April Fools Day Lotto Winners

The funniest day of the year is here! April Fool’s Day, is a light-hearted celebration of trickery and practical jokes around the world. Every year on April 1, pranksters across the country play jokes on their friends and colleagues before shouting out 'April fool!'

It’s not only you and I that love to prank our friends and family, newspapers and media organisations also love to get into the spirit of the day by publishing humorous hoax stories to entertain and confuse their readers.

Remember though, that you can only play jokes on people until noon on April 1. After midday, the joker who plays the prank becomes the April fool.

Looking back to find out just where all the fun started remains rather a mystery, but the holiday has been celebrated since the 16th century.

The best part of this year’s April Fool’s Day, is that it falls on a Friday – which means people are more likely to monkey around! Keep your eyes and ears peeled when it comes to your colleagues and family members today, and you know the saying, “if you can’t beat them join them!”  Use your imagination and make this day unforgettable! 

 April Fools Day With The Lotto, April Fools Day 2016

The lottery has also seen its fair share of April Fool’s Day jokes; genuine and not.

Jonathan Kelso

On a day where anything out of the ordinary could easily warrant questioning, it's no surprise that when Jonathan Kelso came home on April 1 saying he'd won the lottery, and his wife simply rolled her eyes.

Thee 44-year-old Valrico man won the top prize in a GOLD RUSH Scratch-Off game from the Florida Lottery.  Not only did he get super lucky winning the lottery on the 1st April, he also purchased the lotto ticket with a $5 bill he happened to find on the ground!

Later, in the interview, Jonathan said that the hardest part of winning the lottery was proving to his wife that he is not joking.

“The hardest part was convincing my wife that we had won because it happened on April Fool’s Day!”

Jonathan Kelso lotto winner, April Fools Day lotto winner

Richard and Angela Maxwell

Richard and Angela Maxwell, a retired couple won a staggering £53 million on the EuroMillions.

At first thought they thought it was an elaborate April Fool’s joke. Richard and Angela Maxwell, both 67, were so stunned to see their numbers on the lottery website that they wondered whether someone could possibly have scanned in their ticket as a joke.

Only after having the lotto ticket verified that it was not a prank, die the Lincolnshire couple start believing and planning how they were going to spend the whopping lottery win.

They decided to splash out on a luxury holiday to New Zealand for their family, as well as treating themselves to a Range Rover and designer handbags and shoes. At the time of the interview they also stated that they would also like to support initiatives helping young people in their local community.

Richard found out that he had won the massive amount, after he was helping builders move bricks for the garage work the couple are having done.  He took a break to check their lottery ticket on the website.
“I always keep our lottery ticket in the kitchen drawer so I took a break and went online to check the results,” he said. “I checked again and again, five times in total, as I couldn’t believe it. Then I saw only one ticket had won £53m and I was in shock. I thought someone had scanned my ticket somehow and put it on the website as a joke. It was April Fool’s Day after all.”

Richard and Angela Maxwell

Richard called Camelot to confirm the win. While all this was happening, Richard’s wife was out helping to cook for a local pensioners’ lunch club. He knew that she would be too busy to answer her mobile, so he decided to wait the four hours until she got back home. “I kept myself busy making cups of tea for the builders because I couldn’t sit still but didn’t say anything to anyone.”

Eventually she arrived back home and asked Richard about their dinner plans that evening. “I said: ‘We can’t go out for dinner, Angela, I’ve got something to tell you.’”

Angela said, “I didn’t know what to think. Richard just went red in the face and then said ‘we’ve won £53m’. I just said ‘don’t be stupid’ – he’s always playing jokes so I thought it was an April Fool. I just didn’t believe it, then he showed me the numbers on the website and I dropped the basket of tea towels on the floor. Then I just sat down in the chair for about half an hour, stunned.”

They called their daughters, Sharon and Paula who immediately came round, but they too thought it was an April Fool prank.

“£1m would have been amazing but £53m enables you to do so much, not just for you but those around you,” he said. “Our local community is really important to us, in particular helping young people in the area. The win will enable us to spend more time getting involved as well as give financial support.”

I’m sure you will agree that telling your family and friends that you’ve won the lottery on the April 1, and actually really winning the jackpot, has simply got to be one of the most enjoyable April Fool’s day statements ever.  The joy of actually having to convince them that it’s true must be amazing.

It may be April Fools' Day, but that there are massive lottery jackpots to play right now on PlayHugeLottos.com –and that’s no joke! If a cheque of this magnitude is something you want to get your hands on then play now for a chance at winning these life-changing jackpots!

You'd be a fool to miss this one! Play the lotto online today!

For the eager prankster, nothing beats April Fools' Day!  Have fun!

Good luck gaming!
The PlayHugeLottos.com Team

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Posted by Ying Kwong (1/04/2016)

Don't be a fool, play PHL now!

Posted by Imre (2/04/2016)

purchased a lotto ticket with a $5 bill found on the ground and won? Wow, that's a story to tell your kids about:)

Posted by Subrat (2/04/2016)

Today's UK lottery guess numbers may be 11 23 25 31 33 38

Posted by Samson (2/04/2016)

You have to play on April fools day to know about your luck.

Posted by IWw0Ut- (2/04/2016)

I guess it will be very hard to convince those around you that you really have won!

Posted by Nc (3/04/2016)

I hope that the retired couple's luck will be with me.

Posted by IWw0Ut- (3/04/2016)

Lottery winners are certainly no fools!

Posted by Yudhister (5/04/2016)

if you have the luck then it doesn't matter what is the day.

Posted by Ricardo (7/04/2016)

Congrats to the winner and hopefully my number will be the next lucky jackpot winner !

Posted by Ildefonso (8/04/2016)

Winning a jackpot via PHL on a ticket paid by a voucher....NOW that would be amazing

Posted by Zeljko (10/04/2016)

It would be a very nice joke to win some jackpot on Aprils Fools Day.

Posted by Leyla (30/05/2016)

Lottery winners are certainly no fools!

Posted by IWw0Ut- (17/07/2016)

Winning BIG is no joke!

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