Lotto Jackpot Rollovers Galore This Weekend

There were quite a few impressive looking lottery jackpots on offer over the weekend, but one particular lottery stands out from the crowd!

Both the US Powerball and the SuperEna Max jackpots soared well into the hundred million mark over the weekend. But, seasoned online lottery players will be have to look twice at one particular lottery to believe what they are seeing. That’s right, the UK Lottery has reached the biggest ever jackpot in its history, with a staggering £22.6 million jackpot up for this Wednesday’s draw.
Even though this lotto jackpot was considerably less than that of the American lotto game and the legendary SuperEna Max, the UK Lotto attracted plenty of attention.
The winning UK Lottery numbers for the 5 December, 2015 were:  10 – 11 – 15 – 50 – 51 - 56 and the bonus ball 23.
Unfortunately no player was able to match all the winning lottery numbers to take home the jackpot, which means online lottery players now have the unique opportunity to play the biggest ever UK Lotto jackpot ever.  Don’t miss this fantastic opportunity to turn just a few bob into £22 million – buy lottery tickets online now at!

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All was not lost, as there was one lucky lottery ticket that matched five out of the six plus the Bonus Ball numbers to win a second tier prize of £111,755.00.

69 lotto ticket holders managed to match the 5 main winning drawn numbers and won £1,704.00 each.

The next UK Lotto jackpot will be worth a whopping 22.6 million this coming Wednesday, December 9th.  Will it be you that takes home this incredible jackpot prize? 

With the recent lotto shake-up, players all over the world can now play for much higher jackpots. With a maximum rollover of four, removed and replaced with a maximum jackpot cap of £50 million, online lottery players are in for a treat.  Once the pot reaches that, there will be one more rollover and the prize must be won. Even though we are only half way to the maximum jackpot, £22.6 million is still a far cry compared to what we have seen in the past.

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Mega Millions, Mega Millions lottery winning numbers, Mega Millions lotto results

Another jackpot climbing back up and sitting proud at $57 million, is the Mega Millions lottery.  This extremely popular American lotto game, also saw no jackpot winner on Friday evening.  Friday night’s winning lottery numbers were:  26 – 42 – 47 – 61 – 73 and 6.

Two players matched their 5 main numbers and bagged themselves a heavenly $1,000,000.00 for their trouble. Not bad for a few minutes work! Next week, the Tuesday night draw will be worth a mega $57 million!

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Crossing the Atlantic, we have another two extremely popular lotto games, the EuroMillions and the EuroJackpot.  Friday night saw both these online lotteries roll over causing an even bigger lotto jackpot for play for this Tuesday night.

The winning EuroJackpot lotto numbers for Friday the 4th December, 2015 were:  14 – 16 – 26 – 34 – 38 and Euro numbers 2 and 8.

EuroJackpot winning numbers for the 4th December 2015
5 ticket holders matched all 5 main numbers plus 1 Euro number to claim € 220,909.00 each.  Four ticket also matched 5 main numbers giving them € 97,459.80 each.

The next jackpot on Friday, December 11th will be €24 million.

EuroMillions winning lottery numbers, EuroMillions results

Friday evening had another lottery jackpot that online lotto players were giving it their all to win. This time it was the EuroMillions.

The winning lottery numbers were:  8 – 17 – 18 – 27 – 39 with the Lucky Stars 1 and 7.

EuroMillions winning lottery numbers, EuroMillions results 04.12.2015
A jackpot winner was unfortunately not to be, as numbers 8, 17, 18, 27 and 39 as well as Lucky Stars 1 and 7 eluded those that entered.  The biggest prize won was € 322,433.90 which went to five ticket holder who matched five main numbers and one Lucky Star.

Twelve lucky lottery players scooped € 44,782.40 for matching the five main numbers drawn.
This Friday, lottery players will have another chance to bag the jackpot as it has now rolled over to 51 million Euro and reached the top row on the PlayHugeLottos international lottery jackpot list.

With the Friday night jackpots out the way, all eyes were on the Saturday lotteries. The US Powerball and the SuperEna Max colossal prizes were up next.

The American giant, had plenty on offer, 127 million Dollars to be exact!  But even though half the world played their lucky lotto numbers and dreamt of a living a better life, the winning lottery numbers, 13, 27, 33, 47 and 68 as well as the Powerball of 13, ended up being just one number too much.

Three players did, however, win a second tier prize of $1 million. The next jackpot, due to be played for on Wednesday December 9th, will be worth massive $145 million.

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The Week Ahead

There’s plenty of lotto action this week!

Starting off the week we have Tuesday’s 121 million Euro SuperEna Max plus 51 million Euro up for grabs on the EuroMillions.
Wednesday’s UK Lotto jackpot is the biggest ever at £22.6 million plus the monstrous US Powerball with a staggering 145 million Dollars!

If you thought that was huge, think again...

El Gordo de Navidad, The Fat One, Spanish Christmas Raffle

The Spanish Christmas Raffle (El Gordo de Navidad) which takes place on the 22nd of December, has a mind-blowing prize-fund of 2.2 Billion Euro!  Tickets are available now, subject to stock – so make sure you are not left out – buy an El Gordo de Navidad ticket now!

Whatever prize you go for, you definitely stand a chance of becoming supremely rich right here at!

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Posted by Ying Kwong (7/12/2015)

Many great chances this week, don't miss it pals!

Posted by Julian (8/12/2015)

I will go for the Spanish Christmas Raffle

Posted by Ricardo (8/12/2015)

Very exciting indeed and these are all available on line .

Posted by Boris (8/12/2015)

Good proposals!

Posted by Ildefonso (9/12/2015)

2015 has a few more days left,we need a PHL jackpot win..I command it.

Posted by Krishnan (9/12/2015)

Xmas and N.Year approaching, Naturally there will be rollovers to enthuse lotto players

Posted by Emmanuel (10/12/2015)

wow this has really been a blessing to so many some credit to for putting up such a such a site making people millionaires every blessed day. Congratulations to all the winners of the year 2015

Posted by IWw0Ut- (10/12/2015)

Exciting times ahead!

Posted by Piotr (11/12/2015)

EuroMillions 62,000,000 Euro

Posted by IWw0Ut- (15/12/2015)

The most attractive and lucrative rollover is the EUROMILLIONS!!!! Just cant wait to get my hands on the winnings!!!! :)

Posted by Leyla (27/12/2015)

Very exciting indeed and these are all available on line .

Posted by Ritwick (17/01/2016)

Like a rolling stone....

Posted by Ritwick (17/01/2016)

More and bigger chances always welcome

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