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If you’re dreaming of winning the lottery, you have more than likely asked yourself the question, “What's it really like to be a millionaire?”  Very few of us actually fully comprehend just how millionaires go about their day to day lives. Let’s delve a little deeper into a just how you might or might not change you outlook to everyday things, if you win any of our amazing online lottery jackpots.

We’ve all seen images and read stories about the truly rich out in this world, and it’s perfectly natural to imagine all the weird and wonderful things we would do if we too had millions of dollars, euros or pounds in the bank.

But it still leaves us wondering: what is it truly like to be a millionaire?
Even though you hope to become an insanely rich one day, voyeuristic obsession with the lives of millionaires will not satisfy you. Instead, you need to make sure that you take calculated decisions (even risks at times) to really go for it on your own lives.

Remember, most millionaires, who will undoubtedly never lose their wealth, live pretty boring lives.  Life’s not one big party to them, not at all.

Do something with passion

Working simply because it’s a job and it’s good enough to pay the bills is the first thing you need to try and avoid. Life is not about fulfilling a job. It's about a job fulfilling you. If you truly love what you are doing, you won’t actually be working now will you?

Winning isn't everything but wanting to win is

Millionaires don't just give their money away

One of the down sides to being super wealthy is that they are always hit up for money. It makes it hard for them to really know who their friends are. Especially if you win the lottery and become insanely rich overnight. Friends, family and even religious organisations they might belong to have an expectation that they should give them vast sums of money.

If you too have dreams of helping those around you after winning the next big lotto jackpot, you need to understand that giving money away is complicated.

Not only do you have to be fair to loved ones, or risk having a feud for the next couple of years, but you also need to remember that donating money to charities involves complex accounting procedures, tax records to name a few.

Millionaires are generous givers, but the way they give their money away might surprise you:

  1. They’ve always been givers, way before they were millionaires. Generosity is part of one's character, not a result of one's net worth.
  2. They won’t simply give you money, because you ask for it. Not a chance. They will first have to believe in the cause and see that the cause does what it says it will do. Giving is a two way street – no matter how poor the other side may be.
  3. If you win the lottery, be careful that you don’t make the biggest mistake of your life when it comes to giving your children money. Make sure they are secure, but in the same breathe you need to ensure that they also learn the values of start at the bottom, and to strive for success.

They spend extravagantly on experiences

Do all millionaires have really nice homes? Not all of them. There are quite a number of millionaires whose homes are no as luxurious as you might think. Most millionaires in fact, don’t spend their money on the state of the art homes or the latest super car, instead, they spend their money on experiences. They also don’t boast about these experiences and flaunt them over social media. What they prefer doing is, seek experiences that built their family unit and keep them private. As you yourself know, memorable times don’t have to cost the bomb – it could be a walk on the beach or a weekend getaway that seals you bond forever. The best part of these moments are, watching those you love the most, grow through their experiences. Memories last longer than money, and they are far more meaningful.

Mind over matter

Most truly rich people seem to be rather disinterested in money. What really floats their boat is, intellectual pursuits, greater knowledge, and deeper meaning. After all, they already have the money – so now what?

If you know of someone who’s extremely wealthy, think back to what you discussed. Did you speak about fancy toys, exorbitant expenditures? I doubt it. You probably discussed things like expertise or topics such as art and culture.

This is where they do differ from most of us. While we are worrying about making ends meet, they can discuss culture. It does not make you or I any less important – not at all, and I’m sure in retrospect, it’s a really good thing as no one likes a show off.

What is good is, they think of their wealth as a by-product of the mental focus that they have cultivated throughout their lives. They believe that their greatest asset is their minds. They are correct. It’s after all, their forward thinking, and honing their craft, that has caused them to succeed.

Never judge a book by its cover

Not all millionaires wear the best designer’s clothes all the time. In fact, if you do happen to meet a millionaire, you probably will never know by the clothes they wear. After all, they will more than likely be in something very comfortable or their gym clothes. The have nothing to prove, and they more than likely will hardly be the type to constantly show off.

Old habits die hard

Millionaires love, love, love discounts. Money has become a bit of game to them. So winning a deal is rather fun. They also don’t like spending money in areas that they don’t care about. That’s why it can be difficult to convince them to fund a project you love. This is where Power comes into play. They realise that with money comes power.

Winning millions on the lottery comes with its own responsibilities – keep it real and you and those around you will live happy lives.

Play the lottery and become a millionaire


It’s not difficult respecting most millionaires. Not for their money, but because they live their life with purpose:

  • They practice gratitude every day.  It makes no difference how much you are worth. What does matter though is, whether or not you are grateful for what you have. Practicing gratitude deepens your joy.
  • Fulfilment beyond the money. They seek fulfilment by cultivating their relationships, contributing to causes they cares about, and appreciating their experiences.
  • Improving the quality of their lives daily. This doesn't mean that they increased their wealth. What it means is, did they take time to exercise, eat healthy, and spend time with those dear to them.
  • Improving someone else’s life.  Millionaire’s more often than not love doing good deeds. We just have to look at Colin and Chris Weir, who won £161m in the EuroMillions lottery in 2011, and who constantly improve the lives of those around them.
  • They invest in their children’s lives by making sure they are not given too much and become lazy individuals, unable to care for themselves or those around them. Instead they make sure that their children become productive members of society. They teach them the value of giving to society rather than taking from society.

The hard truth is though, that most of us may unfortunately never experience what it’s like to be a millionaire personally, but we do know is, we are rich beyond any measure if we are happy. Happy with what we have, happy with our loved ones. Money can’t buy everything, but its sure fun to try!

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Unfortunately in today’s economic environment you cannot save your way to millionaire status, but what you can do is, follow the money, don’t show off – show up and finally think HUGE!

Play the lottery online today!

All the best!

The Team

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Posted by PRADIP (9/12/2016)

tomorrow i will be millio... n .ai .re !!

Posted by PRADIP (10/12/2016)

today i failed to match single numbers of EURO JACKPOT, 3 numbers just out of match for next numbers played.

Posted by Samson (11/12/2016)

Always dreaming and playing and still waiting for luck to give a jackpot win.

Posted by Balasubramaniam (12/12/2016)

Play PHL , Win Jackpot !!!

Posted by Balasubramaniam (12/12/2016)

Play PHL & Win jackpot !!!

Posted by Monique (13/12/2016)

Since joining I have a had a few wins here. About 6! I like this article it's true that living with purpose and doing good is the way to go! Today is my birthday and whether I become a Millionaire or not I will still live life with purpose. And enjoy it -whatever I have. This is just a part of the fun and people are far more important! When you have money people do respect you more and when you are having fun too. Just live life and let the rest take care of its self. Good luck to everyone. May the luck be with you!

Posted by Thuthukile (13/12/2016)

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Posted by PRADIP (13/12/2016)

my next ticket purchased OZ POWER BALL, draw on 15/12/2016, jackpot is in my name.

Posted by Thuthukile (14/12/2016)

Crossed fingers for the next draw!!!

Posted by Ricardo (15/12/2016)

Coming year will be a great one and lucky hopefully.

Posted by Thinh (18/12/2016)

Anybody could become a millionaire any day, LOL!

Posted by PRADIP (19/12/2016)

until win 1 m $ or jackpot , i will not quit from lottery playing.

Posted by Leyla (25/12/2016)

Playhugelottos - best site excellent service

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