Massive Lottery Winner Has Just 14 Days To Claim Their Prize

We watched in awe as the SuperEnaLotto jackpot just kept rolling.  In fact did you know that it actually rolled over for 15 months!  Then BOOM! Out of the blue a winner comes along to claim the whole jackpot worth an astonishing €163.5 million. What do they do? They don’t come forward and claim their prize and times seriously running out fast for them to do so. So please, will the SuperEnaLotto winner please stand up!

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On the 27th of October, 2016 SuperEnaLotto players were all making sure that they played their favourite lotto game to give themselves a shot at winning a massive €163.5 million. After the jackpot constantly rolling over for just over a year, one lucky player was able to match six main numbers. This means they won the entire €163.5 million jackpot.

The winning numbers for the draw that made history on the 27th of October were 3-12-23-71-76-83, with the Jolly number 56, and the Superstar 35.

At the time of the massive SuperEnaLotto jackpot win, all we knew was that the winning ticket was sold in Calabria, and that someone had finally beaten the odds of 1 in 56 billion to claim the extraordinary lotto prize.

With it being too early yet for someone to have claimed the top lottery prize, our focus went to the tobacconist store at the Via Dante Alighieri White that sold the winning ticket.

“At first, when they called me to warn me about the win, I thought it was a joke,” said Domenico Lo Bianco, who owns the store. He added further, “Then, slowly, I realised, and I realised it was all true. Although some winnings are so high they are really unbelievable.”

The store that sold the winning ticket will be receiving a €2 million bonus.

But it’s been quite some time now and still nobody has come forward to claim the massive lotto win. What went from day, weeks of waiting has now turned into months. Once again showing us that playing the lottery online definitely does has its perks - even if you are playing your own national lottery online. By now you would have received your results email and a personalised telephone call to not only congratulate you on your lottery jackpot win but we would have also transferred your winnings into your bank account.

It would be absolutely awful if the winner lost his or her winning lottery ticket and has no idea that they could have been multi-millionaires.

We will have to wait with baited breathe however as SuperEnalotto winners have 90 days to collect their prizes, meaning that, at the time of writing, the jackpot winner has just 14 days left until their 25th January deadline arrives.

We will just have to hope that the winner comes forward in time to collect the second-biggest SuperEnaLotto jackpot ever. The record for the biggest SuperEnaLotto prize was €177.7 million and was won by a syndicate of 70 players. That amazing win happened six years ago on the 30th of October 2010.

This win particular lottery win is the first to have happened ever since the changes to the game were made in February last year in the hope that bigger jackpots would be more frequent.  Well we aren’t too sure about the ‘frequent’ part but if you play online, we can assure you that you will never lose your ticket or not claim your massive lottery prize.

For the chance to become the next SuperEnaLotto winner, get your tickets in now for the upcoming draw. The current jackpot stands at €73,7 million.

You too could win big on the SuperEnalotto

This fantastic Italian lotto game was launched in 1997 after replacing the previous game titled Enalotto. It's now one of the biggest lottery games in Europe with impressive jackpots on offer from the draws that take place on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.

The SuperEnalotto draw take took place on Tuesday January 10, saw no one matching all the winning lottery numbers require to bag themselves the € €72,7 million jackpot on offer.  Which means… there will be an even bigger jackpot to play for tonight!

So get cracking folks, you’re playing the lottery online remember – which means you WILL get your prize!

Playing the lottery online cannot possibly be any easier, especially here at All you have to do is:

How to play the lottery online

         Pick jackpot                       Choose numbers                      Submit ticket                      Claim winnings

You have as much chance as any of the previous lottery winners did when they took home some of the lucrative prizes on offer, but what would you do with your money if you were to win?

Some previous SuperEnalotto winners have enjoyed their new found fortunes in a variety of ways, from quitting their jobs to travel the world, to buying brand spanking new supercars. Maybe you’re first purchase will be a new Villa with a brilliant view? Whatever you’ve been dreaming of is just a few clicks away.

Pocketing yourself a big SuperEnalotto prize may sound like a far-off dream as anything like this usually does, but as is always said about the lotto – you have to be in it to win it! It's never been easier to get involved either and you can play online with us at, and we will let you know if you have qualified for any prizes.

Play the lottery online today and hey you never know, we might be calling you first thing in the morning with some seriously good news!

Best of luck!
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Posted by PRADIP (14/01/2017)

i will be claim my jackpot winning amount less than 14 days !

Posted by Julian (14/01/2017)

There are little timid to come front

Posted by PRADIP (17/01/2017)

when i will win JACKPOT IN LOTTERY, then i will dance non stop hours after hours.

Posted by PRADIP (20/01/2017)

i m now very close to winning jackpot.

Posted by PRADIP (27/01/2017)

as less as time i will take to claim my jackpot ticket.

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