Powerball Player In San Jose Wins Big

Luck can find you anywhere, anytime in the world. In San Jose, a Powerball player least expected a win to happen to them after years of playing. What made them a winner, however, was that they stayed in the game and persevered until the end. This is their story. 

The Powerball win happened at a gas station in San Jose. The winning Powerball ticket was worth a whopping $1.2 million. Like most stores who sell a winning lottery ticket, this one got a lovely bonus of $6,300 given to them by the lottery and not taken from the winner’s prize. 

San Jose is in California. The Californian lottery officials said that the owner of the winning lottery ticket hasn’t come forward to claim his prize yet, but they do know who it is. The owner at the gas station, Alex Gaviola, apparently knew the winner well. He is very happy that he gets to have some money from the lottery, too. 

According to Alex, he has sold winning tickets before and owns seven in total. This gas station is the only one to have produced such a massive prize as this. “I’m definitely going to take my employees out for a nice dinner,” said Alex. 

Lottery win is San Jose

The alleged winner is Juan Aparacio, age 26. Based on security cameras, he was filling his car with gas on a Saturday afternoon, the day of the draw. He usually buys gas and lottery tickets from there because it is close by his house. When reporters asked Juan if he had an idea of how he was going to spend his money, he said, “I’m going to put it aside for college for my son.”

His winning numbers were:


Juan missed out on the bonus number 14. He got to take home $1,273,656. 

After the manager informed him that he could be the winner, and upon verifying his ticket, he was advised to sign the back of his ticket and store it in a safe place until he could go to the lottery headquarters and claim his winnings. Juan has 180 days to get his prize. 

Don’t forget that the Powerball jackpot is currently on a whopping $415 million jackpot. Enter your tickets now! The draw is tomorrow, the 7th of May, 2016. 

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Posted by Samson (6/05/2016)

Luck goes round the world and picks the unexpected ones.

Posted by Ndeshipanda (6/05/2016)

Woow! Nice story

Posted by IWw0Ut- (7/05/2016)


Posted by Ricardo (8/05/2016)

An awesome luck .

Posted by IWw0Ut- (8/05/2016)

Seem like a nice neighborhood to live in....so friendly.

Posted by Konduparti (9/05/2016)

Lottery is a life turning point. You may not win at your first trial or you may win a negligible amount. That does not matter. Try & try till you succeed. One day we may see unbelievable lottery amount in our account. I am following this principle.

Posted by Ying Kwong (9/05/2016)

Luck will arrive the next second, be well prepared : )

Posted by Ricardo (12/05/2016)

Luck is just around the corner.

Posted by Leyla (1/06/2016)

Good story.

Posted by IWw0Ut- (5/07/2016)

What luck!

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