5 More Lottery Shows We Would Like To See

It’s no secret that we enjoy a good lottery television show or movie. In fact, the more the better! So we decided to volunteer another 5 hit shows to audiences worldwide.

Love it or hate it the television is as integral a part of modern living as owning a phone or cooking food in a microwave. In fact, many would probably argue its one of the most indispensable household appliances they own. With this in mind it’s essential that one enjoys only the very best TV entertainment and when it comes to entertainment, what could be better than 12 of the biggest lotteries in the world?


"The Big Win Theory"

Realising that her dream of becoming a famous actress will never come true, a street smart waitress engages the services of 4 ‘geeks’ to try and figure out an equation for winning the lotto.

In each episode this unlikely group of two physicists, an aerospace engineer and an astrophysicist gather together to try and solve the riddle of what lotto numbers will be chosen in the next draw (along with doing other geek related things like playing video games, reading comic books and watching Star Trek).

The Powerball paradigm provides a ‘Flash’ of inspiration for the geeks of Big Bang!

Big Bang


"CSI: Cash Scene Investigation"

Forensic lotto investigators spend their time downloading past lottery results and compiling ‘hot’ and ‘cold’ number lists for future draws.

They say that those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it. Enter the members of C.S.I and their comprehensive ‘lotto lab’. With comprehensive lottery statistics dating back further than the first UK Lotto draw in 1994 and a red hot list of ‘most overdue numbers’ these guys won’t let any winnings slip through the crack!

Hardworking C.S.I.’s taking some time to pose heroically in between solving lottery cases



"3rd Number From The Jackpot"

It is well known that lottery games have a global appeal. It turns out that they also have a universal appeal!

4 extraterrestrials travel to earth to take part in all the biggest lottery games available. Owing to their difficulty understanding earth culture and human customs they get into one hilarious mishap after another.

Tired of the constant shenanigans whilst attempting to get entries into their favourite lotteries, their High Commander, Dick Solomon, eventually suggests simply playing online on what he called, “the best lottery site in the known Universe”, PlayHugeLottos.com!

The Alien High Commander had some difficulty with earth customs so now he plays online with PlayHugeLottos.com

3rd rock from the sun



Inspired by the true-life story of a UK prisoner who won £7 million on the Lotto, the show features a brutal and no-holds barred account of choosing lottery numbers whilst incarcerated.

The warden of a maximum security prison creates a prison lotto pool with hopes of winning the Oz Lotto. Each week the rival prison gangs come together to pick the 7 lucky numbers needed for an Oz lotto entry. Only the toughest members in the syndicate can survive!

“I only see 6 of you, who is going to be coming up with the 7th number?”



"Pay Watch"

What could be better than saving a life? How about winning $568 million on the USA Powerball?

Los Angeles County Lifegaurd, Mitch Buchannon, has had his fair share of lifesaving moments but now dreams of a simpler, peaceful retirement. To make this happen he needs one big win on the Powerball lottery. With a little help from his lifeguard friends and his lucky red ‘float’ Mitch sets out to make his lottery dreams come true.

Steely determination! Mitch Buchannon and his lucky red float, saving lives and picking Powerball numbers!


No matter whether you prefer comedy or drama, crime shows or documentaries, I’m sure we can all agree that television can be a real adventure!

Bring the action out of your TV screen and into your real-life with a €59,000,000.00 jackpot win on Euromillions this Tuesday.

Tune in to ‘channel PlayHugeLottos.com’ – It’s YOUR show!

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Posted by Brian (19/02/2013)

TV will never be the same again :-)

Posted by Rakesh (21/04/2013)

TV is the worst thing to enjoy in life.

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