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We all like to take a break from the regular lottery related news from time to time, and just sit back and relax with something light-hearted and fun to read. So here it is, a list of fun lottery words and fun lotto wins, for your entertainment!

As the end of another year draws to a close, it’s time to look at the latest lotto words to come out of our various queries and correspondence from our online lottery players, and a few other lotto words that have somehow materialised during the year:

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short for: "a lot of"

An adjective describing a state of euphoria when having an immense amount of fun.

If I win tonight’s Powerball jackpot we getting lotsy!
That was probably the lotsy-est win I've ever had.

How lottery winners pronounce it.

OMG! OMG! I've just won a lotterery.

Behaving as though you have oodles of money.

She was being very lotterily towards me the other day.

Lottery Cheese
Those small grey things that lie around everywhere after you scratched off a lotto ticket.

Lottery Hair
A lady who wins the lottery and runs off to quickly have her hair done to attempt to transform herself into the biggest lottery hairdo. Unfortunately, the result is often socially catastrophic. 

lottery hair, lotto hair, big hair,

Lottery Mouth
Someone who says the very first thing that comes to their mind. Just like a lottery machine and how the first number that comes out is the number the presenter announces the winning lottery numbers.

Jason keeps on yelling out completely random things. I think he may have lottery mouth. (Probably this article)

Lottery Peeps
Super cute lottery ball cartoon characters to bring you luck with winning the lottery, like the red Powerball mascot.

lottery mascots, lottery peeps, powerball mascot, mega millions mascot

Lottery Pick
Someone who has all the right attributes to settle down with and more importantly has enough money.

Michelle, “Damn! Not only does that guy look good, he's got a personality to match.”
Britt, “Lottery Pick!!”

Lottery Time Waster
A Lottery player that holds up the entire line at the convenience store, deciding what scratch-off lottery ticket to buy.  They are convinced that their odds of winning improve, depending on what the scratch-off ticket looks like. To make matter worse, they end up taking even longer scratching off their tickets at the counter instead of their car or at home. If only they knew that they could play the lottery online via desktop, tablet or mobile…

lottery tickets, lottery scratchers, lottery vendor, lottery queue

Lottery Whiner
A person who is always whining about not winning the lottery.

Lottery players that been lucky enough to win on the lottery more than once, like Mike McDermott, who not only won £194,501 on the lottery back in June of this year.  Mike carried on playing his usual numbers and yesterday another 5 numbers plus the bonus ball came up winning him £121,157. 

The odds of his first win were 2,330,636 to one. But the second time, the odds shot up to 5,400,000, 000,000 to one.

Funny Lotto Wins

  • The next time to suffer from a bit of absent mindedness, don’t be too hard on yourself, as you this tiny flaw could in fact cause you to win the jackpot not once but twice.  Derek Ladner forgetfulness landed him a double lotto win when is 6 lotto numbers came up and he won his share of the prize between five other winners in the same prize tier. Incredibly though, a week later Dereck remembered he had bought another ticket with the same numbers for the same draw.
  • The police were called out by concerned neighbours who believed that the people living next door were being burgled due to the amount of noise. When the police arrived, they realised that it was in face the residents celebrating their £2 million jackpot win.
  • A winner went in to a car showroom on his way back from picking up his cheque and entered a competition to win a car, the model of which he had always wanted. He actually won the car!
  • The longest celebration by winners was by a pub syndicate from London who celebrated for almost two weeks.

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We love hearing from our lottery players, so if you have a lotto phrase that we have yet to hear about, why not leave it in the comments section below, and earn valuable LottoPoints at the same time!

Thanks for a great year and here's to you winning the jackpot!
Jason and the Team


Posted by Ying Kwong (30/12/2015)

Really interesting : )

Posted by Emmanuel (30/12/2015)

Some words are funny i will come up with my own word when i win the jackpot

Posted by Ricardo (31/12/2015)

Turn from lottery whinner to lottery winner .

Posted by IWw0Ut- (31/12/2015)

nice read

Posted by Sailaja (1/01/2016)

the way playing lottery around the globe with you is simply great keep it up, I WISH YOU ALL YOUR TEAM A VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR

Posted by Balasubramaniam (2/01/2016)


Posted by Ritwick (3/01/2016)

Really liked this one

Posted by Amanullah (5/01/2016)

happy new year to all playhugelotto of luck for new year

Posted by Jose Manuel (11/01/2016)

By the time i win the Powerball jackpot i will be getting lotsy! lotsy!! lotsy !!!

Posted by Darren (26/01/2016)

Wow - That's Lotta Lottery Hair!

Posted by Yudhister (7/02/2016)

Why do people play the lottery, or why do people gamble, period? You know, it's with the hope of winning something more.

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