The 2016 Spanish Christmas Raffle Is Even Better Than Last Years!

Every year the organisers of the Spanish Christmas Raffle, the El Gordo de Navidad create the most amazing commercials – and this year is no exception.

With the holiday season unofficially kicking off, what better way than with the annual Spanish Christmas Raffle advert – and this year’s commercial will definitely leave you slightly misty-eyed.

Over the year’s I’ve seen my fair share of lottery commercials, but this one definitely stands out with an excellent message to all of us over the festive season.

Without further ado, sit back, grab a tissue and watch the 2016 Spanish Christmas Raffle commercial. (You will be happy you did)

How amazing was that? There’s no denying that the Spanish Christmas Raffle is a special lotto game. What other lotto game so beautifully involves everyone around you, and in such a positive way? Well played, Spanish Lottery!

One of the things I love about this commercial, besides the amazing community spirit, is the transformation of Carmina's grandson.

The commercial begins with Carmina giving her moody grandson something to eat, and he refuses. The retired school teacher then sees the Spanish Christmas raffle on the television, double checks her lotto ticket and mistakenly believes that she and her community have won the draw. What she doesn’t realise is, the draw only takes place the following day.

In a state of euphoria she grabs her purse, and rushes out to find more people with the same numbers to celebrate the good news.

Her son walks in and asks the grandson where she is, and he shrugs saying she thinks she won the lottery.

He too rushes out to find her. He finds her outside telling everyone that they have won. She looks so happy, that her son hasn’t got the heart to tell her truth.

Spanish Christmas Raffle commercial

Instead, the crowd builds as everyone in the community decides sod it, we are going to get together and celebrate regardless. It’s here that we start to love the grandson, as he rounds up reluctant family follows, convincing hairdressers, tearing down calendars and organising the press to play along.

Spanish Christmas Raffle commercial

The commercial is full of charming moments, showing us, that even if you don’t win the lottery, that coming together and being one, having fun is what life is all about, and the outcome of the draw becomes irrelevant.

Not only does the Spanish Christmas Raffle boast on the world’s biggest prize pools in the world, paying out more than $2 billion in prizes last year, but the fact that tickets are sold in series, enables everyone to win together. With so much bad news in the world now days, seeing people come together and stand together like this, is just amazing – the fact that it’s all thanks to the lottery makes it even more special to us.

Building on this collective hope, the Spanish Christmas Raffle draw takes place on the 22nd December, 2016, where the lives of many can instantly be changed over the festive season.

It this community spirit that has become key to how the Spanish Christmas raffle promotes itself.

Buy a Spanish Christmas Raffle ticket online - and you too could have a smile, that's worth a million!

Spanish Christmas Raffle commercial

Last year’s award winning Spanish Christmas Raffle ad

Online lottery players at will no doubt remember last year’s commercial, “Justino,” a night watchman and his mannequins, which won the Cyber Grand Prix at Cannes.

This year’s commercial titled, "December 21st, launched last week and it looks like the creators, Leo Burnett Madrid, will once again be winning awards for their amazing work.

The spot was directed by Santiago Zannou, and this long version will be available only online. A shorter version, at 3:30, will appear on TV, teased with :60 and :30 trailers.

It’s not just a lottery – it’s real people coming together with a dream

Ever since the Spanish Christmas Raffle was first played, back in 1812, this Christmas lotto game has become so much more than just a game, but instead a traditional group affair for people to share the winnings by buying shared tickets with not only their family, but with friends, colleagues, neighbours, and the whole town!  When one wins – they all win! That’s one huge celebration and a bond that will definitely stand the test of time.

How the Spanish Christmas Raffle works

Like most Raffles, the numbering system is rather complex to say the least. But, with so many ways to win, it’s no surprise. First of all, unlike playing the lottery online, you don’t pick your numbers.
Instead, you buy a pre-printed ticket with a number already there. There are 100,000 different numbers in the Spanish Christmas Raffle. These numbers range from 00000 to 99999. They are on the lottery balls which tumble around inside a giant rotating drum on the day of the Spanish Christmas Raffle draw.

Each lottery ticket number has a picture of a Christmas nativity scene and the pictures change every year.

On 22nd December every year the winning numbers are drawn.

The draw takes place live on Spanish national TV.

The draw takes place in the same traditional way that dates back over two hundred years to 4th March 1812.

From 9am on the 22nd December forty children aged between 8 and 14-years-old sing out the winning Spanish Christmas Raffle numbers. They come from the school "Colegio de San Ildefonso" in Segovia which used to be an orphanage.

The ceremony is called "el soniquete de los Niños de San Ildefonso."

One drum has the winning Spanish Christmas Raffle numbers and the other has the prize amounts. The children come forward in pairs and pick and sing out a lottery number from one drum, and then pick and sing out a prize amount for that number from the other drum. The ceremony takes just over three hours.

Naturally because of the money involved it's very exciting viewing, at least until the 1st prize, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th winning numbers are drawn. The big prizes that everyone is waiting for are 1 first prize, 1 second prize, one third prize, 2 fourth prizes and 8 fifth prizes and many smaller prizes.

El Gordo de Navidad lottery, The Fat One, Spanish Christmas Raffle

How to buy Spanish Christmas Raffle tickets

For those living in Spain, Spanish Christmas Raffle tickets are easy to buy, and available at lottery offices in Barcelona. They can also be purchased at hypermarkets, at kiosks and at many tobacconist shops.
There are some places that are considered extremely lucky, as they have had good wins in the past, and here you would have to stand in line for hours to buy lottery a ticket.

Thankfully, you are playing the lottery online, so waiting in long queues to buy a Spanish Christmas Raffle won’t affect you at all.
Even though online lottery players can buy Spanish Christmas Raffle tickets months before the time – tickets are subject to availability – So don't buy your ticket too late or all the lottery tickets can be sold out!

Good luck - Bon Sort - Buena Suerte!
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Posted by PRADIP (22/11/2016)

every raffle is important to me, so i will continue to play.

Posted by Thinh (22/11/2016)

Thanks for the exciting info!

Posted by Krishnan (22/11/2016)

The beauty of this lottery is many prizes (including first prizes) are given.

Posted by Samson (22/11/2016)

The festive time for sharing and enjoying and the best time to play Navidad lotto.

Posted by Ricardo (25/11/2016)

Christmas is fast approaching and luck may come around.

Posted by Ricardo (27/11/2016)

Xmas time is near and luck may just be near as well.

Posted by PRADIP (28/11/2016)

X mas is very big festival, one year close and new year is coming, so luck will be smile in my life with "JACKPOT WINNING IN LOTTERY".

Posted by Sandra (30/11/2016)

Lovely videos. I am glad that I have my ticket

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