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This weekend saw the massive Powerball jackpot of $415 million being drawn. According to the latest reports, the jackpot was won, and it seems like it wasn’t by a single ticket holder. The winners have yet to come forward. In the meantime, let this article inspire you on how to spend your winnings creatively after you take home the next biggest jackpot with Mega Millions. Leave your idea in the comment section at the end of this article. The four best comments will win 5 tickets each to play Mega Millions. 

We’ve rounded up stories of 11 past lottery winners who had a lot of fun with their winnings and didn’t spend them conventionally. 

1. John Kuyet built himself a Waterpark. 

Lottery winner

John Kuyet won a share of the massive $319 million Mega Millions jackpot in 2011. He and his wife decided to use some of the winnings to build their dream waterpark in memory of their late parents. To have the park built, they donated $200,000 to construct the “Spray Park” built in Green Island, New York. 

2. Evelyn Adams went to Atlantic City.

Lottery Winner Fun

New Jersey native Evelyn won the lottery consecutively between the years 1985 and 1986! She won a grand total of $5.4 million for these two wins. She was one lucky lady, indeed! Seeing that she was feeling extremely lucky, she took some of her money with her to the tables and slot machines in Atlantic City to see if she could grow her wealth even further. She had a few big wins before going home to resume day-to-day life. 

3. Louise White started a Trust.

Lottery Trust

Louise was 81-years-old at the time of her win in 2012. She is a resident of Newport, Rhode Island. She started her own trust named after her favourite dessert which supposedly brings her luck! She calls it her lucky dessert because she became $336.4 million richer when she went to a gas station to buy a rainbow sherbet, which led to her buying the winning lottery ticket. 

Louise, therefore, named the Trust “The Rainbow Trust”. It’s a trust that would benefit her family. 

4. Canadian Lottery Winner advocated Marijuana Legalization.

Lottery Activist

Lottery winner Bob Erb, who is also a Marijuana activist, won $25 million in 2012 after he bought a winning ticket on the way to his father’s funeral in Calgary. 

Bob has been an avid lottery player and had been playing for 43 years. He used to work as a seasonal construction worker who donated his wages to a food bank for the needy. After winning his lottery prize, he gave away $1 million towards "420 day" which is an annual event supporting the legalization of Marijuana. 

5. Janite lee invested in Politics.

Lottery Funding Politics

Janite won $18 million in the year 1993. She was a wigmaker in South Korea and used a fair amount of her winnings to support the Democratic Party at the time of the elections. 

6. Merle and Patricia got great Financial advice.

Lottery Financial Guidance

After these two ladies won their share of the $656 Mega Millions jackpot back in 2012, the Illinois pair didn’t know what to do with all their money, but they knew for sure that they wanted to be extremely smart about it. 

They planned to use some of their winnings towards great financial advice and sound attorneys to manage their wealth. They wanted to grow and look after their wealth so they got the best advice in the business. 

7. Denise and Paul Hardware bought Property.

Lottery Luxury

This couple based in Wales had their life completely changed after they won £5 million in the UK Lottery. They began by celebrating their good fortune with a romantic luxury cruise. When they got back, they paid off their mortgages and bought the house of their dreams in Somerset. The spending didn’t stop there, though! They invested in three more properties to grow their wealth even further. 

They also used their winnings to help fund their son’s Oxford Brookes University. 

8. Lara and Roger Griffiths upgraded their lives.

Lottery Splurge

In 2006, this couple won £1.8 million with the UK Lottery. They used their money to buy the house of their dreams. It had a price tag of £670,000. The shopping didn’t end there. They also spoiled themselves with a Porsche and two more houses that they could rent out to make more money. 

They also invested a fair portion of their winnings in the stock market and spent £25,000 on his band so they could record an album. 

9. Nigel Willetts saw the world.

Lottery Travel

Nigel Willets beat the odds and won £1 million in 2014. He won accidentally, too! He used to be the landlord of a pub at the time of his win. 

He used the money to see the world. He first started his celebration by spoiling 13 family members to a Florida vacation. Since his big win, he has seen Mexico, Dubai, and will soon be going to Vegas for his 50th birthday.

10. George and Beryl put family first.

Lottery Loyalty

The English couple won £3.5 million in 2012. Instead of hurrying into shopping sprees, the couple split the winnings amongst their family. They gave £250,000 to each of their four sons and £10,000 to each of their nine grandchildren. They also gave some money to their sisters. They managed their winnings well, because to this day they still have plenty left over, which they allegedly use to buy more lottery tickets! Staying in the game even after a big win is something we definitely love!

Share your creative spending ideas in the comments section below and we’ll choose the best four as our winners! How would YOU spend $150 million? 

*The winners are: 

Heather Kensley

Michal Solecki

Tyrone Zuidewind

Samson Selvaraj



The PlayHugeLottos Team 




Posted by Юрий (9/05/2016)

Believe that you are lucky

Posted by Елеонора (9/05/2016)

Half will be donated to children in need.With the rest will travel around the world! :)

Posted by O6I_ (9/05/2016)

Apart from upgrading lifestyles for me and my children and family, I would like to setup companies that investigate alternative green products so we can try help save this Earth before we destroy ourselves.

Posted by Елеонора (9/05/2016)

Half will be donated to children in need.With the rest will travel around the world!

Posted by Елеонора (9/05/2016)

Half will be donated to children in need.With the rest will travel around the world

Posted by Евгений (9/05/2016)

do what is the heart dictates.

Posted by Hezron (9/05/2016)

support the government by donating money to buy more drones in order to protect the elephants and rhinos tusks from poachers.

Posted by PTsKfKK (9/05/2016)

I would relocate to a tax haven country. Set up a trust fund for my son and an Education fund for some of my friends children. Buy my husband the car he has always dreamed of. I would book my self into a tropical island paradise with a few close girlfriends where we would lounge around all day long being served cocktails by hunky waiters. Finally sprinkle a bit of the dosh around my family and few close friends.

Posted by Bharath (9/05/2016)

Build a all animal zone there we take all non parent animal and create a all section for each animal and protect them and live with them

Posted by Z-XcqX (9/05/2016)

I would start my own wine route tour company in my home town. Buy a little beach cottage and pay my daughters college tuition as she wants to be a chef.

Posted by Vladimir (9/05/2016)

Luxury holidays, investing in stocks, villa. :)

Posted by DUow4fO (9/05/2016)

Would get Married then travel the world with my wife and daughter. And probably the rest of my family as well. Haha

Posted by Michał (9/05/2016)

First of all - I would buy myself all of the music equipment I want, in my free time I compose music but it's so difficult without that pricey fancy gear :). And for the second one - I'll built a shelter for homeless kittens, as a proud owner of 3 cats I want more little kittens meow!

Posted by Michał (9/05/2016)

First of all - I would buy myself all of the music equipment I want, in my free time I compose music but it's so difficult without that pricey fancy gear :). And for the second one - I'll built a shelter for homeless kittens, as a proud owner of 3 cats I want more little kittens meow!

Posted by Michał (9/05/2016)

First of all - I would buy myself all of the music equipment I want, in my free time I compose music but it's so difficult without that pricey fancy gear :). And for the second one - I'll built a shelter for homeless kittens, as a proud owner of 3 cats I want more little kittens meow!

Posted by Sonu (9/05/2016)

First of all, I would party as hell. :D then from the remaining money, half of it, I would donate to charity for better lives of the children,1/4th I would give to my parents as a small amount of appreciation for their tireless efforts towards making my life as it is now, and the rest I would keep for myself as an investment for my future.

Posted by Antonius (9/05/2016)

arrange a private travel to the outer spaces with my dog

Posted by Victor (9/05/2016)

I would simply buy myself my dream car and residence and will invest building my dream company,meanwhile will try to make everyone around me happy and finally will make Dog shelter for street dogs as I love dogs so much. Finally will definitely give about 10% of my winning to charity.

Posted by Martin (9/05/2016)

to help animals in distress

Posted by Ying Kwong (9/05/2016)

I'll set up a lottery of my creation called "TheWorldLotto.com" so that I can earn money regularly operating the website plus giving hopes to others who participate my Lotto. Also, I'll stipulate that a fraction of the winnings (I'll match winners' compulsory donations equally) will be donated to charitable organizations all over the world : )

Posted by Patricia (9/05/2016)

I have so many ideas and people that I would help financially! But the first thing that I've been telling my husband that we are going to do when we win the lottery will be a trip to Surinam. Strange right? Nobody ever talks about this country, I am so curious about it! So it started as a joke but I'll make sure we visit it as soon as we have financial freedom (when we win the lottery, I know we will!) and be able to talk about it as much as I want! :)

Posted by Heather (9/05/2016)

It obviously depends upon the size of win; under $10M I would invest wisely and spend only "after tax" revenue from the investment. A budget of $120K/net a year is enough for me after buying a house and paying off debt. The rest would be incomes for my daughters and their families. Under $50M the same strategy within a TRUST with any excess being re-invested for TRUST growth so my grandkids would always have something.

Posted by P_DPXl (9/05/2016)

There is a private island that is currently for sale that I have had my eye on for a while. If I were to win the $150 million, I would firstly purchase the private island. Secondly, I would work together with the authorities to create a sanctuary for all the endangered animals of the world. The endangered species would be taken care of and would be bred so that they would no longer face becoming extinct. The animals would also be protected from poachers. It is my dream to protect these animals so that my grand children and their children will be able to see these animals, not only in pictures, but in real life.

Posted by Hyunsoo (10/05/2016)

Come support the orphanage to give them the comfort of free'D provide room and board to study, work

Posted by Robin (10/05/2016)

Family and friends come first then donations to help children, animals and saving the environment .... enjoy life and help others enjoy theirs too...

Posted by Evie (10/05/2016)

My lifetime dream is always wanting to have opportunities to open a land and make a road or street, with the light at each path, in a remote, small villages to make villagers have easier time traveling from one place to another especially those who have to walk.

Posted by Vasile (10/05/2016)

...an island, a yacht, a plane...he he

Posted by Samson (10/05/2016)

I will buy vineyards in European countries like Switzerland, Germany, France, Spain, Portugal and Hungary so that I can take vacation in these countries and enjoy best wines made from my own wine factories and also export best quality wines to other countries.

Posted by IWw0Ut- (10/05/2016)

Firstly, throw a big party for the neighbors in my complex, give at least 20% to reputable charity organizations, travel to "quite" locations on holiday, put some money away for the kids to start them off after high school and then retire in a good upmarket neighborhood.

Posted by Satish (10/05/2016)

if i will win,i will use this fund to terminate abu bakr al bagdadi,the devil soul in the body of human...

Posted by Debashish D (10/05/2016)

Some of my creative (crazy- i think you can't be creative without being crazy... ;)) ideas of spending my winnings. I’d tell nobody at first then send a private jet to pick them all up and fly them to the island I’ve just bought ........If the above is not crazy enough (i think it is), then will also do the below crazier things to make my life look the craziest as hell: 0.Shit in my pants. Then I'd buy another pair of pants. 1. Travel to space. 2.Build a casino in Las Vegas and name it after yourself. 3.Buy a snow machine and every year give a new city a white cold snowy climate 4.Build a water slide inside home. 5.Put an ATM in your kitchen. 6. Buy a house with all the furnishing, interior design, gadgets I have always wanted etc. 7. Donate some part of my winnings with my extended family which would be the Play Huge lottos team, as its because of you guys I was able to achieve it. 8. I would buy seven Range Rover's different color for different days i would lower them and put 22" rims on them then i would build super garage with my own gas station to park them in. 9. Almost forgot i would buy a lion so no body would come in my yard. 10. Hire a team of ex special forces snipers! 11. I’d postpone my visit to rehab clinic . . and the binge drinking would start immediately after. If above does not seem to be creatively crazy, then i can still spend some cash on Magnetic Floating Bed (Price: $1.6 million) What does it do?: After a long day of spending your jackpot winnings, rest your head on this levitating bed. A magnetic force propels the bed 16 inches off the ground. Cables keep the bed from maneuvering away from the magnet. 2001: A Space Odyssey reportedly inspired a Dutch architect to create the "flying bed." Super-Luxurious Toilet (Price: $6,400) What does it do?: The Kohler Numi is no stinker. The elaborate toilet warms your feet, plays music and cleans your behind with an adjustable spray and subsequent drying function. A touchscreen controls the settings. Jetpack (Price: $99,500) What does it do?: The JetLev Jetpack can lift you 30 feet into the air at 25 miles per hour for four hours Fastest Street Legal Car (Price: $2.4 million) What does it do?: The Bugatti Veyron Super Sport is dubbed as the fastest street legal car in the world, reaching speeds as fast as 268 miles per hour.

Posted by Rozetha (10/05/2016)

I would first buy me a house,car,help my family,church,and then ,enjoy a lot of my winnings!

Posted by Ricardo (10/05/2016)

A nice large farm for retirement with lots of trees and a modest house will be ok

Posted by Temitope (10/05/2016)

I will build estate everywhere arround the world. And with my income I will be helping the needy arround the world. And then I will propose to President Obama's daughter. I pray she'll say yes.

Posted by IWw0Ut- (11/05/2016)

spend speND SPEND..... buy bUY BUY..... give give give... enjoy enJOY ENJOY.... :)

Posted by Samson (11/05/2016)

As a lotto player and winner of mega jackpot , the better way to spend some of the winnings is to construct a museum for used lotto tickets from all the lotteries of the world and encourage the players to mail their played tickets for keeping in the museum. Their names and location will be marked at the back of the ticket. The museum will become a tourist attraction.

Posted by Wanna (11/05/2016)

Want to move london and stay with family forever

Posted by Wanna (11/05/2016)

Want to move london and stay with family forever

Posted by Shelly (11/05/2016)

if i win , i will keep some money for myself and a large part of it contribute towards the kashmiri migrants resettlement.

Posted by LXbeo (11/05/2016)

Eenie, meenie, minie mow, pick the right 5 numbers and you will know.

Posted by RUq+RO (11/05/2016)

Build a badass gun collection, take my kids to Disneyworld, take my wife to paris and italy lastly I'll buy property in every desirable country in the world. Then live life to the full.

Posted by Kishorkumar (11/05/2016)

I Become a good men and healp others people

Posted by Sandeep (11/05/2016)

25 % given to my sisters.....40% i will spend to buy properties and open a restaurant....and 35% i will spen carefully....cause some one said " ITS NOT MONEY MAKES YOU RICH......ITS YOUR SPENDING HABBITS MAKES YOU RICH."

Posted by Oleksandr (11/05/2016)

Education as musician, traveling, sport competition.

Posted by Huda (11/05/2016)

I will pay all my debts to the bank and then I'll enjoy the rest of my life.

Posted by Vladislav (11/05/2016)

100 million on a yacht, 50 million on cars women and parties

Posted by Surendranath (11/05/2016)

Land on mars/moon and contest in presidential elections with my winnings :-)

Posted by IWw0Ut- (12/05/2016)

If i have THAT amount of money (meaning lots), i will pay an entertainment/enjoyment consultant or consulting company, to find means and ways to do fun and SILLY things that only a rich individual could possibly do!!!! ( because i'm a pauper, i cant think of that on my own!) he he he......

Posted by Pop (12/05/2016)

I would donate half for orphans and lonely elderly, half would keep it to myself and my family.

Posted by Kabo (12/05/2016)

I know exactly how I would spend the money. I would buy myself a ticket on the Virgin space tourism flight program. Only a handful of people will EVER view the earth from space and I want to be one of the few who ever will.

Posted by AFW9G (12/05/2016)

I would go on a year long vacation - then start my own business and live it up!!!

Posted by S.ganesan (12/05/2016)

Half will be spent for eradicating starvation rest will travel around the world.

Posted by Taner (12/05/2016)

I would buy everything I want, all I see and also all staff I do not need. Just to spend the money .... don't matter for which purpose. .....

Posted by Josephine (13/05/2016)

I would make a dream house for my both the granddaughters as they wish. There will be everything they want in it, I'll give them whatever they want, whatever they dreamed of and make their life a queen's size!

Posted by Helju (13/05/2016)

Inadvertently, I will make many people jealous :)

Posted by Joel (13/05/2016)

I would buy the moon, then a new car and take my family on a nice holiday :) Crossing my fingers for tonights draw

Posted by CQx2Y (13/05/2016)

I would buy a Yacht that also houses a submarine , and take 4 years to go and Explore Unspoiled Remote Islands .

Posted by Karl (13/05/2016)

If I win 150 Millions, first I would hire me some well-known and totally serious politicians and let them do some nice poledancing in funny clothes (if clothes at all), on TV, just for the sake of it. Then I would fund an old dream of mine, an Ewok-Village-Tree-Hotel, where everyone employed is dressed in a nice Ewok fur and which is build high in the trees. Of course, eating humans would be totally forbidden there! And to complete the nice start, I would invest in a new city quarter at my hometown where no normal cars, just free-for-all self-driving electrical cars, powered by wind and sun, would be roaming the streets. Well that's enough for my first three days as a multi-millionaire!

Posted by CQx2Y (13/05/2016)

The yacht will also have a 4x4 to explore off beaten tracks in the Amazon Jungle as well as a Hot Air Balloon . I have always wanted to see the African Plains in the early morning from a Hot Air Balloon , when the wild animals go to the watering holes to drink . As I am retired , this would be my Last Bucket List wishes to tick off . Thereafter , I would book myself into a Luxury Retirement Home In FLORIDA USA , and wait for my Last Life Journey in Peace .

Posted by Chiew Loong (14/05/2016)

Set up a charity foundation, do more investment to gain wealth and create more job opportunity, take care of family and friends. Last but not least enjoy myself by traveling around the world.

Posted by Yudhister (14/05/2016)

I will support International NGOs financially like 'Disaster Relief & Humanitarian NGOs' and 'Child Sponsorship Organizations'.

Posted by Foizu (14/05/2016)

I dont think my little brain could cope...depending on how much was won. so many options to choose but I would wait and consider how I could stay happy with people close to me. But the chances of it happening are to remote to consider really....but they say you have to be in it to win it...you never know!

Posted by Hemanta (14/05/2016)

I have not required too much money . I would like take 50% of winning & rest will distribute with all needy playhugelottos player....

Posted by Rupesh (15/05/2016)

Happiness (Buy)

Posted by A5+U48Oaa (15/05/2016)

Posted by jerermiah (15/05/2016) pay my bond take my children to university and donate some of the money to orphans.To the world.

Posted by 4ojq57 (16/05/2016)

Pay all my loans and be debt free

Posted by Qs2x+rbN (18/05/2016)

Always wanted to start a safe haven for abused women ans children, take my daughter to meet her father in person as he lives in Carribean and us south africa, buy a house big enough to accommodate my disabled mother.

Posted by Ricardo (18/05/2016)

To add that a large portion to be donated to community scholarship and orphanage as well.

Posted by Leyla (2/06/2016)

Half will be spent for eradicating starvation rest will travel around the world.

Posted by Mdzahid (17/06/2016)

Family and friends come first then donations to help children, saving the environment .... enjoy life and help others enjoy theirs too...

Posted by Inacia (7/07/2016)

First of all I'll start by donating part of my winnings to the following: 1- Rehabilitate my church 2 - A disabled children's support house 3 - Set up a trust fund to my sisters, brother and my grandchildren After those donations I'll buy a house for me and make some good investments in several areas including the building of a luxurious condominium in one of the best beaches of my country.

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