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Imagine for one minute that you have won the world’s biggest international lottery jackpot. Aah, the pure bliss, with adrenaline pumping through your veins and the ultimate euphoria - knowing you have more money in the bank than you could have ever imagined. The numbers are there, those exact same one’s you picked just a few days ago, after logging into your account at The moment you step away, shaking from your core, to go tell your loved ones, is the moment your life will never ever be the same again…

You're a winner

Champagne, caviar and chauffeurs

What does champagne, caviar, chauffeurs, hotels and all access passes have in common? You!  After all, champagne and caviar might be a match made in heaven, but so too are you and a huge jackpot win!

From start to finish, claiming your lottery winnings was a breeze. All you had to do was click on the “claim winnings button” in your automated results mailer and follow the prompts, and boom, your winnings were deposited into the bank of your choice.

Let the fun begin!

Your dreams are about to materialise in the most magnificent way, with the doors opening up every which way. Forget work – it’s time to play!
So in the famous catchphrase of Robin Leach, "Champagne wishes and caviar dreams," here’s to your lotto dream, moving out of the limo into your private jet. You’re living the high life!

Celebrate in style after winning the lotto

Jetting off in style

When we say high – we mean Gulfstream G500 private jet high!  The days of you travelling with the screaming babies, snoring old men and meals that smell of plastic are officially over. Done.

Potential Travel Destination:  Ibiza, Seychelles, Mexico, Bali and British Virgin Islands

Jet off in style after winning the lottery

All Aboard The PlayHugeLottos Party Yacht

There are cruises and then there are cruises - and celebrating your lottery win on most definitely falls into the latter.

To celebrate your jackpot lotto win, why not gather party on The Evo 43 Yacht - a sleek, powerful vessel that not only slices through the water but looks stunning doing it. What's more, as you'll find with just the few clicks of a button, this is no ordinary yacht - this is a mobile party just waiting to happen, yours to enjoy as you rule the high seas!

PlayHugeLottos party yacht

Party island style

What’s not to love about, blue skies, blue seas, white beaches, swaying palms. A breeze in your hair, a drink in your hand, and sand between your toes.

But if you want all that and the best place to celebrate your lotto win, then you best head off to one of the world’s most popular party playgrounds, Ibiza. It’s after all where the rich and famous come to play, music lovers come to dance and lottery winners come to celebrate hitting the big one.

Celebrate winning the lotto on a private yacht

If you can dream it – you can win it

Now that you have taken our virtual tour after winning any of the available lotteries on and see what it feels like to strike it rich and retire to your own private island in pure lotto style, we need to ask you one question:

Have you purchased your life-changing lotto ticket yet?

Forget the rat-race, alarm clocks and time cards.  You could start living the good life in five-star hotels, travel in private jets and enjoy fine dining, all while continuing to live in the moment and look around you and appreciate every second of your new life.

All you need to do is step up and claim it!

Live your dream

There is absolutely no reason not to dream big and start planning how you will be spending all those millions won on the biggest international lotteries from around the globe - all you need to do is buy a lotto ticket from!

Why have been enabling online lottery players since 1998! That’s a crazy amount of online lottery experience in the industry and exactly why we know what you want, how you want to get it and how fast you want to be paid out – all while having the most fabulous time doing so:

  • We offer the world’s most exciting international lotteries
  • The biggest jackpots, including the $1.6 billion US Powerball record-breaker with a current jackpot of $222 million right at your fingertips
  • Convenience of playing the lotto from the comfort of your own home
  • With over 35 million tickets sold since inception, we ensure secure play
  • Join the 550 000 winners so far who have realised their dream!

This week’s lotto draws are taking place right now, and there's plenty of lotto money up for grabs - and plenty to make you a new yacht owner too! Simply buy your lotto ticket in time for the draws, and get ready to christen your brand-new yacht with a bottle of genuine French champagne. Because you can!

It’s yours for the taking!
The Team

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Let us know what extraordinary lotto dream you have hiding deep within your soul in the comments below and stand a chance to win 5 FREE Powerball vouchers!  Please note, we will randomly pick a winner and the judge’s decision is final. This comments competition winner will also be announced on Friday the 16th September, 2016. Good luck!

The winner of 5 FREE Powerball vouchers is:

Johanna Ruegheimer

Congratulations Johanna. Here's to your lotto dreams coming true this Saturday!


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Posted by Debashish D (13/09/2016)

I’d tell nobody at first then send a private jet to pick them all up and fly them to the island I’ve just bought . Will also do the below things to make my life take the shape of my dreams. 1.Travel to space. 2.Build a casino in Las Vegas and name it after myself. 3.Buy a snow machine and every year give a new city a white cold snowy climate 4.Build a water slide inside home. 5.Put an ATM in your kitchen. 6.Buy a house with all the furnishing, interior design, gadgets I have always dreamed off 7.Donate some part of my winnings with my extended family which would be the Play Huge lottos team, as its because of you guys I was able to achieve it. 8. I would buy seven different cars different color for different days.i would build super garage with my own gas station to park them in. 9. Almost forgot i would buy a lion so no body would come in my yard. 10. Hire a team of ex special forces snipers! 11. I’d postpone my visit to rehab clinic . . and the binge drinking would start immediately after

Posted by Vladislav (13/09/2016)

My dream is to win the lottery and start a family with this woman from Pakistan and here little girl.

Posted by Victor (13/09/2016)

I have always dreamed of travelling the world, for the past few years I have worked hard to fulfill my travel dream. So far I managed to travel to few Destinations that is affordable for low middle class people. So once I will hit the jackpot I will fulfill my ultimate dream to travel the whole world.

Posted by Johanna (13/09/2016)

The day I win the big lotto, I will pack my bags and travel to every destination in the world that I ever dreamed of. I will eat a pizza in Tuscany in a local streat cafe, I will drink dark beer in a pub in Ireland and will sit by a lake in Canada and write a postcard to my mom in SA telling her to get on the next plane to travel with me to Vienna where we will drink champagne and watch the state opera!!! Then when we are back, I will buy a few properties and start a business helping others to succeed in their dreams. Never stop dreaming never stop believing.

Posted by Sonu (13/09/2016)

I would probably use it to open a charity set up where all the homeless are identified, and given opportunity to get back on their feet with health support, rehab, re-training , fed daily, ID make a traveling bathroom for them to have a needed shower, etc, that's what I have always wanted to do, so I would definitely get that going, along with becoming debt free,

Posted by Raj (13/09/2016)

Well if I win this jackpot first thing I'd do is to buy a lavish house, secondly invest considerable amount in term deposits and other investment options so as the money keeps rolling and giving higher returns, thirdly sponsor an all expenses paid pilgrimage to my college prof. & his family to mecca & madina, fourth take all my friends and family on a world tour.

Posted by Елена (13/09/2016)

My dream is to win the lottery and live happily with my family.

Posted by TURIGYE (13/09/2016)

Uplifting my family standards, buying my mother a house, building my 2 Uncles houses and my brother, giving them some cash as well for improving on their businesses. After doing that I would fight to stay awake so that I live the big dream I have been dreaming about.

Posted by Евгений (13/09/2016)

Мy dream to buy the island.Beautiful tropical island, Sunny beach,soft golden sand ,palms waterfall and tropical plants. There are no crowds, no cars, no traffic jams. Being away from the boring routine, you feel calm and happy. Now, while sitting at the computer and dreaming of this picture, the perfect combination of beauty and serenity, you feel free, free to fly, to enjoy life.Yes, it's my dream to be be realized as soon as possible.

Posted by Ольга (13/09/2016)

My biggest dream is to travel. One of my main goals is to visit Scotland and its capital Edinburgh. It is a land of highlands. Scotland is a part of the UK and it borders with England at the south. Other sides of Scotland are washed by seas, channels and the Atlantic Ocean. Edinburgh is the second largest city of the country but is the most popular and widely visited. People say, it’s a beautiful city worth seeing. The national flag of Scotland as St. Andrew’s Cross. And, the national symbol of Scotland is the floral emblem of thistle. I’m especially interested in seeing the Scottish Highlands as I know it’s a picturesque place. The highest mountain in the British Isles Ben Nevis is also situated among these highlands. While at Scotland, I would also try to improve my English speaking skills. Although I know that Scottish people speak with a distinct dialect and accent, I would very much like to hear their speech. I would also like to visit the country during the annual Edinburgh Festival. I think this way I can learn more about the culture of local people. I have some other minor dreams, too. But to travel to Scotland is my biggest dream.

Posted by Tatyana (13/09/2016)

My lotto dream is to win the jackpot. With the jackpot all of my big and small dreams come true. I want to make my life a holiday in which will only be joy and smiles.

Posted by Patricia (13/09/2016)

I would travel, travel and travel with my family, making piles of new memories and getting to discover, laugh, enjoy together every bit of it. We don't really need lots of luxuries, I'd rather spend extra money on paying for trips for my friends and loved ones. :) The gift of travelling and discovering our precious planet and beautiful cultures is something that nobody should miss! That's why I would spend lots if money also on nature protection and conservation, our most precious treasure! :)

Posted by Ying Kwong (13/09/2016)

I'll do the following: a. donations b. create an investment portfolio that will generate monthly income with my huge lotto win c. design a modern sun-filled glass home with ocean view d. continue to play at PHL definitely : )

Posted by антон (13/09/2016)

I'd like to have my own house on the bank of a beautiful river with crystal water, surrounded by high mountains, covered with green forest of evergreen trees. I would live there with my wife and children. we enjoy having greens and fresh vegetables on our dinner table during long winters. Our house is a beautiful place at any time of the year. In winter it's warm and cozy, in summer there is so much to do outside.

Posted by Tatyana (13/09/2016)

My lotto dream is to win the jackpot. With the jackpot all of my big and small dreams come true. I want to make my life a holiday in which will only be joy and smiles.

Posted by Oh (13/09/2016)

Travels the destinations,and winning my tickets.

Posted by Zeljko (14/09/2016)

It would be fabulous to receive a phone call from you with "You won a jackpot" .....

Posted by Hyunsoo (14/09/2016)

My lotto dream is to buy a car, buy a house said, to buy land And will not come even try building my business. And to invest the proceeds prize Helping the most difficult boys and girls, it is to help the poor of the earth.

Posted by Krishnan (14/09/2016)

For some, dreams do come true. Let us all hope our dreams will come true by buying tickets through HL

Posted by Karl (14/09/2016)

I'd like to buy a house and give some money to my family - but my secret dream is to have a forest that I make a national park :)

Posted by PRADIP (14/09/2016)

i have been buy ticket for tomorrow's draw, i m sure, with the help of LORD - SRI RAMTHAKUR - SRI GANESH MAHARAJ - SRI SHIVA - SRI TRIPURESHWARI KALI MATA , all these GOD help should i get to win tomorrow's "JACKPOT IN LOTTERY" !! yes, 100 % confirm to me.

Posted by Rozetha (14/09/2016)

I would spoil myself with some winnings, then also give out freely,to my community,family, as I have received so much money!

Posted by Samson (14/09/2016)

What is better than travelling the world over once the huge jackpot is won.

Posted by S.ganesan (14/09/2016)

to buy a private flight and tour all over the world.

Posted by Pakkialakshmi (14/09/2016)

half the amount for spending and remaining amount will be given for charity.

Posted by Suresh (14/09/2016)

The Lotto's, Everybody wants to win jackpot, but god gives to one man only. I know about my disappointment. So, I want simple winning. That's all. If I got jackpot, some essential expenses to some people near me.thank you.

Posted by Suresh (14/09/2016)

The Lotto's, Everybody wants to win jackpot, but god gives to one man only. I know about my disappointment. So, I want simple winning. That's all. If I got jackpot, some essential expenses to some people near me.thank you.

Posted by Lioba (14/09/2016)

Well, if I really win that much money - I would surely do a short trip to space!

Posted by Muhammad (15/09/2016)

Hello there! Is the mic working? Thank you very much. I am in a hurry, so in short, not because I am wearing a short, here is my list. 1- Study piloting and buying a private airplane. Do you read me? 2- Buying palaces, houses, villas, and flats in different countries around the world. When I said palaces, I did not mean Buckingham Palace at all, Prince Charles. I meant Kensington Palace. 3- Buying breathtaking gardens filled with trees and thousands of beautiful flowers. 4- Paying for what makes me learn new skills, develop myself, boost my knowledge, and gain wisdom. 5- Buying a cat with eight souls- Model 2020 that does not meow during winter months!!! Just kidding. 6- Probably, I need a soulmate and a king-size romantic love nest as a result. 7- I will NOT go for a one-way trip to Mars. Do you cotton on? 8- I have never smoked and will never smoke after I hit the jackpot. It says, Warning this is just an initial draft and is subject to change. The final draft will be on the air later. Please remain seated until the plane comes to a full stop unless you wanna hear more from yours truly.

Posted by Thinh (15/09/2016)

It's simple for me: travel around the world as much as I can. Thanks.

Posted by Huda (15/09/2016)

if I win the jackpot i would help as much i can children suffering from the war in my country Syria.

Posted by Prunella (15/09/2016)

Well, if i win so I will thank God for giving me such happiness.And after that I will make my dream house and I will help the poor people who are in need. then I will keep my whole family in that beautiful house. I will make my husband dream come true as he wants to make his own hotel.

Posted by Julian (15/09/2016)

Well, I am an unluckly man because till now i haven' t won any amount and so. But I am still trying to win some day God will bless me one day and He is there up looking at me & seeing my patience I waiting for my dream to come true to make house that my Granny 's wish to come true also She wanted a home H for aged and I hope

Posted by Yudhister (16/09/2016)

well,if i win i'll pay beyonce to perform at my wedding........

Posted by Safikul (16/09/2016)

If I win a big lottery, I will start my journey to travel everywhere in the world as possible.

Posted by Balasubramaniam (16/09/2016)

Congratulations Johanna !!!

Posted by Zeljko (16/09/2016)

Any jackpot would be very nice. Even the smallest one is big enough for a nice and comfortable life.

Posted by Sandra (17/09/2016)

Good luck Johanna

Posted by Krishnan (19/09/2016)

Have been hoping since last 13 years to win some good amount through UK lottery (now HL). A winning is overdue now !

Posted by Oh (11/10/2016)

Fabulous !

Posted by Leyla (2/12/2016)

Congratulations Johanna!

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