Times they are a'changing! With the addition of more of the world's most popular lotteries, customers have made us aware that our Player Rewards system is very complicated, and not too flexible for that matter. For this reason, we have put a great deal of effort into refining our Rewards system, and the result kicks in on the 1st of August. Put your hands together for LottoPoints.

LottoPoints is the name of our new rewards program. It is an automated system that allows you to generate rewards points while you are playing your favourite lotteries.

Those of you that have qualified for Player Rewards in the past will be aware of the old system in which your entries for each lottery were collated to qualify you for a Rewards Tier - Silver, Gold or Platinum. Having qualified, a proportionate amount of vouchers would be added to your account for you to use when you next play.

This worked very well for customers when there were fewer products in the fold, but now, with seven of the world's biggest lotteries available, and more to come, we have implemented a system that is far more flexible and rewarding. Here's how it works:

  1. You purchase entries as you normally would, using the number selectors, QuickPicks, RapidPlay or any of the other methods you prefer.
  2. Each lottery carries a specific amount of LottoPoints per line purchased and out system keeps a running tally of the total points you have earned. e.g. One line purchased on the EuroMillions lottery will earn you 100 LottoPoints
  3. All customers begin in the Basic Tier, and once you reach 750 points, you qualify for the silver tier, and you can begin redeeming your points for vouchers.
  4. The more you play, the closer you get to the next tier.


BASIC 0 - 749  
SILVER 750 - 1499 Silver
GOLD 1500 - 3749 Gold
PLATINUM 3750 - 9999 Platinum
DIAMOND 10 000 or more Diamond


One of the major advantages of the LottoPoints system over its predecessor is that you no longer have to wait for your rewards to be issued. Here are some of the others:

  • YOU control the process of redeeming your points for vouchers.
  • YOU decide how many points you'd like to redeem.
  • YOU decide which lottery's you would like vouchers for.
  • The more YOU play, the cheaper each lottery's vouchers become.

The month of July 2010 will be the last month in which the current Player Rewards system is implemented. From 1 August 2010, you will begin earning LottoPoints.



NB! To get you started, we have placed 100 LottoPoints in everyone's account. This is our gift to you for being a loyal customer. Here's to all of you qualifying for the Diamond tier and raking in the rewards.

Best of luck!
The Team.







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Posted by Gopinath (4/08/2010)

Nice treat!Keep it Up HugeLotto team.

Posted by 5HE (6/08/2010)

I just think this is sad situation where I do not get one free ticket for every 5 purchased.

Posted by SB-F8 (10/08/2010)

@ GT - Mate, I've been playing with these guys for years and the truth is, with this new way of doing things you actually get a lot more back. If you buy more than 10 tickets, you actually get discounted more. Strange, but true.

Posted by David (13/08/2010)

@David, - so if you don't buy more than 10 tickets you don't actually get any dicount via a free ticket anymore ... would that not be the truth, strange but true ?

Posted by R4I5maO2Z (13/08/2010)

One can only congratulate you guys for coming up with this brilliant initiative,be assured you'll also get your fair share should I win the jackpot!

Posted by A0weU (14/08/2010)

Why does official euro millions site say there were no jackpot winners last night and this website says there were 3???????????

Posted by (16/08/2010)

@Timon - The official EuroMillions site is run by Camelot in the UK, and their results page only includes UK resident winners. All three winning tickets for this Friday's EuroMillions draw were sold outside of the UK.

Posted by OHdSX (20/08/2010)

Last week I played 5 rows and I had 163 points. Today I play 5 rows again and now I have 162 points, I lost a point for playing?

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