New Year – New Life With A Huge Lotto Win

Christmas may be over, the El Gordo de Navidad might be gone for now, but the New Year is yet to come, and the best part is, you could start afresh in 2016 with a huge lotto win on Spain's New Year El Niño lottery with an incredible prize-fund worth €630 million!

Pay off your debts, leave the stress of work behind and begin a new life. This amazing game will give away 630 Million Euro on January 6th. With a 1-in-3 chance of winning a cash prize, you'd be mad to miss out!

New Year Spanish Raffle

This lottery draw takes place every year on the 6th of January and we will be selling tickets for as long as we stock leading up to the draw day. Tickets are sold subject to availability so be sure to purchase early as tickets are already selling out fast!

New Year lotto draw,

A lottery that packs a punch

Spain’s annual January raffle, certainly knows how to pack a punch. As the world’s second-largest lottery, it’s easy to see that the Spaniards have mastered New Year’s celebrations with a half-billion raffle!

With a total prize-fund this big, it’s no wonder lottery tickets are flying out the door. Not only is the prize-fund huge, but the odds of winning are 1 to 3! Even if you don’t win the grand prize, there are plenty of big secondary prizes up for grabs, making it extremely popular with both offline and online lottery players across the globe.

The number format

If you are familiar with El Gordo de Navidad then you will know what to expect from El Niño.

The Spanish New Year’s Raffle is very similar to the Spanish Christmas Raffle. The odds to win on these two raffles are also about the same.

As the second-largest of Spain’s annual Sorteo Extraordinario raffles, this lotto game shares the same draw formats and ticket-allocation methods as the other two.

Raffle tickets (billetes) each contain a five-digit number. Each billete is printed multiple times in their own series and the amount of series produced varies from year to year.

Identical billetes will each have their own unique series number.

A décima is the equivalent of a tenth of a billete and can be purchased individually in exchange for a tenth of the prize amount.

The product of series and billete/décimas represent the grand total of shares at stake. Each five-letter number and each prize value are then matched together.

The game has 100,000 numbers, which must be chosen from 00000 to 99999. This is printed on the ticket in advance, so unlike other lotteries, players do not pick their own numbers.

Each ticket is printed 10 times - a “Share”, “Decimo” and “Fraccion”. Even though they are the same number, they have different barcodes and called a Billete.

Each lottery ticket is printed with different barcode and a unique series. Each series of notes on the ticket, wherein said bar code and unique number.

Winnings may be different, starting at 20 Euros and up to 2 million Euro.

The odds of winning this lotto are considered to be 1 to 3, because in addition to the main prize there are secondary.

Where to buy an El Niño ticket

Even though this amazing New Year’s Eve raffle takes place in Spain, you too can buy a lottery ticket online right here at!

There are innumerable reasons to get excited about New Year’s now!  This great little Spanish Raffle boasts great jackpot odds, overall secondary prize odds at an amazing 1 in 3, and at least 70% of ticket sales contributing to the prize pool of around €630 million -  all thanks to our “little” Spanish friend - El Niño!

Buy your lucky lotto ticket online now!

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Posted by Emmanuel (30/12/2015)

Seeing the figures alone makes me want to be among wont be left out

Posted by Ying Kwong (30/12/2015)

Maybe the jackpot winner is you!

Posted by Ricardo (31/12/2015)

the wnning prize is awesome .

Posted by NAgaZ8l (31/12/2015)

Goodluck everyone!!

Posted by NAgaZ8l (1/01/2016)

Love that headline: New Year – New Life With A Huge Lotto Win!!

Posted by Zeljko (4/01/2016)

Power ball is huge again....I am sure that it will be lot of nice jackpots to win in this year....

Posted by NAgaZ8l (6/01/2016)

I am ready.

Posted by Zeljko (6/01/2016)

Now I played UK lottery, first in this year. Hope this year will start nice....

Posted by Ritwick (8/01/2016)

Hey did anybody from PlayHugeLottos win? Too bad I couldn't play this year's big one.

Posted by Jose Manuel (11/01/2016)

PlayHugeLottos you guys are amazing , love the headline it's encouraging hope to be one of the jackpot winners oneday from PHL

Posted by IWw0Ut- (13/01/2016)

This year is off to a MAGICAL start with the huge powerball jackpot. Someone is going to be very very lucky....i hope it's me!!!!!

Posted by IWw0Ut- (14/01/2016)

i hope i find winning ways with the lottery and its jackpots!!!! I need it!!!!

Posted by Darren (26/01/2016)

Missed it this year, guess there is always next year!

Posted by Yudhister (7/02/2016)

Those who missed it including me better luck next time guys.........

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