Different Kinds Of Lotto Games

Did you know that there are various different types of lotteries? Even though the basic principles are typically the same there are many kinds of lotto games that you can play, and most of these lucrative lotto games revolve around matching a number or numbers to those that are drawn by the company who operates the lottery system you are playing. There's really no excuse not to play the lottery of your choice online, as you can try these lotteries risk-free by signing up to PlayHugeLottos.com today and stand a chance of winning record-breakin jackpots!

Dreams come true. Lotteries can be won and people really do become instant millionaires. All you have to do is know where and how to play the lotteries. More important, however, is knowing which lotteries to play.

Let's take a look at a few various lotteries in the world today:

Standard Lotto

The standard lotto requires you to pick six numbers from a specified range. Drawings of the winning numbers are usually held twice a week for this kind of game, like the UK Lottery. Try your luck in the UK National Lottery draw this Wednesday evening and stand a chance to win £11.1 million. All you need is to pick your 6 lucky lotto numbers and wait to win!

Mini Lottos

As they say, “good things come in little packages.” Mini lottos are pretty much the same as standard lottos, except that you pay less and win less than the standard lotto games.

Daily Lottos

Daily lottos are lottos which have drawings once or twice a day. Often they consist of picking one three or four digit number.

Multi-state Lottos

The Mega Millions, Powerball, EuroMillions and Eurojackpot are pretty much the same as standard lottos, but they operate in multiple states which results in larger jackpot prizes being awarded. With this weeks gigantic jackpots on both American lotto games its no wonder that these two lotteries come right on top as their prizes are HUGE!

$390 million Mega Millions jackpot


If you love the thrill and excitement of winning instant cash, then buy a Scratcher. These are lottery tickets which can result in instant winning by matching up symbols on the scratch card. The prize amounts for scratchers are much less than other lottos, but the chances of winning are higher.

Quick Picks

Quick Picks are a form of the standard lotto, except that lottery players don't actually select their own lucky lotto numbers. Instead a lottery number generator picks the numbers for you. 

7 Number Lottos

Some lottos use seven numbers instead of having six numbers with the first six being used in the same way as the standard lotto and the seventh being a bonus number, like the Oz Powerball lotto game.

All across the world, there are hundreds, if not thousands of different lottery games that are played on a regular basis and they pay out millions of Dollars, Pounds, Euro, Yen and Rand every year. Just looking at the United States, we see over 190 different types of lottery games each varying from state to state.

As we can see, 'the lottery' is continually evolving with new technologies, making the possibilities seemingly endless. The most recent online lotteries have now evolved into betting on a lottery.

So, still buying your tickets at the local corner shop?

Then you're literally missing out on a world of lotteries offering bigger jackpots at the very best prices right here at PlayHugeLottos.com!

Jump onboared today and play the lottery online to discover lots more options, far cheaper games, much better odds and way bigger jackpots. So stop queuing up and let the big games begin!


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