Lotto Quickpicks A Favourite Play Option

Respondents to a recent poll on have identified the ‘Quickpick’ as their favourite lottery play option! Let’s take a closer look at this classic method for picking the ultimate lucky line.

For lottery players out there that may not know, a ‘Quickpick’ is a randomly set of numbers that are chosen by the lottery machine. has a built-in Quickpick option on the lottery play page. It is located on the bottom left of each play block, beneath the chosen draw date.


 Lotto players have the choice between selecting 1, 3, 5, 10, 25 and 50 Quickpick entries at a time. As you can imagine, for any player looking to place a large number of entries as quickly as possible, the Quickpick is the way to go! That is why they call it a “Quick” pick!

Do Quickpicks or chosen numbers win more often?

The percentage of Quickpicks taken varies greatly from lottery to lottery. The general consensus amongst many lottery game organisers is that roughly 70% of players use a Quickpick entry method and about 70% of winning tickets are Quickpick tickets.

One could therefore draw the conclusion that a Quickpick entry has no greater or lesser chance of winning a jackpot than a personally chosen set of numbers (or any other method you may use).

Every ball in the number set has an equal chance of being drawn. Thus every line of numbers entered into the lottery will have the same chance of being picked.

Big Quickpick winners, the Hills...

The Hills

Big Quickpick Winners From 2012

2012 was a very good year for the Quickpick:

•    Merle and Patricia Butler won a $218 million share of the biggest jackpot in history with a Quickpick ticket in March this year

•    Both winning ticket holders in November’s $586 million Powerball draw had purchased Quickpick tickets

•    A grandmother took home a stunning $336 million pay day thanks to a Quickpick ticket (and a craving for ice cream)

That’s over a billion Dollars won with Quickpick tickets from these 3 draws alone!

Advantages Of Playing Quickpicks

The primary advantages of playing a Quickpick ticket are speed and efficiency. You can play a large amount of entries for 1 draw with 1 click. It’s simple and fast!

Playing a Quickpick takes away the hassle of having to labour over the decision of which numbers to play. No need to sit second guessing whether you should have chosen an “11” or a “12”... simply click the Quickpick button and leave it all up to chance!

Remember, YOUR chance of winning the lottery is just as good as everybody elses out there! It’s not HOW you pick your numbers that matters as much as simply being in the draw.

What are you waiting for?

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Posted by Rakesh (21/04/2013)

Quickpick is a very good option to try your full luck.

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