acted and directed by me and a few more will be a part of it.. It'll highlight the life changing experience that play huge lottos brought in my life.. with me in a Jaguar. owning a Island and a few mansions.. I'll tell people that they could actually quit their jobs and live their dream life.. All they got to do is follow there numbers and trust their heart :D . Movie will be called "Hereby, I definitely quit".. and flee away after that..

Posted by David (28/09/2010)

Sir, I herewith submit my resignation with immediate effect. I am setting up my own charity. I am sorry for any inconvience my resignation may have caused.

Posted by Rc6Me (28/09/2010)

I live in the smallest room ever! On the night of the draw, I will open the door and the windows, shout at the top of my lungs : "I am filthy rich!!", close the door and go to bed. I will buy my mom her dream house, a car and she can go on holiday, everyday. I will interupt my bosses meeting the next morning, go sit on the conference room table, say "I have won the biggest lotto ever! I quit." But I love my job...

Posted by Ognyan (29/09/2010)

I would use the jackpot won to realize a dream of mine that I have for a long time – to write a screenplay, to make a film and to distribute it all around the world, so as everyone could have the opportunity to see it. By reason of that I would terminate my employment relations making an statement during the joint press conference of the web site & the lottery in particular (Euromillions or SuperEnalotto, etc.) regarding the official handing of the jackpot won by me through them. My statement shall read: “Ladies and Gentleman, first of all I would like to thank The Lord God, The Creator of all things, that He has heard the prayer of my heart and He said “Yes” to me through this lottery “namelotto” through the greatest internet provider of lottery tickets all over the world regardless of the fact that I was in this small country called Bulgaria in a small room with dimensions 4/5 meters in its north-east end! I can state with certainty that if you possess strong faith in your luck and you trust this site you can meet my destiny. So don’t put off until later but start clicking immediately … I would also like to thank my employer for appointing me a courier with 15 000 assignments a month. This position has helped me to develop an ability to arrange quickly by significance numerous assignments, accomplishing them in due term. Now, the ability I have developed would help me a lot when realizing my dream: to write a screenplay, to make a film and to distribute it all around the world, so as everyone could have the opportunity to see it. In order to realize all that I shall take a creative sabbatical leave and I intend to free my mind and all my senses and concentrate on attaining this goal. You can follow my development on my facebook site as well. Ogy Bankov I could undertake the engagement to find a way to include you in the screenplay, dear people from Lotto & as a main source of my whole idea!!! If after a 3-year period there is no development, I intend to give access to the jackpot to other colleagues - filmmakers, meeting very strong requirements, to which I myself adhere with no compromise, with the one and only goal – to make a film after all. The money from the jackpot are deposited with the Cinema Fund and could be used for the purposes of cinema only” Time for questions:

Posted by Saransh (29/09/2010)

Being a tattoo artist,I' ll draw one on my boss's back tellin him its a new idea.After finishing it I'll ask him to check it out.It'll be a middle finger with "I QUIT" and the address of my own shop.

Posted by (1/10/2010)


Posted by Saransh (4/10/2010)

I am glad to find out that I have won..! It just gave me an adrenaline rush to see that.. :)) I'll hopefully choose the right numbers to win now.. and make that kick ass tattoo.. How to claim the vouchers though? Many Thanks to the entire team.. :)

Posted by OPRuRn (13/10/2010)

I would give the 10 fellow employees R1mil each, subject to them receiving financial investment councilling, oh, I would just dissappear maybe establish my own republic somewhere.

Posted by Gerrardt Mcgowan (30/10/2010)

I will keep 20% and donate the rest.

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