This Weeks Lottery Results Roundup

It’s Friday and time to look at all the lottery results that took place over the past week. Find out where your favourite online lottery jackpot stands and what lottery you will buy a lottery ticket for this weekend:

For lotto players who love to play the lotto, the week once again provided online lottery players from all corners of the globe more than enough lotto thrills – especially when we look at the American lotto game, the US Powerball.

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Powerball prize tops $250 million

The Powerball jackpot has reached $251 million, making it the top prize for lottery players this weekend.

Wednesday night’s US Powerball winning numbers were 12, 25, 30, 52, 62 and a Powerball of 8.

No one managed to match all the winning lottery numbers for this monster of a jackpot but looking down the lotto prize tiers there were plenty of players that walked away with their share of the loot. There was a total of 967228 which had a ball dishing out a load of instant cash prizes!
In the second tier one lottery ticket holder was able to match five lotto numbers to win the $1 million prize.  In the third tier, 21 winners each won $50, 000 for matching four numbers and the Power Ball.  Winnings of $100 were awarded to the 572 players in the fourth tier who matched four numbers out of the six numbers require to take home the jackpot.

Since the 2 March this lotto game has been rolling over and is now sitting a massive $251 million for this Saturday’s draw.

SuperEna Max comes in second at 106 million Euro

Next up on the lottery jackpot podium to play this weekend is the legendary SuperEna Max lotto game. 

The winning numbers for Thursday’s draw were:   1, 15, 30, 50, 54, 62 and 71.

This Saturday’s jackpot stand at 106 million Euro. Just imagine what you could do with that much cash?

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Mega Millions
Mega Millions better watch out for the US Powerball which seems is most definitely in the lead for largest jackpots of 2016 – a gargantuan 1.5 billion in January. 

Mega Millions is at $97 million, for tomorrow’s draw. Even so, this won’t deter online lottery players out there! Everyone wants a piece of the Mega Millions pie!

The winning numbers for Thursday’s draw were:   9, 28, 40, 57, 65 and the Mega Ball number 2.

A rollover will be taking place as a result of there being no jackpot winners in the Tuesday draw this week.  This is good news for all you dedicated players and loyal fans, with there being even more reason for you to enter into Friday’s (April 22nd) draw.  An increased estimated jackpot is now available to any player who can match all of the numbers required to become an instant multimillionaire. 


With the week winding down and as we all get ready to enjoy some time off with family and friends it also means that it is time to take a look at what has been happening with your favourite European lottery game. Has anyone hit the big time? What do you stand to win if you get in on the action?

The winning numbers for Tuesday’s draw were:   11, 14, 15, 27, 44 and Lucky Star numbers 2 and 7.

Tuesday (19 April) saw no one matching all the winning lotto numbers to take home the jackpot, but there were plenty of ticket holders who did however manage to scoop some really lucrative secondary prizes.
In the second division as there was one ticket with the right combination five matching numbers and one star. This very fortunate individual has won an amazing €955,091.40 and must be having the times of their lives thinking about what they will be doing with their newfound wealth!
In the third division, there were five tickets from various corners of the globe (since you can play the lotto online right here at you don’t need to be based in Europe to win big) with five matching numbers which means that each ticket holder has won €63,672.70!
So what are you waiting for? Get to now for your online lottery tickets, and don’t forget to check lottery results – who knows? You may just be our next jackpot winner!

Best of luck!

The Team

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Posted by Samson (23/04/2016)

I hope to win powerball today.

Posted by IWw0Ut- (23/04/2016)

Lovely figure...... :)

Posted by Ying Kwong (23/04/2016)

You can't be wrong playing lottos at PHL : )

Posted by IWw0Ut- (25/04/2016)

I'm going for the powerball!!!!

Posted by IWw0Ut- (27/04/2016)

Hey!...the powerball AND megamillions are getting delicious!

Posted by Ricardo (1/05/2016)

A good gesture for a best luck in any game.

Posted by IWw0Ut- (1/05/2016)

we all just missed the powerball..... :( good luck to you next time around.

Posted by Ricardo (2/05/2016)

Powerball is getting bigger and bigger .

Posted by Yudhister (3/05/2016)

didn't win this time,next time may be

Posted by Yudhister (3/05/2016)

powerball has reached 348 million dollars awesome wish i ll win

Posted by Yudhister (4/05/2016)

poweball has reached 348 million dollars awesome hope i will win

Posted by Leyla (24/05/2016)

A good gesture for a best luck in any game.

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