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It’s Friday the 13th – which means there’s a lotto luck going around! Even though superstition says that Friday the 13th is an unlucky day, there are rather a large number of lottery players that will laugh and tell you that Friday the 13th brought them a huge amount of good fortune. With today being Friday the 13th – why not follow the example of these huge lottery winners and buy a lotto ticket online right now!

For those online lottery players who wish to buy lottery tickets online but are unsure which lotto game to take part in, has a huge selection of the biggest and best international lotto games all under one convenient roof, to not only give you the best possible chance of winning millions but giving you the best lotto discounts and chance of becoming an instant millionaire.

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Lotteries from around the globe include the extremely popular EuroMillions which luckily for you, takes place this Friday the 13th!  The current jackpot is sitting at a tempting €15 million.

On the other side of the world you also have the mammoth Mega Millions lotto game with a gigantic $161 million up for grabs this evening. Just imagine waking up tomorrow morning and finding out via our convenient results mailer notification email that you have become the latest lottery jackpot winner.

Even though the extremely popular SuperEna Max lotto draw only takes place tomorrow evening, with a jackpot soaring to a colossal €175 million – you should definitely buy a lotto ticket today!

Miracles can happen any day – and Friday the 13th is no exception. Put all the superstition aside and play the lottery online right now!

Black cat, Friday the 13th  For those lotto players who still prefer to not cross paths with black cats or walk under ladders on Friday the 13th, take a look at the follow lottery players who threw caution to the wind and bought a lottery ticket on Friday the 13th:

Friday the 13th November 2015 - $202.000.000

The largest lottery jackpot won on Friday the 13th was won by a player from Columbus, Ohio in the amount of $202.000.000 on the Mega Millions draw.  Not much is known about the winner, since they decided to stay anonymous and claiming the prize via the Lucky Duck Passive Trust.

Friday the 13th May 2011 - €121.000.000

Francisco Delgado Rodríguez, a Spanish baker won a staggering €121.000.000 on the EuroMillions lottery on Friday the 13th. Rodriguez came from Pilas in Seville and was 30 years of age when he hit the jackpot to become one of the richest men in Spain overnight. He immediately closed the family bakery and left town with his fortune. It was a business that had been handed down from father to son for generations but the EuroMillions win was too large for Rodriguez and his family to carry on working and living as normal and its rumoured that he bought a house in Miami and a luxury duplex in central Seville. Since the Friday the 13th lottery winner and his family left the bakery, superstitious passers-by have been touching the bakery’s door in the hope that, by touching the former front door of the EuroMillions winner’s property, they will be “spreading the wealth”.

Friday the 13th June 2014 - $66.000.000

Kelsey Zachow, a 24-year-old won $66 million on the Mega Millions lottery with a ticket she purchased on Friday the 13th. Friday the 13th was definitely her lucky day.

“Friday the 13th has always been a really lucky day for me,” she said. “I went home that night and I’m like nothing really good happened. (I thought) that’s weird.” That’s what she thought, until she found out eleven days later that Friday the 13th was in fact the luckiest day of her life! Kelsey, her 7-month-old son, and her boyfriend are now set for life.

Kelsey Zachow

Friday the 13th November 2011 – $27.000.000

Kendall Warren thought playing the lottery on Friday the 13th would be the perfect day to get lucky. It’s a good thing Kendell stuck to his guns and did, as he became $27.000.000 richer on the Mega Millions. Still working at the age of 61, his co-workers were quietly betting on how long he will keep the job, until luck found him on Friday the 13th and the lottery win gave him the opportunity to relax and simply enjoy the rest of his life.

Friday the 13th May 2009 - $26.000.000

Isabel Zelaya, a night shift worker won $26.000.000 Mega Millions prize on Friday the 13th May 2009, even though his friends told him not to do so.

“I knew it was my lucky day no matter what the calendar said. I’m living proof that luck trumps superstition,” said the lucky lottery winner.

As you can see by looking at the Friday the 13th lottery winners, one thing that shouldn’t be avoided is playing the world’s biggest international lotteries online right here at

With a Mega Millions jackpot sitting at an incredible $161 million for Friday night’s drawing, this Friday the 13th could be the most lucrative yet for a lucky online lottery player, and there’s absolutely no reason that that lucky player cannot be you!

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Posted by IWw0Ut- (13/05/2016)

Friday the 13th is for the superstitious only...

Posted by A5+U48Oaa (13/05/2016)

jerry help the orphans and hiv and aids people here in AFRICA.

Posted by Ricardo (15/05/2016)

13 could be a lucky number if luck finds you.

Posted by Ying Kwong (20/05/2016)

Everyone has his own lucky nos.

Posted by Leyla (13/07/2016)

13 could be a lucky number if luck finds you.

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