How to Get Lady Luck On Your Side When You Play The Lottery

With the American lottery jackpot reaching as high as $110 million for this Wednesday and the European lotto legend, the SuperEna Max at 105 million Euro, the sound of having a little serendipity on your side would be a huge bonus to give you the extra bit of help needed to hit your lucky numbers!

$110 million Powerball jackpot, Powerball

And that’s exactly what happened to two lottery winners over the last few weeks.  Seems as though their lucky stars were more than aligned, allowing them to walk away with millions and changing their lives forever.

After reading these lottery winner stories, we can’t help but think, that playing the lottery online would have made these lotto player’s lives a lot easier and a lot less stressful.
Recently, we wrote about a Chinese lotto ticket seller who played and then lost, yes lost, the jackpot winning ticket!  The lotto ticket seller from Shanghai, China got the biggest fright of his life when after playing the lottery for his biggest customer, he realised after receiving a text from the lottery officials that the winning ticket came from his store that he had in fact thought it had not won and thrown it out in the trash. Luckily, when he ran outside he saw that the trash due to the heavy rains had not been taken. He frantically searched for the ticket for over an hour – and found it! Talk about luck!

Maybe it’s about time Lady Luck was on your side too? Especially if you play the lottery online at - you won’t even have to worry about your ticket getting lost.

Wishing you could win the lottery

The luck of the draw

Both, lucky and unlucky people create much of their good and bad luck by the way they think and behave.

In a case study on luck, volunteers were asked to look through a newspaper and count the number of photographs inside the paper. The organisers deliberately never told them, however, that they had placed two lucky opportunities within the newspaper already. These clearly stated:

While the luckier people were relaxed about their little experiment, which naturally lead them to see the bigger picture, therefore spotting the lucky opportunities, the unluckier candidates were anxious, more focussed on detail, and therefore missed the advertisements showing the opportunities inside the paper. Without realising it, both groups created their own good and bad fortune.
These are the four key psychological principles at work in lucky people:

1. Lucky people create and notice opportunities by building a strong social network, developing a relaxed attitude to life, and being open to change.

2. They listen to their intuition and act quickly. In contrast, unlucky people tend to overanalyse situations and are afraid to act.
3. They are confident that the future will be bright, and these expectations become self-fulfilling prophecies because they help motivate lucky people to try even when the odds are against them. Unlucky people are sure that they will fail and so often give up before they have begun.

4. They are highly resilient, and learn from past mistakes. Unlucky people get dragged down by the smallest of problems and even take responsibility for events outside of their control.

Even though, online lottery players cannot see it, smell it or touch it, what they can do is give themselves the opportunity to know which international lotto jackpots are currently being played and are big. By signing up to receive the bi-weekly reminder mailers, liking the PlayHugeLottos Facebook page (win free vouchers in our Countdown to Christmas campaign now), and follow us on Twitter, you will be setting yourself up to win big!

Make your own luck

December Lucky Lotto Horoscope

Another way to buy lottery tickets online is to go read what the stars have in store for you this December. Our December Lottery Horoscope is now loaded, with your lucky lotto numbers waiting to be played. With just a click of the mouse, you will have your December lucky lotto numbers into the next available lottery draw!

Here’s and example of Aries:

Lottery horoscope

Sooner or later we all become aware that there is in face something at work that gives us that special edge we need, be it Lady Luck, Fate or Karma – it makes no difference what we call it, there is no getting away from the fact that luck is one of the most important ingredients in a person’s life, if not the most important.
With the US Powerball jackpot going for an amazing US$110 million this Wednesday and the SuperEna Max showing off at a massive 105 million Euro for tonight’s draw, it seems like now as good a time as any for the odds to tilt in your favour.

Buy lotto tickets online now at!

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Posted by Krishnan (1/12/2015)

Luck always comes without prior intimation !!

Posted by Ricardo (1/12/2015)

Lady Luck should be around the next corner and may bump me anytime soon .

Posted by Michael (1/12/2015)

I think i will give it a try.

Posted by Ying Kwong (1/12/2015)

You can test your luck if you play lottos!

Posted by ZqTd (1/12/2015)

I managed to get a winning not the massive jackpots but at least something ... perhaps next time I'll hit a huge jackpot :-)

Posted by D789Pqh+OJa (2/12/2015)

I suppose there is a reason why some are luckier than others , your version of what that is , is as good as any other reason

Posted by IWw0Ut- (2/12/2015)

...I could not agree more with 'the boss'....

Posted by Ritwick (3/12/2015)

Springsteen can't be wrong and though I'm not Born In The USA I'll make my own luck by playing the lotto.

Posted by Ildefonso (5/12/2015)

Isn't luck,just another word for destiny?

Posted by QXE (5/12/2015)

First you have to buy a Lotto Ticket and then you stand a chance to win, simple as that really

Posted by IWw0Ut- (5/12/2015)

Your luck cannot be tested unless you try by playing the jackpots!!!!!!

Posted by IWw0Ut- (18/12/2015)

I really need lady luck on my side now.... I'm desperate to win something at least before the new year rolls in!!!!

Posted by Leyla (19/12/2015)

Luck always comes without prior intimation !

Posted by Emmanuel (30/12/2015)

the day to smile will definitely com someday that is what determined and lucky people always have in mind which makes them successful

Posted by Ritwick (9/01/2016)

I need lady luck

Posted by Andrzej (5/04/2021)

With the Lady Luck's help I could win big jackpots and help the World's less fortunate. Lady Luck if you care about the World's Most Needy please help me to win for them. Million THANK YOUS!

Posted by Andrzej (5/04/2021)

With the Lady Luck's help I could win big jackpots and help the World's less fortunate. Lady Luck if you care about the World's Most Needy please help me to win for them. Million THANK YOUS!

Posted by Makayla (4/11/2021)

If u cheat Lady Luck won't shine down on you... -Cathryn Gloria Zeigler A.k.a My Gma

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