How To Handle A Huge Lotto Win

It’s definitely been a week for huge jackpots here at! With the current jackpots available to play online this week, such as the SuperEna Max in our SuperStar week reaching a gigantic total of 585 million Euro plus the Mega Millions lottery soaring to an unbelievable $218 million for this evenings draw, one thing is for certain – you have to play the lotto online and above all, know how to handle a huge lotto win if you win a lotto jackpot!

Huge lottery pay-outs could seem somewhat overwhelming for some lottery players and just one big win, or a jackpot win could change your life forever. Focusing on the fact that these jackpots range in the hundreds of millions, lottery players need to be extra sure and extra careful of his/her next steps.

Here are a few guidelines to observe after your huge lottery jackpot win:

Keep calm and look after your jackpot

Keep calm

As you know, winning a huge lotto jackpot will make you an instantaneous millionaire, this does not mean you have to instantly go on a spending spree however. How many times have we seen lottery jackpot winner blow their winnings, ruining their lives around them and have absolutely nothing left in the end. Stay calm and look after your jackpot win! Experts suggest leaving it in the bank for some time. This not only helps with interest bearing, but by doing so, you will give yourself the opportunity to get to grips with the reality of your new found wealth and start a wish list.

robots in suites, financial squad

Get your squad together

Now that you’ve calmed yourself down a bit, get professional advice. We tend to think that we know how to handle a huge lotto win, but with hundreds of millions staring back at you on the bank slip, very few people in this world have had the opportunity to handle this much money, and dealing with such a huge responsibility not only for you but on behalf of your family can be a daunting prospect to say the least.

This is why, speaking to professionals who deal with vast sums of money will be able to give you the best possible advice for your unique requirements. Besides, like the old saying goes, “money makes money’, so speak to a professional who will help maximize a return on your investment.

People will change

Ask any jackpot winner and they will tell you that they had their fair share of people who came out of the woodwork all of a sudden, asking for help. To avoid these situations its best to rather not tell too many people about winning the lottery. Not only will they guilt you into giving them money but they will make cloud your judgement into thinking you actually did the right thing. We’re not saying, don’t help people – we’re saying help those you want to help in your initial wish list you created with your financial advisor. Once you’re comfortable enough, you can then, if you wish, announce your identity.

Reading this, you might think well you told me nothing new. Of course I know how to handle a huge lotto win, but there have been quite a few lottery winners that have got it horrible wrong, like Andrew Jack Whittaker.

After winning $315 million on Powerball, he’s life slowly unravelled before his eyes. There were legal issues, as there almost always are with money, and there were his own personal demons like drinking and a love of strippers that helped send Whittaker down a black hole of despair. In fact, while he was visiting a strip club one night, he claims almost half a million dollars was stolen from his car! Who drives around with half a million dollars in their car! Can you imagine the look on their faces when they found the money?

Callie Rogers, won $3.8 million and after spending everything on holidays, parties, gifts and various cosmetic surgeries now lives in a quaint little three-bedroomed house, training to be a nurse.

Live the lotto lifestyle

Live your life

To all the dreamers out there, don’t worry, as winning the lottery and doing it right i pretty darn easy. Follow these easy steps and then sit back and enjoy your lottery jackpot win!

Good luck with your entries!
The Team


Posted by Yudhister (27/05/2016)

i wish i would win,i really need some money to get things done.

Posted by Dwight (27/05/2016)

i think getting financial advice up front is paramount to having some money left when the dust settles :)

Posted by Ying Kwong (27/05/2016)

No worries, I already have a plan and well prepared for this huge fortune : )

Posted by Ildefonso (27/05/2016)

Great advice,just read a similar article on another site.

Posted by IWw0Ut- (28/05/2016)

easy does it...

Posted by Samson (28/05/2016)

When you win a huge jackpot deposit in the bank and assume you did not win and once your nerves are back to normal and you are able to decide your future then you go to the bank and withdraw some amount.

Posted by IWw0Ut- (29/05/2016)

stay away from everybody and everything for about six months, and in that time think, and think clearly.

Posted by IWw0Ut- (30/05/2016)

i guess being is the LAST thing you can do in a situation of a big windfall!!!!

Posted by Krishnan (30/05/2016)

Handling a big jackpot win is not so easy as many may think. It is is better to seek the advice of professionals.

Posted by Ricardo (30/05/2016)

Upon winning a great amount of money need a finance advisor .

Posted by QIeOQ (6/06/2016)

Win $100M, buy $90M yacht and a week later find out it takes $9M a year to maintain then sell it for $50M because I'm desperate then move on to other stupid splurges. Solid plan even if i say so my self. :-)

Posted by Yudhister (17/06/2016)

take financial advice..........

Posted by IWw0Ut- (18/06/2016)

I just can't figure how one can be CALM when one becomes outrageously rich!!!!! ;)

Posted by Leyla (2/07/2016)

take financial advice

Posted by IWw0Ut- (4/07/2016)

Go crazy...., because you can afford to!

Posted by Guy (26/08/2020)

I will just give away most of my money to my sons and close relatives and keep just a little for my wife and I to live a comfortable life without any money worries.No problems.

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