The Lottery Is Not Just A Game – It’s A Way Of Life

Today we are reminding players who may have forgotten, or to new players, of the way the lottery works. It’s more than just a game, it’s a way of life. It allows us all to dream a little and remind ourselves that there is that chance to win that big jackpot, like this Saturday's $320M Powerball jackpot, we would all love to have.

This way of life also gives hope to those who could never accumulate the kind of wealth, to allow them to retire at a young age. It’s in the hands of fate for us all, but one day that calling may come for you and bang, you’re a multi millionaire! How wonderful that would be.

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Lotteries are a game of chance and a method of raising money for charitable and other philanthropic purposes as well as paying out cash prizes to whoever matches the winning numbers. Prizes are won in different tiers depending how many of the player’s numbers have matched the winning numbers, for example, if six numbers are required and you match five of them, you win a smaller prize and so on down the line.

Obviously everyone wants to win that magic lotto jackpot that will change your life forever but that said, millionaires can be made even from the second prize tier or maybe even the third prize tier depending on the size of the main jackpot. Many tickets are sold and draws take place one or more times a week.

The more lotto players in a game, whether it they played the lottery online or at the store, the bigger the jackpot becomes and if nobody gets the correct winning numbers, it rolls over to the next draw accumulating in size until the prize is won. Some lotteries have special draws that have an extra huge jackpot over and above the normal which happens once or twice a year. The best part is - you too can play the lottery online, right here at!

Over the last few years, prizes have become absolutely enormous due to the worldwide interest thanks to the internet allowing instant access to many lotteries around the world. Records have been broken time after time culminating in the massive 1.6 billion dollar jackpot in the United States in January, 2016. It rolled over week after week creating a huge following until it was finally won. With this fantastic lottery once again smashing through to $320 million, the question on everyone's lips is, "When will the 2 billion dollar prize happen? If it carries on like this, at this time of the year again, online lottery players, like yourself could be in for the time of your life!

That is the beauty of being able to travel around the world in cyberspace visiting country after country playing whichever online lottery takes your fancy. Many players have their favourite lotto game and others will follow the big jackpots religiously hoping for the massive win.

PlayHugeLottos is a one-stop supermarket for all the biggest and best lotteries from all over our wonderful world. You can travel to the USA, Europe, the UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Australia etc in an instant by shopping for your lottery ticket online at, one of the most respected, successful and popular online lottery sites of today.

Lotteries have a feel good factor added over other games of chance and that is the fact that many millions are donated to charities and heritage projects that qualify, also various sport promotion/training funding is implemented, so a lot of good comes from the money you have played lotteries with. If you don’t win one week, it feels good to know that a part of your ticket payment has gone to a good cause and helped people less fortunate than ourselves.

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Charities & Heritage

Here are a few examples of various projects that have benefited from the lottery in the UK:

  • Bristol Old Vic and Beamish Museum among projects benefiting from £48million thanks to National Lottery players.
  • Long Shop Museum set to be transformed thanks to £2million Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) support.
  • £4million HLF Heritage Enterprise grant for social landlord Phoenix Community Housing to deliver sustainable future for The Fellowship Inn, Bellingham.
  • The Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) announced its support for the redevelopment of the historic, Category B listed West Boathouse on Glasgow Green.
  • The landscapes bordering four of the UK’s biggest cities will be repaired, protected and opened up to people living in urban areas thanks to a £25million Lottery funding package.
  • The Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) has awarded £2million to a new Landscape Partnership scheme in the middle of Northern Ireland.
  • Manhood Wildlife and Heritage Group has received a confirmed grant of £545,300 from the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) for the Fixing and Linking Our Wetlands (FLOW) project.

The above examples seem typical around the world where various lotteries support them. On top of these sorts of projects are the support for many charitable institutions that receive millions in funding to help them succeed with their various endeavours. They are totally worldwide with places in Africa that need a well digging and their infrastructure improving or other poorer nations that need help. Part of your ticket money goes towards these entities.

There are of course further benefits, where it help governments that otherwise would not have enough funding to repair various historical irreplaceable buildings, crumbling old theatres etc that would remain in a sorry state if it wasn’t supported by your money when you buy your lottery ticket online.

There are some wonderful generous good hearted lottery winners that have donated huge sums of money to various charities. A few have given the whole jackpot prize away as you may have read in some of our news articles in the last year or so. The generosity of these amazing players is mind boggling to say the least and we take our hats off to them, fabulous!

To summarise, playing the lottery is more than just a game, it’s a global village, it’s a community of like-minded people that give themselves a chance to improve their lives financially. They comment on various lottery Facebook pages or Google Plus etc on a regular basis and talk about how they would love to win that huge jackpot or they talk about which lottery they prefer or they look at the winning numbers for the lottery they played this week etc. It’s a lifestyle that could not have happened until recent years until the introduction of the internet.

May this wonderful community continue to grow and thrive for many years to come and may there be many winners who change their lives for the better.

Then we come to the whole point of playing the lottery in the first place, to make you very wealthy if possible. But, as they say, you’ve got to be 'in it to win it', so do yourself a huge favour and pick out your favourite lottery online by clicking on one or more of them from below:

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Good luck and keep dreaming!
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Posted by Yudhister (18/11/2016)

No matter what happens if you win or loose always keep smiling and have faith till the very end and always believe that something different and big can happen. God Bless.

Posted by PRADIP (18/11/2016)

yes, i m agree with this sentence, "lottery is also a way of life"

Posted by Krishnan (19/11/2016)

Well It indeed has been a way of life for me since 1960

Posted by Samson (19/11/2016)

The lottery is a game of numbers and our life revolves around numbers be it time , spending money etc.

Posted by Thinh (19/11/2016)

Sure, it's a way of life!

Posted by Thinh (21/11/2016)

Thanks, PlayHugeLottos: "PlayHugeLottos is a one-stop supermarket for all the biggest and best lotteries from all over our wonderful world".

Posted by Krishnan (21/11/2016)

It gives hope that one day I will win a big amount. Hopes are the foundation of Life.

Posted by PRADIP (22/11/2016)

i tried myself best to get jackpot.

Posted by Ricardo (22/11/2016)

We need the lady luck for the sure way of life!

Posted by PRADIP (24/11/2016)

today i have match only 1 no, okay, i will try again.

Posted by PRADIP (26/11/2016)

sunny days will be come in my life after winning jackpot in lottery.

Posted by PRADIP (26/11/2016)

today i have buy US POWER BALL with the help of GOD, jackpot written in my name !!

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