Play The Lottery As If You Were On A Pokémon GO Team

It seems as though everyone on earth is busy playing Pokémon GO, the new iOS and Android game at the moment. Teenagers and adults alike have left the comfort of the couches and walked out the house trying to catch ‘em all!  If you have no idea what they are doing, but love to play the world’s best lottery games online, here’s a heads up on what’s going on out there. You might realise you and your teenage kids have a lot more in common than you think.

What these newly energised gamers are currently doing is finding Pokémon’s in the real world.  Once they reach level 5, though, players are given the task of picking a Pokémon team.

There are three teams. Team Valor, Team Mystic and Team Instinct.

Just like picking which lottery you are going to play, so too are there pros and cons to each of these Pokémon GO teams.

Let’s take a look at each Pokémon team and how it compares to your favourite lotto game:

 Team Valor, Pokémon GO team

Team Valor – Powerball

Team Valor is the red team. This team is defined by strength and power and those who join it have a reputation for being highly competitive. If there’s one lottery featuring the colour red, and oozing valor, then it’s the Powerball lottery. With record-breaking jackpots like the 1.6 billion we saw back in January this year, it’s no wonder that this lotto game attracts online lottery players with the boldness and determination that comes with playing a life-changing lottery like Powerball.

With the US Powerball jackpot increasing to a mighty $67 million, now is the time to fight for what you want!

Use your true strength and play Powerball today!

Team Mystic, Pokémon GO team

Team Mystic - EuroMillions

The blue team is all about evolution and calm analysis. This is the brainiest of the teams, knowing how to keep calm under stress and come out victorious in the end. Just like the EuroMillions lottery, with its slightly better odds of winning a prize, online lottery players are always wondering when we are going to get the chance to play in the next huge EuroMillions Superdraw. Well, that mystery is over. EuroMillions lotto fans can brace themselves for the biggest Superdraw ever available right here at on 30 September 2016. This time the jackpot is €130 million!

Buy a EuroMillions ticket online today!

Team Instinct, Pokémon GO team

Team Instinct - SuperEnaMax

The yellow team, led by Spark, wants you to trust your instinct.  Just how many times have to played the lottery, thinking, “I’ve got this feeling I’m going to win.” Can you just imagine what it will feel like to win the lottery, to be financially set and stress free knowing you can take care of yourself and your family for the rest of your life.  Looking at the biggest lottery jackpot in world right now, we see the SuperEnaMax lotto game soaring to a fantastic €151 million! What’s your instinct telling you? If it’s saying try your luck, then we suggest now is the time to buy a SuperEnaMax ticket and take home the millions!

As you can see, just like each Pokémon team, so too do the associated lottery games have different attributes, skills and quirks.  These can evolve into newer, stronger Pokémon or winning odds. With some training, and making sure you keep up with the latest lottery news and biggest current jackpot, you too can win the lottery!

Just like Pokémon GO becoming an overnight sensation, so too can you if you win any of these amazing lotto games!

Pokémon GO,

Remember though, that while you are out there throwing your Pokémon ball, that it's just as important to log into mobile site and select your lucky lotto balls at the same time - after all, one ball could change it all!

Best of luck becoming a lotto master!

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Posted by PRADIP (10/08/2016)

hurrah , rainy season is going on, tomorrow i must "WIN JACKPOT in LOTTERY" , then start my dance with rain water !!!!!!

Posted by Yudhister (10/08/2016)

that's nice comparing biggest lotteries with pokemon go.

Posted by Ying Kwong (10/08/2016)

I belong to the yellow team!

Posted by Ricardo (10/08/2016)

Go with the game go with lotto jackpot.

Posted by Julian (11/08/2016)

Hi very very good I like yellow and i will go with my team!

Posted by PRADIP (11/08/2016)

my luck is knocking and going to open the door to win jackpot in lottery.

Posted by PRADIP (12/08/2016)

i m now eagerly waiting to take selfie short with my winning amount in lottery.

Posted by Sandra (14/08/2016)

I know that my turn to win is just around the corner

Posted by PRADIP (16/08/2016)

my empty money bag, will be weight after winning jackpot in lottery, GOD must help me.

Posted by PRADIP (17/08/2016)

i myself will be "NEWS" !! after winning jackpot in lottery.

Posted by PRADIP (29/08/2016)

when my sound sleep will be start ? yes, after winning jackpot in lottery !!!

Posted by PRADIP (5/09/2016)

GOD is still there, i believe it very firmly, so , today "LATE MOTHER TERESA", became "SANT" !!! means, my lottery winning jackpot amount immediately sanction by GOD !!

Posted by Oh (11/10/2016)

I would like to choose it all !

Posted by Leyla (25/10/2016)

Very good I like yellow and i will go with my team!

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