Chinese Lucky Symbols

We continue our weekly look at lucky things from around the world. Today we are going to take a look at various symbols of luck in the Chinese culture. Who knows, a few symbols and objects of luck from China may be just the ticket for our international lottery players.

If four-leaf clovers or lucky horseshoes have not stirred up much luck for you, perhaps some traditional symbols from the far east will do a better job!

We have looked at Chinese lucky numbers before, lets see what else is considered lucky in Chinese culture:

The lucky animal signs in Chinese horoscope

The 12 animal signs of the Chinese horoscope belong to Chinese tradition and folklore. Their meaning is very different to those attributed to the same animals in western culture. The snake, for example is not a diabolical creature as it represents wisdom in Chinese culture. The tiger, in turn, is not an aggressive animal but represents a champion to the poor and orphans instead.

What is your Chinese animal sign and will it bring you luck?

Chinese zodiac

The meaning of the piggy bank from our childhood in China

The pig is the object of myths and legends in various cultures. The pig symbolizes wealth in China as it is a valuable asset in households even to this day.

The pig is the symbol of wealth, abundance and a good luck totem which attract prosperity. In Feng Shui, the piggy bank is placed in an area of ‘wealth’ in the home and coins are placed inside each day to attract riches.

With a jackpot win on its unlikely you will find a piggy bank large enough for all your spare change. Not even the biggest piggy bank in the world looks up to the task!

piggy bank

Why not a Chinese tattoo for luck?

In China, tattoos are fairly uncommon but the alphabet characters of the Chinese language are a constant source of inspiration for tattoo artists across the world. Caution however, as the correct spelling of the complex Chinese characters are often hard to verify and the end result may not mean exactly what one may have anticipated.

Here is the (verified) character for luck in Chinese.

lucky chinese symbol

In brief, the Chinese culture abounds in objects and symbols to attract wealth, many of them have been adopted over time in western culture, often without knowing their origins.

Try out some Chinese objects of luck in your home to see if they attract wealth and fortune!


Posted by Rakesh (21/04/2013)

These symbols are signs of luck.

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