Why YOU Should Win The Lottery

We all wants to win a lottery jackpot in our lifetime. After all it is the quickest way to get instant millions landing in our bank account in such a short period of time. But as we all know that winning lottery depends on your luck & nothing else. That set aside, this is why you should win the lottery…

First up, the minute you receive your reminder mailer showcasing the next big lotto jackpot – you immediately hit the play button and play your lucky lotto numbers, pay for your lotto ticket and begin dreaming what you will do with the huge jackpot amount. The night of the draw takes place, its eager anticipation and then… bam. You didn’t win the lottery and your heart drops just a little bit.

We’ve all been there. You’re definitely not alone. I seriously doubt that there could be someone out in the wonderful world of ours, that has not at one time or another, dreamt of winning the lottery. We all hope that the next lotto jackpot will be the lucky one. After all, karma’s supposed to be helping, and if we’re patient, buy a lotto ticket online, sooner or later something has to give.

Just like you, I want to win the lottery. I want to win it so bad. Here are some of my reasons for wanting it and chances are, you feel the same way.

Winners never quit and quitters never win

You Don’t Quit

Just like me, you are probably stubborn and never quit playing the lotto. Week after week,   you are there, buying your lottery ticket. Many other lottery players do the very same, and we only have to look at thousands of other winner lotto stories to see that lottery winners never give up. They play again and again in the hope that someday their lucky lotto numbers will be the ones that get selected. Sooner or later, our efforts are sure to pay off.
You Are A Good Person

We were all taught this lesson at a very early age - good things happen to good people. Chances are, you’re just like me, and a really amazing person. So, why haven’t we won the lottery yet? 

We know the odds of winning the lottery isn’t easy, so I guess all we can do is basically persevere and wait for our chance to take home the millions. After all, if winning the lotto was that easy, the fun would be gone, right? It’s a challenge that you want to conquer. Plus, you’re a nice person, remember? So hang in there.

Need cash

You Need the Money

Look around you, or if you’re alone, look through your friends list on Facebook. Now name one person who under no circumstances would not be better off with more money. Exactly. We all need more money, and besides, isn’t this one of the main reasons for playing lottery games?
Chances are that you’re already dreaming about starting your own business, traveling the world or buying that fancy car when you win the lottery. We simply can’t underestimate the importance of having enough money to make our dreams come true.

The promise winning millions instantly, and not having to slave to earn it, is the one that draws so many people to playing the lottery online or at the local store. Who wouldn’t want to pay a couple of bucks for a lotto ticket and end up a few million dollars richer?

Goals, Dreams and Aspirations

Just how many times have we seen jackpot lottery winners throw away their millions?  Let’s face it, there are people in this world, you play the lottery and have absolutely no idea what they will do with all that money if they win. How on earth did they win?

Unlike those people, we have clear goals and dreams. By now we know exactly what we want to do with the jackpot. A new house, big enough for everyone’s wishes, starting a new business, college fees for the kids and of course some of it will go to a charity that means something to me. So, surely these are reasons enough for the divine powers to award me with some easy cash?

We Deserve to Win Just like Everybody Else does

Everyone deserves to win the lottery. It’s not a privilege, it’s a game of luck. If a guy who has no goals can win it, the so can we!
Look at the lottery winners we’ve had. They’re no different from you and I. They work hard, they have families who love them. The only thing that sets them apart right now though, is that fact that they bought the ticket, won and are now very much richer than us. But remember, at one point they were reading articles just like this, thinking to themselves that they too would like the chance of becoming a millionaire. Stick at it. Play the lotto. You just never know what could be around the next lotto draw.

Winning Feels Great

The final reason is well, I just want to win for once in my life! Winning feels good. It’s empowering, and makes us feel special.

So be like me, don’t give up dreaming of winning the lottery! With a bit of luck, hopefully, our dreams will come true one day. It’s just a matter of making sure we buy a lottery ticket and have fun doing so.

How about you? Have you won on the lottery in the past? Let us know, and if not, why do you think you should win the lottery? Let us know in the comments section below to stand a chance of winning 5 FREE lotto vouchers of your choice!

The winner will be announced on Thursday, 11 August, 2016.

As usual…

Good luck!

Jason and the PlayHugeLottos.com Team



The lucky winner is:   Muhammad!

Please contact our Customer Service Department via the Live Chat icon and let them know which 5 lotto vouchers you would like.

Here's to you choosing the lucky balls that will win the jackpot!

This post was written by
Jason L - who has written 2956 articles

Posted by Yudhister (6/08/2016)

I have never won any lottery and i don't know if i deserve to win any lottery,i mean everyone in this world wants money,needs money,i am just one of them and why should i win the lottery i don't think i have any special reason or something,everyone plays the lottery because they want money to help themselves or to buy something but at the end of the day everyone plays for money,i too wants money that's why i play lottery with a hope that someday i 'll get lucky and win the jackpot.

Posted by Inacia (7/08/2016)

Hi, I do believe that I must win the lottery, because, over all the reasons pointed out on the above article, I have already put so many requests to the Universe to win the lottery that now the universe must reply positively to them and manifest the jackpots in my bank accounts.

Posted by PRADIP (7/08/2016)

everybody's hope & tears can stop by L O T T E R Y !!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by IWw0Ut- (7/08/2016)

Good things come to those who wait.... I'm still waiting...... :(

Posted by Ndeshipanda (7/08/2016)

i never won ANYTHING from these online lotteries. I feel like i want to win coz all i want is to pay for my final year mechanical engineering student study fees

Posted by IWw0Ut- (8/08/2016)

I have not won a lottery, nor any other prize money. Being quite the guy i am, that sounds so unfair! It is basically my right to win something at least because of my really great and cool nature! if you don't believe that i could get a petition endorsed by thousands to prove it! :)

Posted by Muhammad (8/08/2016)

Yes, I won € 18 million jackpot on French Lotto!!! The draw took place on Friday, as it was special draw. What I could not believe was I hit the jackpot again on the next draw that occurred on Saturday! That was really out of this world! Despite this BIG win, I was somehow or other upset. Unhappily, the dream, which I had about two weeks ago, stopped at this stage and I did not see the next chapter in my life after I hit the two jackpots. Having said that, I cannot find the whys of winning. I have been watching Rio 2016 Olympic Games since its start. In my book, lottery balls are the best compared to all other types of balls, i.e. Pokémon balls, billiard balls, meatballs, chicken balls, cake balls, ice cream balls, bubble gum balls, marble balls, ninja balls, bouncy balls, stress relief balls, massage balls, glass balls, tennis balls, golf balls, hairballs in cats, cotton balls…... etc. In playing lotto games, all we have to do is to choose the right balls, hit the jackpot, and win big! What else! Lottery players can even win if they match one ball in some lotto games.

Posted by PRADIP (8/08/2016)

GOD's also taking patience of a lottery player, about their eagerness to winning in jackpot lottery.

Posted by 4HvI (8/08/2016)

I love this site!

Posted by Balasubramaniam (8/08/2016)

Never won any lottery upto now !!! But I belive I will win oneday !!!!

Posted by PRADIP (8/08/2016)

after winning jackpot immediately i must visit to see "RIO OLYMPIC" !!

Posted by Ying Kwong (8/08/2016)

I've never won any big lotto jackpot. BUT, remember my name, I WILL be the first one who will win a huge jackpot at PHL. Forgive my arrogance, I think I'm THE ONE. Good luck guys : )

Posted by IWw0Ut- (9/08/2016)

I can guarantee to you i will look the best on your winners podium, thus adding glamour to your media with my my good looks!

Posted by PRADIP (9/08/2016)

i m taking risk and investing , so i should win the JACKPOT !!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Zeljko (10/08/2016)

any jackpot would make my life more easier and funnier....

Posted by Ricardo (10/08/2016)

Patience is a virtue and luck are just around the corner. Winning luck coming.

Posted by Premkumar (10/08/2016)

I have won a lottery in German lotto of 2500 euros this was my first win, i know i will win big very soon i have got this feeling, i need to win cause me and my wife work almost 55 Hrs a week and we have hardly time to spend with each other and our children, so that we have a retired life with atleast one luxury holiday with my wife to make our dream come true, and of course i want to give the best of the best for My Dad till his last days and a good HOME and give my children the best education. and alot of charity in mind, Good Luck to me all the players out there. Would like to thank Play Huge Lottos for making winning so easy Cheers guys keep up the Good work

Posted by Sonu (10/08/2016)

I don’t think I should win - I don’t deserve it any more than anyone else does. If I ever were to win, I’d be very generous with my winnings - there are many people in need and I get that. I’ve lived poor - it isn’t fun.

Posted by Julian (11/08/2016)

I don’t now if I will win any time. because I think there is a time that Gad has kept for every one for a special reason and mean's I am also in the line to deserve it and that do

Posted by Thinh (11/08/2016)

Well still waiting for my luck to come LOL.

Posted by Leyla (1/10/2016)

Good news

Posted by Oh (11/10/2016)

it's only a process, but your life needed

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