Would You Keep Working If You Won The Lottery?

A recent poll on PlayHugeLottos.com has revealed results that some might consider surprising. How many of you would keep working if you took home a big lottery jackpot win?

For those sitting back and counting the Dollars from a life-changing lottery win the most pressing questions may not to be what to buy first. It’s simply, “Now what?”

Retiring after a huge lottery jackpot win

How do you spend your time? What activities do you fill your day with? Spending and managing your money undoubtedly would take up much of your attention but even that would not keep you busy 24/7.

Without any pressing financial obligations hanging over your head and with sufficient funds to carry you effortlessly through life, would you carry on working?

Winning Is Not For Quitters

Respondents to our latest poll included 15.5% of players who said they would continue working should they win a lottery jackpot. Much like recent Euromillions record-breaking winner, Adrian Bayford, many of our players said they would continue to work after a jackpot win because they love their work.

Our players seem to be an industrious bunch as a further 33.23% of you said that you would open up your own business. What if you love to work but would like to be able to call the shots? Or how about if you have been living with an unrealised commercial dream? A multi-million Pound bank account balance would omit any need for outside investors. You would be free to create the business of your dreams!

Giving Back After Winning Big

The working world is not for everyone, irrespective of your financial situation. That doesn’t mean that a lifestyle of leisure need be one of self-focused idleness. In fact, unlimited resources will allow you the chance to help others who are in need. 27.73% of our players said that this – volunteer and charity work would be their preferred way of spending time after a big win!

Early Retirement Is Just The Ticket

23.5% of our players said that they would bring their working lives to a close after a big jackpot win. With millions in the bank you would certainly be entitled to a well deserved early retirement, fully enjoying a lotto lifestyle for the rest of your days!

Decisions like these are never easy, so here is a much simpler choice: $150,000,000.00 USA Powerball jackpot tomorrow night!

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Amanda Green - who has written 20 articles

Posted by MpPVtu (12/03/2013)

I would stop my current work and find a way to use the talents I have to help others like teaching extra maths and accountancy lessons to under privalaged

Posted by Kasweka (18/03/2013)

I will not stop working because is part of us and use wisly the won price to help others too finacially and other social needs.

Posted by David (21/03/2013)

If I win this EUROS100m I would provide a tarmac road from home to our District Headquarters. I help my church in its endeavors to do charity work. So help me God.

Posted by Lorinne W. (21/03/2013)

I'm one of those who said I would start my own business. I would never have a boss again or have to do what someone else told me to do-that defeats the whole purpose of having a lot of money...what's the sense of having money but not the freedom that should come from it? You'd never have true freedom working for someone else! Anyway, I have two dream business I would buy or start: I would LOVE to own my own hotel on the beach complete with a water shuttle and maybe even a limo business exclusively for my guests. My second business I would love is to own a huge toy store...even though I'm a grown adult I LOVE toys and I love working with kids. It would have a huge variety of toys, stuffed animals, balloons, gift baskets, etc. Ideally, it would also have a video arcade similar to Dave & Buster's (in the U.S.) attached to it. That would be my dream!!! No matter what business I owned I would make sure to treat my staff well and make sure they're happy...I would never be some boss from hell! I would never forget where I came from!!!

Posted by QTg4p (25/03/2013)

would quit my current job and open a business. Also to help the less fortunate

Posted by Rakesh (21/04/2013)

No i will not work when i win a lottery jackpot.

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