Time Travel After Winning The Lottery?

To celebrate the weird and wacky, International Time Traveller Day, today the 8th December, 2015, we decided to look back at a few lotto jackpot wins that took took place in 2015, and see which one you would travel back to and experience for yourself!

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Single Mom Screams After Lotto Win

Marie Holmes was having a normal day watching cartoons with her kids when she won the Powerball jackpot. At the time, the 26-year-old single mom had no idea she was about to be whopping $127 million richer.

It wasn't until the next day, when she saw a friend post online about the lottery numbers that she realized she was the one who had the winning lottery ticket. Even then, she didn't believe it until she double-checked the numbers with her mother. Then, she screamed.

"I scared my kids because I was jumping up and down in the house," Marie told lottery officials as they handed her the giant winning cheque with her name on it as confetti rained down from the ceiling.

Marie said her children’s faces when she realised that she had just won $127 million, was absolutely priceless and that it would be the first of many, as she makes their dreams come true with the help of the amazing lotto prize.

"I don't know if I want to cry, smile, what, I'm just grateful for this moment. I'm thankful that I can bless my kids with something that I didn't have," she said.

Marie Holmes, Powerball lottery winner

Willie Brings Home A Lotto Bacon

Talk about bringing home the bacon! Willie Nelson popped out to buy some bacon, double checked his lottery ticket and won a staggering 110 million!

“I love Choice Market because they have the thick slab bacon with the rind on it,” Willie Nelson told lottery officials. “I bought the bacon and then went back to my car and remembered I had an old Lottery ticket to check, so I got it and went back in.”
Like usual, it did not win anything. “So then, I went back to my car again, but something inside of me told me to buy another lottery ticket. So I went back in a third time and bought five Quick Picks for the Powerball draw that night.”

After the draw, friends of Willie’s told him that the Choice Market announced that they had sold the winning Powerball ticket. He mentioned that he did in fact buy a Powerball lottery ticket for that draw from the Choice Market.

He wrote the numbers down, went to his car and double checked the ticket. There it was. He’s jackpot lotto win, worth a mammoth $110 million!

“I fell on the floor and screamed!”

Nelson’s friend, with him at the time, saw his reaction, got worried and asked, “Are you having a heart attack?” To which Nelson replied, “No, I just won $110 million!”

Willie and his wife planned to hit the road and spend their lottery winnings visiting Africa and Australia to name but two destinations on an extremely long list, we’re sure.

Bring home the bacon, Willie Nelson wins the lotto

$310.5M Powerball Winner quits her job

When it comes to big lotto jackpot wins, we cannot possibly forget about Julie Leach from Michigan who won a monstrous $310.5 million jackpot on the 30th September, 2015.

The 50-year-old woman, from Three Rivers became richer than her wildest imagination when she scooped the US Powerball jackpot this year. She immediately quit her job after realising that she had won the lottery.
Who wouldn’t quit their job after winning so much money? You have enough money for three lifetimes after a massive Powerball win like this!

Julie Leach, Powerball winner

We’ve all said it or at least heard the words, “When I win the lottery, I’m going to quit and never work another day in my life!”   Looking a little deeper into this, we were actually quite shocked to see the results:

  • Only 53% say that they would quit their job!
  • If you thought that the percentage more than likely comprises of more woman to men, think again.  They come out about even, with 52.8% being male and 53.3% answering being female.
  • The majority of the, “Yes I will quit my job after winning the lottery” age group were between the ages of 55, with those aged 64 an older more likely to quit.
  • 18-24 year-olds were the least likely to quit the jobs.

We suppose it deciding on whether or not you should quit your job after a lotto win, depends greatly on how much you won. If you won $100 million Dollars, you’d have $2 million a year to live off even if you managed to become one of the oldest living people on earth. But if you won £1 million or so, not doing anything might not be such a good idea after all.

It’s a good thing then, that right here, right now, you have the chance to win enough money to guarantee no money problems for the rest of your life if you buy a lottery ticket online for this Wednesday’s draw!
Being able to travel through time to a different age or era is the dream of many. After all, there’s so much we could experience and learn from. In in the case of an online lottery player, find those lucky Powerball winning lotto numbers and win the jackpot and be free to start all those plans you’ve had – your retirement bucket list, even if you are only in your twenties!

Did you know you can choose to accept lottery winnings as a lump sum or as an annuity, where a fixed amount is paid to you each year? The former means you’ll pay one massive chunk of tax but then are free to spend and invest all the money as you see fit; the latter is a security against blowing all your cash, but it means that if something were to happen to you, you’d miss out on having all that money.

So now that you have picked your lottery win back in time and made it yours…. How about you travel into the future. Not far. Just to double check the lottery winning numbers, buy a lottery ticket online, and wait for your very own lotto win where you could make your 2015 festive season one you will NEVER forget.

The clock's ticking!!! Listen to Marty from Back to the future and play the lottery now!

Marty, Back to the future

Good luck with your entries!
The PlayHugeLottos.com Team

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Posted by Ying Kwong (8/12/2015)

Back to the future lotto jackpot winning times!

Posted by IWw0Ut- (9/12/2015)

Time travel.....??? Time will probably stand still for a while if you win a big jackpot.

Posted by Boris (9/12/2015)

Bon voyage after winning the lottery!

Posted by Krishnan (9/12/2015)

Time travel backwards is quite interesting !

Posted by Emmanuel (10/12/2015)

I can't wait to hit my jackpot as well

Posted by Wilhelmina (10/12/2015)

I will never stop trying...

Posted by Ildefonso (11/12/2015)

Wow,just read a story of a jackpot win on another lotto ticketing website, here's hoping a PHL player wins big jackpot before the year is over.

Posted by Dorota (11/12/2015)

Powerball US $164,000,000

Posted by Ricardo (11/12/2015)

Just stick to the present and grab the jackpot.

Posted by Krishnan (14/12/2015)

Once a jackpot is won, all earlier misses are forgotten and rejoicing starts !

Posted by CHOW (19/12/2015)

Travel me to hit Jackpot's!

Posted by Leyla (20/12/2015)

I can't wait to hit my jackpot as well.

Posted by IWw0Ut- (21/12/2015)

I wish I could go into the future and get a handful of jackpot wining combinations and come back and place them and then collect the handsome boodle!!!

Posted by Ritwick (7/01/2016)

Wow those ARE the priceless moments of the lottery!! Hope I can be one of them next year about this time.

Posted by Ritwick (7/01/2016)

Wow those ARE the priceless moments of the lottery!! Hope I can be one of them next year about this time.

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