Eleven lotto winners reveal what they spend their winning on including boob jobs

The following article was published on the Daily Telegraph (Australia) website on March 03 2010. The original article can be found here.

Eleven winners spoke to The Daily Mail newspaper in the UK to find out where their cash went. Sarah Cockings, from Newcastle, won £3 million in May 2005 and treated herself and her sisters Emma and Alex to boob jobs costing £4,800 each

Former Welsh farm worker Meredith '"Mez" Davies won £2 million in October 2004 and, along with his girlfriend Kate Chester set up his own stud farm with around 25 Welsh Cobb ponies for £100,000.

Tony Wells-Stubley, a former London police officer, of Chatham, Kent, won £2.2 million in August 2004 and has since spent £8,000 collecting the toys he loved as a child - 120 Action Men and 750 accessories.

Tony and Greta Dodd, from Merseyside, won £2.5 million in July 2007 and splashed out £40,000 on replacements for their arthritic knees so they could enjoy dancing again.

David and Gaynor Funnell, from East Sussex, won £3.6 million in June 2002 and bought 57 acres of farmland with two pigs, 300 sheep, 40 chickens, five ducks, one horse and a beehive for around £200,000.

Debbie Mather, from Preston, Lancaster, won £5.1million in May 2005 and used £300,00 to set up a firework business for her and her son.

Neil and Kate Chester won £8.5 million in September 2007 and forked out £200,000 for TV garden designer Diarmuid Gavin to landscape the grounds of their new mansion in Romney, Hampshire.

Michael and Norma Eggleston had a Reliant Robin three-wheeler when their children were small and now they have one in gold, bought for £8,000. The Tyne & Wear couple won £2.7 million in March 2007.

Sue and Peter Busby, from East Yorkshire, won £1.4 million in July 2005 and bought a top-of-the-range caravan for £14,500 so they could travel the country and visit all the friends on their Christmas card list to whom they always used to write, 'Must get together some time'.

Thea and Paul Bristow won £15 million in July 2004 and bought a 13-acre Devon wood and woodland management scheme for £170,000, saving the land from property developers and opening it to the public.

Four hairdressers opened their own salon when they were laid off by the fifth member of their winning syndicate. Megan McCann, Natalie McGuire, Wendy Brown and Lorna Alexander set up their own salon in Glasgow for £30,000 after winning £500,000 each.

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Posted by C47M6ID (4/03/2010)

i would buy Chelsea football club if i won the lottery :)

Posted by Mohd Sham (5/03/2010)

everybody has a dream and things to do with the big winnings they got.. just don't forget the poor people who needed help. :)

Posted by Remigijus (5/03/2010)

If I would win ~£7M (and I will, ... someday :) ), so I would share ~£2M to UK charities and ~£1M to people, who I working with on the moment. It would be BIG spending time ( but not to much, of course ). And I would visit many interesting UK places & so on. If winning would be bigger, then £7M, so and me share more £££ to others. People always dreaming :). But they need a chance. :) Give it to me :) !

Posted by Remigijus (5/03/2010)

... and don't forget get some saving accounts with ~£1M each :). Let's money work for You :) !!!

Posted by Sundarasrinivasan (5/03/2010)

I do not know that following my suggestions are eccentric but I am sure that it will be realistic. Something like this only happens once in a lifetime so don’t rush. Take a bit of time to Decide how you want your money to change your life for the better. Pay all dues, mortges, credit card and other bills as a full and final settlement. Buy a new car if it is really necessary Buy a new house - for cash Create a life-long income for you. You don't want to be the "broke lottery winner" that has to go back out and get a job be responsible. Get help from a professional who can guide you through your options and maintain your priorities as your financial world opens up to many opportunities, do you? Pay for college education for children/grandchildren Dream Vacations Charity donations: donate some of your lottery winnings to those who really need their day brightened. Whether it’s $100.00 or $1,000.00, your generosity counts. And Remember “Happiness is in the journey, not in destination”

Posted by Kenneth (6/03/2010)

WHEN my numbers is drawn and i win the big win in the lottery. then i would give my family (parents, parents in law, my children, sisters and brother and so on) 100.000 £ each. Then my wife and i would by a new house with a lovely park and near the sea. We would stop working and do charity work in our community and travel much more out in in the world. But it have to be the big lottery, so i can place a very big sum in the bank and papers so we can withdraw a nice sum each month.

Posted by LXbeo (6/03/2010)

Let's see...I'm from South Africa, therefore £7M with the current exchange rate would be about 70M ZAR. I would first set money aside for a rainy day, pay my immediate family's dept and then buy myself good camera equipment. I'll travel the world and shoot everything people are blind to see. I'll also start a worldwide campaign against overpopulation and spend money on research to make chocolates that don't give me heartburn.

Posted by Ygr+z (6/03/2010)

Sundarasrinivasan you are my type of person. Nothing would give me more pleasure than sharing with those who could do with a little push start and I don;t mean hand outs so the can sit on their backsides and die young. Peter Johannesburg RSA.

Posted by GjYVFlnvrKsYA5 (6/03/2010)

Many are plans in a man's heart, only God's will shall prevail.

Posted by Jurijs (7/03/2010)

If I win much money, my family and peoples who is around me to be a happy peoples in the world. God please help me win

Posted by Remigijus (7/03/2010)

I think, everybody can tell us what would do, if would win. But after winning … something change. I read about some people, who lost everything after winning in a lottery. I think, that these people even NEVER thought, what they would do, if they … WIN. I think, that people HAVE to think, what they would do, if … . I thought about it Millions times. Just give me couple £M and will be happy :) !!! By the way : Let say Your earning is £250 /week. If You got £1M on Your saving account, You get ~ £3,000 /month interest. So it is ~ £750 /week for doing nothing, and You still got £1M, which is not melting. Not bad, isn’t it? :) Money is a Power, Power is an Aphrodisiac ! Good Luck to EveryBody :) !!!

Posted by Kurt (7/03/2010)

i will pay tithe, payoff my debts, take some to sustain me and my family for one year. put the rest on a fix deposit for one year. After, I will help my assembly to start a community where we all can live together.

Posted by Tarek (8/03/2010)


Posted by 97fSAzd (8/03/2010)

There is a lot of things on my To Do/Buy List of lotto winnings. But like the couple that had their arthritic knees replaced so that could dance again, I would probably have to go for a heart transplant operation as I would drop stone cold dead if I won. A note to the staff of Play UK and Euro Lottery, please send my winnings to the closest hospital as they would need payment upfront to replace my dead heart.

Posted by SWcDk3lB (8/03/2010)

If I had won the recent $133 000 000.00, I would give my fiance the wedding of her dreams, pay off our debts and those of my immediate family and close friends and then book 1st class tickets and accomodation to travel the world whilst I decide which charities to donate to and what do with the rest. A dream car would also be nice.

Posted by Werner (8/03/2010)

I would set up a fund for people going through bankruptcy to help them with business ideas and funding to get back on their feet. Obviously after I take a looong ski holiday!! :-)

Posted by XEBSskVLzX42Dx (9/03/2010)

Well very simple...what I am going to do when I win the big one...and I am going to win the big one very soon is already planned in advance.Firstly take my crippled aunt who raised me up out of the old age /help care home she is in and move with my mum and son to the coastal city of Cape Town.There I am going to buy a lovely house on the beach where she can recover properly under proper supervision. Theerafter I will buy a small farmholding with some animals and plant vegetation etc.Next I am going to buy/build a spiritual/metaphysical/artisitic retreat in the country/mountains where people can freely research the reason for our existence here on this wonderful planet.The retreat will cater for spiritual and metaphysical research as well as artisitc devlopment in the fields of music,fine arts,painting,dance and drama etc.It will be free and open to anyone.After a while I would also want to open something similiar on the island of Mauritius.Then I will use some of the money to open feeding schemes in the city I am currently living.The last thing I would do with my winning is travel around the world doing research for my Masters as well as for my other passions of writing and reading and also doing research for the topics I am interested in.I am so excited as I have already started planning for this and I am looking forward to the exciting future ahead.

Posted by Lim (9/03/2010)

every one have their own dream, but reality said different, not every one rich, lottery im believe its one of the way can help people make their dream come true, im dont like gambling or go to casino, but buy lottery its different im think because you just spend small amount but can win big, the most important thing its, this will very god helpfull to you, and dont forget share with the weak and poor people and you win will always blessing

Posted by Lai (9/03/2010)

when my sons see tv have advertising from singapore sentosa island, now just opening and becomes world most luxury resort, if im win some i will take them go there for playing, if im win big i will move and resident in thats island, so my sons will always happy playing everyday

Posted by ZqMn (10/03/2010)

I am from South Africa so winning a UK lottery would really HUGE! I want my own island so that my children can play unharmed anywhere in their 'yard'. My husband would like to have his own racing track and set of racing cars. That would be the ULTIMATE for him!

Posted by Noura (10/03/2010)

ohhh,, what's a sweet dream !!!! i only dream to educate my two daughter a very good education !! i will never forget to help the others , god know .. god please let me win ,, amen

Posted by WjzfT (11/03/2010)

I Would travel the world ,1st class of course ! , help my family and close friends then setup up a global charity helping the under privileged realize their dreams ....I hope it happens soon !!

Posted by ELLX (11/03/2010)

If I won the lottery...I would give half away to a charity and the other half would spend on making my life and families life better...

Posted by M1LdQ (12/03/2010)

If I won the lottery I will get the street where I stay at renamed to my name 'boulevard'. I'll also get a school and a chess tournament named after me. Will definitely create a Foundation named after myself to help with education and health.

Posted by Lau (12/03/2010)

Well, if i win, i could make the world a better place to live in, with no more worries, cause all my problems will be solve, just enjoying life!

Posted by _-nJVf937rL0eN76 (16/03/2010)

If I win, the first thing on my list is to relief my immediate family and extended family from poverty,then I can concentrate on myself, my daughter, and my fiance. So am waiting for those winnings.

Posted by _-nJVf937rL0eN76 (16/03/2010)

If I win the first thing on my list is to relief my immediate family and extended family from poverty. Then invest for my daughter's education.

Posted by 3JLW (18/03/2010)

I would contact every person on this list and do my best to help their dreams, and mine, come true.

Posted by XnpL (19/03/2010)

Hi, I'm from Polokwane SA and have grown up poor and today we still battle to make ends meet. I have a stunning husband and the prettiest daughter ever. We have taken responsibility of my brother who is now in the last two years of high school as my mother has cancer and is in the last stage, so to win any of the overseas lotteries would be a total miracle to us. If I win the lotto I would give my mother the last best days of her life, make sure my brother gets a good university education, give my granny enough and spoil her rotten to say thank you for caring for my mother and us since we were children, give each of me and my husbands family members some money, and make donations to animal charities and our church. Lastly we would buy a pretty seaside house for ourselves in Cape Town, Melkbosstrand and a farm a couple of kilometers away, so my little girl can grow up in nature and learn to appreciate it. And during school holidays we will travel and see al the wonderful, beautiful places GOD has created. May GOD bless us all and make all our wishes come true.

Posted by Rnp5q (25/03/2010)

Here is what I will do like everybody else, God willing off course: I will donate 10% to the church and use another 10% for charitable work at a local children's home I support. Invest 25% to work for me. Use 10% to spoil family and friends and go for more IVF treatments in the hope of one day having a child of my own. Use 10% to build a house on the coast and buy nice cars. Another 15% will be used to go to every single grand prix in a season and to Walt Disney World in Florida and a trip to Alaska to see where Men in Trees was filmed. Now that the sensible spending is done, here is the totally over the top part: I will use the balance of 20% to pay for a meeting with Michael Schumacher at one of the F1 races and to hear Celine Dion sing one specific song just to me and no-one else. I know I won't ever meet them otherwise, so why not pay for the privilege? Crazy I know. A complete waste of money perhaps, but something I have always wanted to do. Why not?

Posted by Willy (27/03/2010)

If i can won i want to stand up ahospital for help any one unfortunate in my country INDONESIA and tell to any body i got this fund from being a winner for play uk lottery... god bless me always... amin..

Posted by TkM2i (30/03/2010)

I will buy a Private Jet, enjoy the pleasure of champaign and travel everywhere inclding the Islands. I love pets I will collects all sorts of pets and have a mini zoo. Its time I will buy myself 8 stones ring from Paris.

Posted by Leighann (31/03/2010)

After paying my tithe, I will buy my Church a building of their own and then continue my life as a mystery millionare sending people and companies/charities in need mysterious envelopes of money in the post!

Posted by LqC5IJ (2/04/2010)

I would helpout all my family and friends aswell as start my own charity.

Posted by Playhugelottos.com (7/04/2010)


Posted by JOY KUMAR (14/04/2010)


Posted by Leonard (15/04/2010)

WHOooooo, if i won the lottery,trust me my life would be different( i would establish an HIV/AIDS and OVC support organisationn to help fight the pandemic) i will make a succseful business, lend money who have interest for starting businesses. most impotanly my familly comes first........... A questions, do this winnings ever real or just trying to corn poor peolple?

Posted by Z4J6g5 (26/04/2010)

if i win i will pay ma debt and the rest of the money goes 2 JSE.

Posted by 9OGFRxu (28/04/2010)

I will pay all my debts..and the rest must waite!

Posted by B4KaSI (1/05/2014)

If i win the lottery i will move out of the cabin that i am currently living in and build the house of my dreams so that my kids could have there own rooms for once in there lives. I would rent a place near the seaside whilst i am building my dreamhouse .....and the rest for education,and the good life. Aaaah ........

Posted by Ionut (8/09/2014)

I would like a luxury mansion and a Ferrrari California matt black with light green rims

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