Live Like You Have Just Won The Lottery

We’ve all done it, imagined what our lives would be like if we won the lottery. Personally, I’ve imagined winning a seriously huge jackpot. It is a dream after all, and the bigger the better. Well, once we’ve subtracted the unavoidable taxes we begin dividing the jackpot up - buying houses, cars and writing out cheques.  Not only do our family and friends get exactly what they have always dreamed of having, basically anyone who has ever been kind gets a token of our appreciation.

You might think that it sounds a bit over the top, but you have to remember that you have won, let’s say the $1.5 billion lottery jackpot we saw in January, so money as you know it, is definitely something you can pass round like candy.



Personally, I always give something to every teacher that my child actually liked at school. It won’t end there, as there’s also a few work colleagues who I know could do with a helping hand, without having to work overtime for some extra cash. Something from a friend to say thank you for always being there and for a genuine friendship.
What I’m getting at is that it feels good to pass out my lottery money to those who need it. I mean, we’re happy to help, right? It makes us feel admired, and even loved. Well, at least while we’re imagining it all.

I know I’m not alone thinking about all this. In fact, it’s a common dream that many of us share - the idea of instant happiness and that somehow our life will take on a magical quality, if only we had the means to make our dreams reality. We honestly believe that if we could just get ‘there’ we would finally be happy and content. Yeah right.

Look, it’s not that we shouldn’t dream big or imagine possibilities.  The problem comes when we buy into the illusion that everything we want is “out there,” instead of “right here” within each and every one of us. The problem arises when we put off living in the now. It’s called “lottery thinking”—also known as “waiting for our ship to arrive.”

Most of us often justify our lives or lack of having everything our hearts desire, by wishing and hoping that all the stars will align precisely, just so that we can start living the life we think we deserve. The sad part is, we live from this lie we unwittingly tell ourselves and feel as though we are constantly settling for something less than acceptable.

I think it’s time to shatter this myth of what constitutes a happy life and I’ll even go so far as to say that we have all already won the lottery. All we need to do is realise it.

For those of you that think that oh here he goes, here comes the clichés, the half-full glass of optimism – you’re right. It’s there and always will be there because it’s right.

The quality of your thoughts, are exactly what determines the quality of your life.

We don’t need to wait another second to feel as if we’ve won it all. We just need to change our perspective.

Your story is still unfolding

The following tips will make you a much happier and successful person:

Live Like You Have Just Won The Lottery - Live In The Now

When everything in your life feels just perfect, when good things are happening and you feel on top of the world, what are you doing?  You are living in the NOW!

So the next time you stop and wonder what went wrong, or how tomorrow will be, stop. It’s impossible to be in two places at one time and all the worrying will do is zap the energy out of you.

NOW is the happiest place on earth. It’s the only place where we can truly be present with our kids, enjoy nature, appreciate beauty, find solitude, discover love and be ourselves.

We can learn from yesterday and plan for tomorrow, but then we must let it all go and live in the moment. Get to grips with this and you will slowly begin to see that all the riches of the world are bundled up into the one single moment we’re living in.

Play the lottery online today but remember that if you don’t win the jackpot you still have plenty to appreciate right now.
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Live Like You Have Just Won The Lottery - Find Your Purpose

It’s the million Dollar question. “What is my purpose in life?” Let’s say you’re feeling unmotivated, unsure of yourself, aimless, can’t find your passion, directionless, and completely unclear on what your purpose in life is. It’s alright, as most of us feel the same way.

Have you ever taken something someone has said so seriously? That’s called your personal bubble:

  • We are all concerned with our pleasure and comfort, and try our utmost not to be uncomfortable. It’s more often the reason that most people don’t exercise, and why we don’t only eat healthy food.
  • We get anxious at the mere thought of meeting strangers, which can hamper our social lives.
  • Because we don’t want to look bad, we are afraid of failing and shy away from trying new things.
  • We procrastinate because of this fear of failing and end up never trying.
  • What happens when we pop this bubble?
  • We see the needs of others and work to make it better.
  • We focus on tackling what needs to be done and do it.
  • We take chances! We stop wondering what if I don’t succeed, we just do it.

Don't wait for your ship to come in, swim out and get it

This can be said when playing the lottery. Instead of wondering to yourself and convincing yourself that the jackpots not big enough people you burst out of the bubble take the chance. They forget the excuses and give it a go.  As long as you can afford to, take that chance. You might just succeed and then what?

Imagine winning the jackpot. You would have struck it rich and go retire to your own private island. At the very least, there’d be no more rat-race, alarm clocks and time cards.  You could start living the good life. Five star hotels. Private jets and fine dining, all while continuing to live in the moment and look around you and appreciate every second of the now. Why? Because as most of us know, there are just as many miserable rich people, as there are miserable poor or middle-class people.

Find your life’s purpose and you will jump out of bed each morning. It’s to do what we were meant to do. It’s the reason we were born, and it’s that thing that scares the hell out of us at the same time as it excites us. Deep down, you know exactly what it is.

For those of you that have absolutely no idea what it could be – keep taking chances, keep looking after others, follow your gut intuition, chase your joys and you will eventually collide right into it.

The most wonderful thing is that once we find our purpose, we’ll discover our talents, which; when shared with others, is how we will each make our difference in the world. That’s a jackpot we can all share.

Live Like You Have Just Won The Lottery - Spread The Love

“Sometimes, the smallest things take up the most room in your heart.”
Winnie the Pooh is supporting this very worthy cause and you can too.

Life for Mothers, a fantastic charity organisation is devoted to implementing effective health projects to reduce this high maternal and neonatal mortality in developing countries. Their aim is to decrease the number of women and children that die during pregnancy and childbirth.

Do you have any unclaimed winnings available? Why not claim them and donate a small portion thereof to charity?

If you wish to donate a portion of your winnings to charity via, the process is as follows:

1.    Login to the site (if you have not already done so already)
2.    Click on ACCOUNT BALANCE
3.    If you have winnings available, click CLAIM WINNINGS
4.    Click on DONATE FUNDS

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Live Like You Have Just Won The Lottery - Add More Joy & Adventure Into Your Life

In other words, try everything. The banjo, the mandolin, even the Cha-Cha-Cha.  While you’re at it why not try barefoot running, miming, rollerblading to work, and a spinning class. Explore the ballet, stop and chat to the guy busking on the sidewalk. If backpacking across Europe is out of the question, then pitch a tent in your backyard, lie down with your children and look at the stars.

What matters is that we jump in somewhere, anywhere, bravely, boldly and with no apologies. Be the first to say hello, extend the hand, offer the hug, take that chance and play your lucky lotto numbers on the best international lotteries online. If you don’t win, who cares! At least you will know that you gave it a shot.

Choose to participate in as much as you can. This is where true joy and happiness lives. This is the true lottery jackpot. And, whatever you do, don’t let the guy in the Learjet talk you into believing anything less—not even if he offers you Cristal champagne in a golden flute. The real lottery is there for the taking. All you need to do is step up and claim it.

Congratulations, you’re rich!
The Team

Good luck, people smiling with thumbs up,

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Posted by Samson (31/03/2016)

You can always dream and Live Like You Have Just Won The Lottery and then when you actually win then you are unsure what to do and what not to do.

Posted by Ying Kwong (31/03/2016)

Yeah, think and you'll grow rich!

Posted by Yudhister (1/04/2016)

i believe everyday is a new day and people should forget their past and start again from this new day,failing is a part of life that doesn't mean you are a failure,so appreciate what you have start working for what you want and live your life fully...

Posted by IWw0Ut- (1/04/2016)

We can always dream.....

Posted by Nc (3/04/2016)

Count the money to foot cramps

Posted by IWw0Ut- (4/04/2016)

I guess we can do that from time to time

Posted by Zeljko (5/04/2016)

Dreaming is free of charge and is not taxable.

Posted by Ildefonso (5/04/2016)

One cannot postpone happiness,but nothing stops us from dreaming of experiencing the best life has to offer,if one has the financial means to do so.Winning a lottery jackpot makes life so much better.

Posted by IWw0Ut- (6/04/2016)

Some fabulously rich people are living the dream right now!!!!

Posted by Boris (12/04/2016)

I believe in Huge Lottos and wishing and hoping.

Posted by IWw0Ut- (14/04/2016)

i guess your dreams can come true if you wake up.

Posted by Leyla (22/05/2016)

You can always dream and live like you have just won the lottery.

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