What’s Your Lotto Superstition?

Most online lottery players say that their success relates purely on luck, then we get lotto gurus who disagree completely and say that it’s all based on having the skill of the game to rake in the big bucks.

Let’s a take a look at the various lotto superstitions, ranging from funny to eccentric!

I decided to ask around the PlayHugeLottos.com office and see what interesting lotto superstitions my co-workers had to share!

Amy, had one of the sweetest good luck charms! She told me “I kiss my daughter before I play my lucky lotto numbers — because she makes me feel like the luckiest person in the world!”

lucky kiss, mother kissing her daughter

Glenn believes in lucky lotto numbers! When I asked him how he chooses these numbers, he said “I always play the numbers from the back of my fortune cookies.” What a creative (and tasty) idea Glenn! Now where’s my fortune cookie?

fortune cookie

Last, but not least, fellow co-worker Jo, who told me a really awesome lotto story! When I asked him if he had any lotto superstitions he said, “I almost never buy lottery tickets. Unless either the Mega Millions or the US Powerball go nuts again, but my friend seems to spend half his salary on lottery tickets. He’ll try all kinds of different ‘lucky’ number combos: his wife’s birthday, dog’s birthday and even random numbers he sees walking to work in the morning.  Well one day, he woke up in the middle of the night and looked at the digital clock next to his bed and had a gut feeling to write down the time, ‘played’ it the next day and won $600 on Powerball!" Sweet.

Dollar clock

Looking at various comments made by our loyal online lottery players here at PlayHugeLottos.com, we can conclude that lottery players like to mix the lottery strategies up a bit by applying most of their winning strategies along with their routine and won’t change it for the sake of others or anything.  In some cases, it’s just as simple as crossing one’s fingers (which is the common superstition in gambling).

The most common and well-known superstitions in gambling is based on specific numbers. 7, or Lucky 7’s are considered as the longest standing gambling legend that a large number of game of chance players believe in.

If you ask various people in your office what their lucky number is, you find that at two will say number 7 or ask them to select any number from the numbers ranging from 1 to 7, there are more chances for picking the number 7. It may sound strange but it’s true, and is the most common superstitions in the world, but it’s far from the unusual.

Most of the people in China believe that if you are experiencing a winning streak that you cannot wash your hands. This is taken from the popular Chinese belief that water is essentially money and if you wash dirt or grime off hands then it’s considered as you are washing away the money that is in between your fingers. Sounds unusual, but there are even craziesr gaming superstitions that are believed by players from all over the world.

After doing very extensive and fun research within in office and double checking your various news article comments, playing the lottery via PlayHugeLottos.com definitely is the fun way to play -  – and here’s why:

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Like it or not gaming enthusiasts are prone to superstitions, whether it’s kissing the dice before throwing them, wearing red not black, we all have our own special quirks and why not?  Playing the lottery online should be fun!

Anyway, back to work.... "Oh yes! This is my work. Told you the lotto was FUN!

Play the biggest jackpots in the world at PlayHugeLottos.com

What about you?  Do you have any lotto superstitions? Let us know in the comments section below and earn LottoPoints at the same time!


Posted by Natalja (7/06/2016)

You should keep your mouth shut, when have intentions to play lottery and not to share this event to no one.

Posted by Kabo (8/06/2016)

People say when your palm itches you will get some money and mine has for the past week. That's why I'm buying a lotto ticket now!

Posted by Samson (8/06/2016)

I always play quick pick and that is my superstition.

Posted by Ying Kwong (8/06/2016)

For some entries, I like to play using standing instructions.

Posted by Krishnan (9/06/2016)

On particular days certain numbers dominate the drawn numbers of most lotteries. This I have observed ever since computerized draw has replaced the manual one.

Posted by Yudhister (9/06/2016)

i heard when your right palm itches you will get some money.

Posted by IWw0Ut- (11/06/2016)

i cross the fingers on my left hand when playing the lottery!

Posted by Ricardo (12/06/2016)

A good dream might give you the lucky numbers for your super jackpot.

Posted by Ricardo (12/06/2016)

A good dream might give you the lucky numbers for your super jackpot.

Posted by IWw0Ut- (12/06/2016)

Don't play on a Monday!

Posted by IWw0Ut- (13/06/2016)

Another is that is that i say i'm going to get with the win! :)

Posted by Yudhister (14/06/2016)

a good dream in which you saw money may be

Posted by IWw0Ut- (16/06/2016)

Play numbers relating to the birth dates of those close to you.

Posted by Piotr (17/06/2016)

I like superenalotto

Posted by Antonius (18/06/2016)

play when you had a good dream last night

Posted by Dwight (19/06/2016)

Number 13

Posted by Dwight (19/06/2016)

number 13

Posted by Damayanthi (19/06/2016)

I use quick pick,,,,

Posted by IWw0Ut- (20/06/2016)

More than being superstitious, i think divine luck will probably make you more a winner than anything else.

Posted by PRADIP (21/06/2016)

I have full trust on GOD , must help me to win JACKPOT immediately.

Posted by Leyla (1/07/2016)

A good dream might give you the lucky numbers for your super jackpot.

Posted by IWw0Ut- (16/07/2016)

I guess superstition is not a consideration if one is desperate about winning!!!!

Posted by PRADIP (19/07/2016)

when i m buying lottery with my hard earned money, then i also hoping, i must be next jackpot winner !!!

Posted by PRADIP (20/07/2016)

congratulation to u, because u have present these "unique opportunity" in front of me , to make huge money !! thanks to "RESPECTED MANAGEMENT".

Posted by PRADIP (21/07/2016)

i m playing these lottery from last 14 months, till today i have own "3 times", 1) $ 1, 2) $ 3.27 , 3) $ 8.75. your payment through online is very "FAST & ACCURATE", your payment transparency (faster, grade 1) i can compare with "BANK & INSURANCE PAYMENT" !! now i am expecting my "BIG JACKPOT" !!

Posted by PRADIP (22/07/2016)

after winning jackpot lottery, i must charity to those who needy and struggling their life daily to survive, as per my economic strength.

Posted by PRADIP (23/07/2016)

your lottery scheme is very unique !! everyday there's also hope to change anybody's life !!

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