Ex-Mozambican Residing in Canada Wins The Lottery 5 Times!

Seguro Ndabene, a father of three who lives in Airdrie, Alberta started his winning streak in 2004 when he won $1 million. He then won $100,000 in the Super 7 lotto in 2006, another $1 million and then $50,000 in 2008, and then the big one, $17 million in January 2009. It is his latest winning that has generated so much hoopla and resulted in litigation when a second party claimed the winning ticket was actually jointly purchased.

The convoluted lottery-related court claim has been dropped, paving the way for a Calgary-area man to take home $17 million — his fifth major jackpot in five years.

The Western Canada Lottery Corp., which routinely investigates any lotto wins of more than $10,000, had named Ndabene the rightful winner, but then a second party came forward to dispute his claim.

A man named Antonin Koprnicky said Ndabene's winning ticket was part of a group-buying venture organized by a lotto kiosk in Airdrie.

Seguro Ndabene says he plans to sue the Western Canada Lottery Corp. after his big lotto win in January — his fifth in the last five years — was held up by an investigation. (CBC)

The competing claims got so complicated that the lottery corporation turned over the case to the Alberta Court of Queen's Bench.

But Koprnicky's lawyer informed the court that there were no longer any challenges to the jackpot.

Seguro Ndabene

"We're not resisting Mr. Ndabene's claim to have payments made out of court," Tyler Derksen said.

Ndabene will receive his winnings when legal paperwork is completed.

"I feel I have been respected and my wishes come true," said Ndabene, who says he has no system for playing the lotto."

Ndabene has won four previous jackpots from buying hundreds of lotto tickets every week:

  •     $1 million in the Western 6/49 in 2004.
  •     $100,000 in the Super 7 Extra from a ticket bought in Calgary in 2006.
  •     $1 million and then another $50,000 in the Western 6/49 in Airdrie, Alta., in 2008.

Ndabene said he plans to sue the Western Canada Lottery Corp. for withholding his winnings for months and not paying any interest.

"This was amounting to torture, to torture me because I won several times. I cannot refuse to accept the money that I won rightfully. I played the ticket. They advertised the money. I paid for the ticket. I won the money and they refused to pay me right away," he said.

Yves Blanchette, who owns the Airdrie kiosk where Ndabene bought the winning ticket, can't believe his customer's luck.

"You know, I like this guy's horseshoes," Blanchette said. "This will be good for my business. They give you a picture of the winning guy to put on the wall, and if I have his picture on the wall I can double my income."

Koprnicky, the man who disputed Ndabene's claim, is Blanchette's brother-in-law.

"My brother-in-law has lots of problems and tried maybe with this to try and help himself," Blanchette said. "He was trying and then seemed to wake up and he realized, 'What the hell am I doing?' "

This article was sourced from CBC News, Canada and other sources.

Extreme luck? A Super system? Or is there something sneaky happening here? Some claim he has ventured into the future to get the numbers. Tell us your thoughts by commenting below.

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Anne Erdmann - who has written 23 articles

Posted by MrSeO (13/07/2010)

I guess if you play often enough your chances are higher.

Posted by Harry (15/07/2010)

I can't believe that one person can be so lucky multiple times. It is hard enough to win a minor prize, let alone winning a first division prize with odds of 70million to one or more. I would like to wish this man all the best and say congratulations, you are the envy of many hopefuls out there. If only he could give me the winning numbers in my favorite game "Euromillions".

Posted by Harry (15/07/2010)

There is a saying which is true. 'Winning the lottery is in one's destiny, if you were born under the lucky star and destined to win big, it will be a matter of "WHEN" you will win and not "IF" you will win'

Posted by Dmitriy (15/07/2010)

jocker !!! Anything else

Posted by Helal (15/07/2010)

Frankness is not a lottery game never easy, and that luck is only after the will of God

Posted by Dean (17/07/2010)

This REEKS of suspicion, of an African-type scam. No-one is 'destined' to win major lotto prizes MULTIPLE times. The math on those stats are CRAZY - you're talking 1 in a trillion at this stage! In the least, I just hope he uses the money towards his adopted countries charities/research foundations/etc., though I don't think that's likely to happen. Good luck to him not squandering it on more 'tickets' (I still don't believe it) and I hope they nail him if it is indeed fraud.

Posted by MOSES REAGAN PAUL (19/07/2010)


Posted by Inderbeer (20/07/2010)

you are realy lucky king

Posted by David (20/07/2010)

Me, I play quite often with no luck on my side. I envy you Ndabene. Can I share your secrets of winning. my email is ddynyirenda@gmail.com

Posted by MAngKB_ (21/07/2010)

Well Mr Seguro Ndabane,you have placed the Africans more on the world map hopefully you will form an organisation back home and alievate the starving nation in Africa by adopting as many as possible Black-children.Aluta Continua big brother.please form a group in Africa where you will teach black people the way into the big wealth.

Posted by Nat9Jt (10/08/2010)

Maybe he practises "The Law of Attraction". So far it hasn't worked for me. I must be doing something wrong!!!

Posted by R4I5maO2Z (13/08/2010)

It seems like most people are amazed by mr Ndabane's achievements,well brace yourself for more to come as I'm planning to win all this year's major jackpots!

Posted by 3965 (21/08/2010)

I dont believe he dosnt use a system. There is one being sold on CD's, but frankly I cant understand it. Others claim it wins them regular amounts, just like this.

Posted by 51Etp (23/08/2010)

Its a matter of attraction! Ask, believe and its given! You are the creator of your own reality!

Posted by Badreldin (23/08/2010)

this is the life . then i hope to be the next one , thanks for a god

Posted by 51Etp (26/08/2010)

Guys... BELIEVE! [Link removed by moderator]

Posted by Andrey (29/08/2010)

Take it easy, guys. It's not the first and only case. Read about Joan Ginther of Texas, e.g., who has been defying the theory of probability for 17 years now to scoop 4 jackpots!

Posted by Z4J6g5 (13/09/2010)

congrats ndabene hope u will spend it wisely.

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