Mr. Gambles Wins The Lottery Again

Larry Gambles is a lucky man. The fortunately named lottery player won over $1 million on the lottery. If the fact that his name suited his lucky streak wasn’t enough to make us sit up and read further, then finding out that this wasn’t the first time he won the lottery should, as nine years ago, he won $50,000 with the same set of lucky lotto numbers.

Gamble few bucks on tonight’s $415 million Mega Millions draw and you may end up becoming and instant multi-millionaire in your own right!

Larry Gambles

Mr Gambles lucky lotto numbers were: 1, 6, 12, 14 and 25. They were all drawn in the Lucky Day Lotto game on June 7th, and allowed this lucky man to once again pocket another huge lottery win.

“Nine years ago, I won $50.000 playing the numbers from the jerseys of my high school basketball team. I’ve been playing the same numbers ever since. I can’t believe they paid off again,” said Mr Gambles, who is a retired school administrator.

Mr Gambles purchased his winning lottery ticket at the Country Club Hills gas station.  He went back to the gas station to double check his lottery ticket and that’s when he realised that lightening can strike twice.

The odds of winning the Lucky Day Lotto are 1 in 1,221,759. After the retired school administrator confirmed his second win, he told his family the good news.

"They couldn't believe that I won the lottery again," he said.

Mr Gambles said his family and friends will definitely get a fair share of his latest lotto jackpot, and when asked, what advice he had for other lottery players out there hoping to follow in his footsteps, Gambles said it’s essential to have patience.

“Pick your favourite numbers and stick with them. It worked for me,” said the lucky lottery player.

If there was a prize for a lottery millionaire with the most fitting last name, Larry Gambles would certainly win it.

When the name fits the job

As we know, many surnames, evolved through being used via a person's family profession which determined their surname way back when in the first place - hence all those Butchers, Bakers, Smiths and Taylors.

Having a name that reflects one’s job or characteristics is known as an Aptronym, here are a few that we found online, that will make you smile:

  • Bob Diamond - President and CEO of Barclays. He received a bonus of £6.5 million this year.
  • Rich Ricci - CEO of Barclays Capital. Rich was paid £44 million last year.
  • Patty Turner – Wait for it… Late wife of McDonald's CEO Fred Turner.
  • Bill Cash - MP who claimed more than £15,000 in expenses to pay his daughter's rent.
  • John Doolittle & Tom DeLay - Republicans who argued against any action on the ozone hole. Oh boy.
  • Alan Heavens - Professor of Astrophysics at Edinburgh University.
  • Lionel Tiger and Robin Fox - Authors of, The Imperial Animal.
  • Sara Blizzard - Weather Presenter for East Midlands Today.
  • Lord Igor - Judge Lord Chief Justice of England and Wales.
  • Sue Yoo - Associate at Sullivan & Cromwell legal firm, New York. Nice.
  • Marina Stepanova - Former Soviet athlete. Stepanova she was the first woman to run under 53 seconds in the 400m hurdles.
  • Layne Beachley - Seven times women’s world surfing champion.
  • Dr. Russell Brain - British neurologist who wrote about the brain and edited a medical journal dedicated to neurology called Brain.

So if your surname is Lottering, Ball, Lotter, Cash, Rich or Luck to name just a few – we suggest that you play the lottery online right now!

As for my name…. I shudder to think.


Posted by PRADIP (1/07/2016)

thank u "MR. GAMBLE" for your 2nd winning in lottery !!! u r right, keep patience and "pick the right numbers and stick with them".

Posted by IWw0Ut- (2/07/2016)

Lucky guy

Posted by IWw0Ut- (3/07/2016)

Seems like this guy has the right name for the lottery!

Posted by Krishnan (4/07/2016)

Well MM has been destined to roll over and it has done !

Posted by IWw0Ut- (6/07/2016)

my luck is taking me to the mega millions......

Posted by Ildefonso (7/07/2016)

"Lucky" man indeed,mega millions jackpot looking pretty good at the moment too.

Posted by Ricardo (7/07/2016)

Luck strikes multiple times .

Posted by Leyla (8/07/2016)

Lucky guy.

Posted by PRADIP (11/07/2016)

i pray to god, within 72 hrs. i must win big lottery, then my name will be published by u.

Posted by Tomáš (13/07/2016)

Funny names. :-)

Posted by Krishnan (15/07/2016)

As is the name so is the outcome !

Posted by Antonius (15/07/2016)

it not considered gambling when you keep winning .... i hope i can win big

Posted by Dhaval (16/07/2016)

hahaha, its super lucky name. Though I guess its always more about being in tune with the vibration, than just the name. God bless!

Posted by Zeljko (17/07/2016)

I hope that I will once pick the right numbers....

Posted by Ying Kwong (22/07/2016)

Lightning can indeed strike twice on a person!

Posted by PRADIP (26/07/2016)

when i won jackpot in lottery, then i first news should be share with my "MOTHER" , because she's "LIFE GOD" to me !!!

Posted by PRADIP (28/07/2016)

so many countries lottery u r handling and people r also winning and getting their prize money quickly, i m also very much hopeful about my luck !!

Posted by PRADIP (29/07/2016)

i also told myself, "u will not win immediately, but definitely".

Posted by PRADIP (1/08/2016)

after winning jackpot in lottery, my first task will be , "keep cool my head" .

Posted by PRADIP (7/08/2016)

after winning jackpot in lottery, first i will make FIXED DEPOSIT with BANK, for future monetary security (80 %) , rest 20 % will be my working capital.

Posted by PRADIP (15/08/2016)

today is INDIA's 70th independece day, i m celebrating with joy, after winning jackpot in lottery my "MONETARY INDEPENCE " i will celebrate with my MOTHER & rest of the family memebrs' !!

Posted by PRADIP (16/08/2016)

after winning jackpot in lottery, i will think about my savings, expenses, charity etc. with cool head.

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