Top Methods For Finding Your Lucky Lotto Numbers

A recent poll on revealed that for many players the best strategy is ‘no strategy’. Find out which methods our players most preferred.

‘Lucky number generators’ and using birthdays both ranked highly in the results. Let’s take a closer look at these 2 methods before looking at the top choice amongst our respondents.

Using Lucky Number Generators To Pick Lotto Numbers

A lucky number generator essentially performs the same function as an entry generated via Quickpick. Except instead of the system itself generating your numbers you make use of an external number generator. The principle is still the same though – using a computer program to randomly generate lotto numbers for you.

In recent years number generators have become very imaginative often incorporating a fun element into the proceedings, including playing a game or solving puzzles to get your numbers. Others are simpler and appear as calculators or spreadsheets, spitting out a random series of numbers.

He should have just used a lucky number generator!

Lucky Lottery Numbers


Using Birthdays Or Other Important Dates To Pick Lotto Numbers

Using the numbers contained in the dates of important occasions, most commonly birthdays, is a firm favourite of lotto players around the world. Something to bear in mind with this method of number selection is that the range of numbers in your entry is likely to be quite narrow. The numbers will tend to all be low numbers and thus will be grouped quite closely together.

This will be less of an issue if you are playing a lotto game with a large number of balls such as SuperEnaLotto (90 balls) or Mega-Sena (60 balls).

If your birth date was 1st December 1964 you could play the following line, for example:

01 – 04 – 06 – 12 – 19 – 64 (SuperEnaLotto)

Who knows, your birthday may turn out to be your luckiest day of all?

Lucky Lottery Numbers


The Top Method Used For Picking Lotto Numbers – Random Selection

It would seem that the most popular method for picking lucky numbers is simply for players to pick their own numbers at random.

Why use a piece of software to do it for you? Why try and piece together lucky numbers based on especially significant or personal numbers in your life? As we know, when it comes to a winning line in the lotto – any line of numbers is as good as the next. The main requirement is to simply be in the draw with at least one entry.


Lucky Lottery Numbers

Our advice is to use whatever strategy you are most comfortable with. You never know what numbers will turn out to be the winning ones!

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Posted by Subrat (2/02/2013)

Today's Guess Numbers for Powerball Jackpot draw dated.02.02.2013 may be 12 15 21 38 46 26 Best of Luck to all players. God bless you

Posted by Rakesh (21/04/2013)

These are good ways to find lucky numbers.

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