It’s Never Too Late To Win The Lottery

When the American lotto game, Powerball rose to $403 million, Charles Maas, said that if he won the jackpot, that he would do the “fancy dance.”  He might not have own the top tiered jackpot prize, but he did in fact win a lot more than he ever did in Saturday’s draw – a cool $50,000.


After double checking the winning Powerball numbers in Sunday’s paper, Charles was a little unsure whether or not he had won anything.  After rechecking he realised that he had in fact matched 4 of the 5 main numbers to win $50,000.00.

Charles Maas, lottery winner

Charles had purchased his winning Powerball ticket as quickpick usa lotto ticket at Buehler’s IGA, 12500 N. Highway 41 North in Evansville.

He knew he had to drive through to Indianapolis to claim his lotto win, but having a enough fuel could quite have easily been an issue, and he had to first double check that too.

“(I knew) it would be enough to cover the gas to drive up to Indianapolis," Charles said.

While driving to Indianapolis, Charles still wondered whether he had really won the lottery money, or whether it would end up being one huge mistake.

Still unconvinced he plodded on to the lottery offices.
“I’ll believe it when I see it,” he joked of his prize money before his claim was processed.

Like many lottery players from all over the world, one of the first questions they ask is, “Will I really get my winnings?”

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Charles is a regular Powerball player and even though he too had reservations whether he would actually be paid out, he has thankfully learned that anyone can win the lottery and more importantly, you will get your money.

With his $50,000.00 safely in his bank account, Charles plans to put his prize toward college funds for his grandchildren.

Lois Olson, lottery winner

Great-grandmother Wins $50 Million

Lois Olson, 80, grew up during a time where indoor plumbing, electricity and a telephone were definitely luxuries. It was only when Lois moved into a brand new house in a small farming village in Alberta, Canada, that she thought she had won the lottery due to the fact that the house had indoor plumbing and even a telephone.

“I thought I was in heaven, I had running water and I had a telephone,” she recalled.

So it’s no wonder that when Lois found out that she had won $50 million on the lottery, that she had difficulty imaging what she could do with her amazing lottery win.

Lois realised that she had won the lottery while out grocery shopping. While at the supermarket she decided to check her lottery ticket at the self-checking machines.

“I pulled it out, put it back in. It looked like $500,” Olsen told reporters this week as she accepted her oversized lottery winning cheque. “I said to the girl, ‘There’s something wrong with this machine.’”

Another supermarket employee came over to help Lois, and according to Lois said, “No you just won $50m.’”  Speechless, Lois started to shake. “I just grabbed my groceries and left.” 

Reminds us of Charles who also just couldn’t believe the fact that it was his time to shine and start living the lotto life.

Naturally the news that there was a huge lotto win from the central Alberta village of Irma, travelled at lightning speed amongst the 450 community.

Lois told lottery officials that she saw the media arrive in her village, but avoided them.

“I dodged the media once there,” said Lois, laughing. The locals were being interviewed about the big lottery winner.
“They didn’t say anything, so I was able to escape home without anything.”

After living in the small farming village in Alberta for 50 years, Lois said that it’s a real pity that she never won the $50,000.00, thirty years ago.

“I milked cows for I don’t know how many years by hand, then we finally got a milking machine,” she said. “We milked cows for about 25 years. We had a bunch of pigs, we had range cattle, I raised chickens, turkeys; I had everything. A lot of hard work.”

Lois said that she will buy a new car with money and help her family.
“For my family, it’s going to help them out a lot,” she said. “For me, I’m too old for this. I would have liked to have won this 20 or 30 years ago.”

With three children, nine grandchildren and eight great-grandchildren it’s a good thing that Lois has won $50,000.00 as there is more than enough for her to now help them, but we have to agree, the lotto jackpot of this magnitude would have definitely been fabulous back when Lois was in the prime of her life. But such is life, and everything is meant to be.

“I think I’ll buy an SUV, something a little higher for me to get in and out of,” she said. “That will be the big purchase.”

Beyond that, she said little else would change. “Money doesn’t mean a whole bunch to me. I had hard times,” she said. With a laugh, she added, “Maybe not now.”

Best of luck!
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Posted by Ildefonso (4/12/2016)

This article just proves,that anyone can be a jackpot winner.Keep playing,but play responsibly and never give up.

Posted by PRADIP (4/12/2016)

i played GERMAN LOTTO & OZ POWER BALL LOTTO , i want to win 1 m $ & 0.2 m $, my photo will be post with my winning CHEQUE, GOD , pl, bless me.

Posted by Samson (5/12/2016)

Play play play till luck hits you in the eye.

Posted by PRADIP (11/12/2016)

my photo will be published through internet WORLD WIDE, after winning JACKPOT of GERMAN LOTTO, which i purchased on 10/12/2016, waiting for the result.

Posted by Leyla (24/12/2016)


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