The Craziest Lottery Winners And Facts Of All Time

Looking back at lottery winners over the years we can’t help but remember a few that stick out. Yes, there are those, like the Weirs, who won a huge lotto jackpot and did amazing work with the new found wealth, but there are also lottery players who have shocked, made us laugh or kept us totally bewildered. Let’s take a trip down memory lane and have a look at the craziest lottery winners and facts of all time.

Chinese masks

Some people take staying anonymous pretty seriously after winning the lottery. But not like many of China’s lottery jackpot winners, who have donned masks (and some even full costumes) when claiming their multi-million prizes. We have to say that they really do get pretty creative with some of these outfits they wear while accepting their prize, like dressed as Baymax, yellow bears, and even a giant panda holding the novelty checks of their winnings.

With this Wednesday’s US Powerball jackpot prize soaring to a massive $361 million you can thank your lucky stars that you are playing the lottery online, as you can stay anonymous and not wear a silly outfit.

Chinese lottery winners

Fortune cookie

Who doesn’t like a fortune cookie?  After all it’s just a bit of fun, or is it? In 2005, a fortune cookie company correctly foretold the latest winning lottery numbers by pure accident and it resulting in 110 second prize winners!  Officials suspected cheating but after investigating they realised that all the lucky lottery winners had all used the “lucky numbers” off copies of the same fortune from fortune cookies.

Play Powerball online

Pocket change

Looking at lottery stats, a lottery player in America who earns less than $10,000 a year will spend $597 on the lottery, while the average US household spends $162. 

Better to buy online

Once again we have found a story that just goes to show that its way better to buy lottery ticket online. A convenience store employee and his father stole a 5 million dollar lottery ticket, told the winner it was only worth $5,000 and only paid him $4,000. To make matters worse, they then pushed him out the door and locked it.

Play the lottery online

For better or for worse

Who’s the first person you will tell if you won the lottery? Well, if you are married it should certainly be your wife or husband. Not always. A woman won a life-changing $1.3 million on the lottery, hid it from her husband and immediately divorced him to avoid giving him half. But like all things, he found out and sued her. Not only did she get caught out, but due a Family Code statute that penalizes spouses for falsifying data about their property during divorce, the judge ordered her to give him 100% of the winnings.
Don’t tell the kids

The next Chicago couple did tell each other that the other had purchased the winning lottery ticket worth a massive $30 million but that’s where it ended. They never told another sole, not even their children.

Crack the code

Imagine cracking the code to win the lottery. Sounds like a dream come true. Well, someone did. He cracked the code to winning scratch card tickets. He worked out though that he would only net $600/day. So instead of secretly plundering the game, he decided to report the problem to the Lottery and Gaming Corporation. You can’t out a price on integrity after all.
Lottery Legend

Joan Ginther, a Stanford PhD student, is either the luckiest women in the world, or has a secret which to this day has still not revealed. She won the lottery on four separate occasions playing scratch off tickets with the smallest jackpot being $2 million.

She scored $2 million playing Holiday Millionaire in 2006, $3 million in Millions & Millions in 2008 and $10 million in $140,000,000 Extreme Payout in 2010, all on top of yet another lotto win in 1993, when she claimed a $5.4 million on a share of a Lotto Texas jackpot. What does this lady know that we don’t? Until she shares her secrets though, people will continue to wonder. Was it all persistence and luck - or did she have some secret edge?

Win the lottery

Speed camera lottery

Stockholm has an awesome idea to curb speeding. They installed a speed camera lottery where good drivers can win money from the fines of speeding drivers. Now there’s a novel idea! If the numbers go red, like in the image below, you’ve just contributed to the lottery.

speed camera lottery

They planned to win the lottery and did

In 1992 an Australian gambling syndicate sat down and planned how to win the lottery. They eventually bought almost all the combinations in a Virginia lottery and won, turning a $5M purchase into a $27M winnings.

Kindness led to losing a $590,000,000 jackpot

Ms. Gloria McKenzie’s auto-generated Quick Pick lottery ticket could have quite easily gone to a Good Samaritan. While standing in line and kind-hearted lady let her go ahead to buy a lottery ticket.  It was that particular quick pick lotto ticket that won a staggering $590 million! One on the largest jackpots of all time.

Died, came back to life and won the lottery, twice

Australian Bill Morgan was declared dead for 14 minutes when he survived and lived unscathed. He celebrated his survival and marriage proposal and bought a scratch card and won a $27k car. Given that Morgan had recently been clinically dead for 14 minutes, the local Melbourne news decided to do a feature on him. They asked him if he wouldn’t mind buying another lotto ticket and then scratching it off on camera for them, as a sort of re-enactment of his winning. He happily said yes, and after scratching the ticket on camera, he stopped, looked at the camera, and rather than be excited and saying something like “I just won a car” as part of the re-enactment, he instead said “I just won $250,000.  I’m not joking!”

Bill Morgan


Some lottery winners love the idea that after winning the lottery, they will have enough money to burn. One of the most spectacular burnouts of all time, is 19-year-old, Michael Carroll who at the time of his £9 million lotto win was a garbage man. After his win though he made just about every possible mistake with his new found wealth and lost it all. Now he’s a garbage man again.

Winning tip

A police officer who often went in to the local diner, offered to split a lottery ticket with a waitress in Yonkers, NY in place of a tip. Low and behold, the ticket was a winner worth $6 million. True to his word, he split it with her without any hesitation at all. “If I say I’ll do something, I do it.

Winning hiding spots

Nearly 30% of female lottery winners hide their winning ticket in their bras.

Lottery boobs, where to hide a lottery ticket

Buy $350 million lotto tickets

According to stats, if you bought $350 million worth of Powerball tickets, it’s theoretically possible to guarantee winning as there are approximately ‘only’ 175 million possible number combinations. That’s if you have that kind of money laying around course. If not, you will have to take a chance like the rest of us. But, what is important to remember is, you have to at least be in it to win it.

Come on, it’s a game of chance, and with $361 million available right now on Powerball – what have you got to lose?

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Good luck and good gaming!  
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Posted by O6I_ (19/07/2016)

Fun article :-)

Posted by Antonius (19/07/2016)

heyy you never know!!!

Posted by Ricardo (19/07/2016)

A lot of money when you win the jackpot prize.

Posted by Julian (19/07/2016)

The first person I will tell if I wIn the lottery is my mummy and my wife than comes the son's and others

Posted by Julian (20/07/2016)

Its very very Interesting and good article also

Posted by Muhammad (20/07/2016)

Very very interesting article indeed! I wonder where men would keep their winning lottery tickets. Seriously, I know that there are some male tourists who go to tailors and ask them to design special boxers with zipper pockets for them in order to keep their cash money before travelling to countries and places with travel alerts and warnings.

Posted by Muhammad (20/07/2016)

I would like to point out one important thing for those who claim their prizes at lottery retailers. Some cashier are deceitful even if you win small amount of money!!!! That is unbelievable. Others, on the other hand, are honest. They would tell you that you have won more than you thought. I myself encountered such events when I visited London in July 2010 and purchased lottery tickets and scratch cards. The bottom line is that purchasing online is better. It saves your time and efforts and, more importantly, is safer. Well, In case I did not purchase online and I hit a jackpot, I would definitely make a beeline for Ed Skrein, an English actor who played the role of Frank Martin in Transporter films, when claiming my big wining. I advise to do so when claiming on behave of us unless they have something funny that prevent them from letting the cat out of the bag.

Posted by IWw0Ut- (20/07/2016)

Winning can make you crazy!

Posted by IWw0Ut- (21/07/2016)

No harm in keeping your prize ticket safe.

Posted by IWw0Ut- (22/07/2016)

The idea of wearing a mask and animal suit sounds really crazy!

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Posted by Ying Kwong (22/07/2016)

Just be low profile after you won a windfall!

Posted by IWw0Ut- (23/07/2016)

If you are married, then UNFORTUNATELY you have to share the winnings with the spouse. :(

Posted by IWw0Ut- (24/07/2016)

It does not matter whether you tell the kids or not, because you will give them a substantial amount anyway.

Posted by IWw0Ut- (25/07/2016)

Mmmmmm....... i wonder how crazy i'd get when i win the jackpot?

Posted by Zeljko (26/07/2016)

I think that it is all about luck

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Posted by 6Xy6ffX (27/07/2016)

Great for them

Posted by Dwight (27/07/2016)

I'm hopeful of that big jackpot in the next US Powerball draw.

Posted by PRADIP (30/07/2016)

when i m investing my hard earn money in lottery, then i m never thinking it's bad investment , because your transparency ( payment ) like crystal !!

Posted by PRADIP (1/08/2016)

lottery is also very fair games of chance and government also earning huge taxation.

Posted by Sandra (16/08/2016)

Wearing a mask, I wish. Where I live by buying a lottery ticket you agree to have your photo taken and name released. Goodbye privacy.....Upside, no taxes on lottery winnings

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Good article should save apart

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