The Lucky Four Leaf Clover

The biggest factor determining lottery success, apart from actually purchasing a ticket and playing, is luck! Are there certain objects, charms or symbols that one can use to increase luck? will be taking a look at lucky things from around the world and today we start with the four leaf clover.

Is the force of luck something we can influence? Let’s take a closer look at one of the most common and widely spread good luck charms in the world – The four leaf clover.

four leaf clover


"If a man walking in the fields finds any four-leaved grass, he shall in a small while after find some good thing.”
- John Melton, 1620


  • A four leaf clover is actually an incredibly rare mutation of the Shamrock (a type of clover plant). 1 in 10,000 shamrocks are believed to have four leaves.
  • Each leaf of the clover is believed to represent something: One leaf is for FAITH, the second for HOPE, the third for LOVE and the fourth for LUCK!
  • A four leave clover is considered especially lucky if it is found accidentally.
  • The four leaf clover is associated with Ireland and the Irish celebration of St. Patrick’s Day. Perhaps giving rise to the saying “the luck of the Irish”.
  • The Ancient Celtic people believed that the four leaf clover was a potent charm against evil spirits.
  • Although four leaf clovers are a rarity, there are clovers that have been found with even more leaves. The record is a Fifty-Six leaf clover which was found in Japan, 2009.
  • There are farms in the USA that specialise in farming four leaf clovers, producing thousands a day which are sealed in plastic and used in lucky charms. (Personally we think this is cheating!)
  • 2 of the lotteries offered on have a four leaf clover in their logo: the Italian SuperEnaLotto and the Brazilian Mega-Sena.





With odds of finding a four leaf clover sitting at 1 in 10,000 it might be considered incredibly lucky to find one in the first place!

In fact, the four leaf clover is so lucky because it’s so rare to find one!


Posted by Vladimir (21/01/2013)

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