Chinese Ticket Seller Accidentally Throws Winning Lotto Ticket In The Bin

A lottery ticket seller from Shanghai, China got the fright of his life when he realised that his best customer’s lotto ticket had been thrown in the bin. He ran outside and rummaged through the bins in the rain for more than an hour to find the jackpot lotto ticket.

For years, Mr Fan, has been selling lottery tickets near the Hongkou Football Stadium in Shanghai. He also has one special customer that travels abroad frequently. While he’s away, Mr Fan has an arrangement that he plays the lottery on his behalf. He’s been doing so for four years.

Chinese lottery kiosk, Chinese lotto tickets

“He’s often away on business, so I print off the tickets and hold on to them for him,” said the Chinese lottery retailer, adding that the customer, who has not been named, spends around 300 yuan every week, and settles up the bill whenever he’s back in down. “He trusts me and I trust him,” said Mr Fan.

Last week, Mr Fan received a text from the district lottery office informing him that he had sold the winning jackpot ticket. The text also revealed the winning numbers. Mr Fan’s heart dropped when he recognised the numbers as those he had picked for his loyal customer. The reason he’s heart dropped was because he had a gut feeling that something was very wrong.

“As soon as I saw the numbers I knew they were the ones my customer had asked me to put on for him.”

Somehow, the winning Chinese lottery ticket had ended up in the garbage bin. “I was stupefied. I realised that the tickets had gone in the trash and that the trash had gone to the dumpsters.”

“I just dived in and started searching through the rubbish bags. It took me over an hour, but I found the tickets in the end,”

Mr Fan immediately went to rummage through the dumpsters in the back.  He searched through the pile of garbage for over an hour. Luckily for Mr Fan and his mysterious lotto player, the garbage had not been taken emptied on their scheduled day as it had been raining. I can’t help but wonder if he was singing, “It’s raining Yuan – Halleluiah.”

Raining money, Chinese lotto ticket seller throws ticket in trash,

He found his customers winning 10 million yuan ($1.5 million) ticket that had accidentally ended up in the trash.

Mr Fan didn’t say what his customer’s reaction was to his efforts in making sure he found the winning 10 million yuan prize, but the winner was quoted on the Shanghai Sports Lottery Administration website saying he “never expected too much from buying a lottery ticket.”

It’s not the first time that a winning lottery ticket has ended up in the trash of all places. While most lottery players stress over where best to hide and keep their winning ticket in the safest possible place, sometimes getting rather silly about it, others get so confused, they toss it in the bin.

One such lottery winner is Russ Standish from Liverpool. He too was lucky enough to find it as soon as he had realised that he had won. Geordie Rhodick form Scotland did the same thing, when he to tossed his EuroMillions ticket worth life-changing £1 million in the bin. His wife found it, double checked it, got them to claim it and more than likely never let him forget about it.

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Posted by Edmore (26/11/2015)

I am on it...This month is the month

Posted by CHOW (26/11/2015)

Nothing can stop once luck come.

Posted by Ying Kwong (26/11/2015)

Yeah, be a rainmaker!

Posted by ZqTd (26/11/2015)

Will be a great blessing to win any of the jackpots :-)

Posted by IWw0Ut- (27/11/2015)

He was lucky to have found the dumped ticket!

Posted by Krishnan (27/11/2015)

costly accidents !

Posted by Ricardo (27/11/2015)

If you are really lucky enough then its yours for the taking .

Posted by IWw0Ut- (29/11/2015)

This certainly gives new meaning to your luck has gone to the trash!!!!

Posted by Wilhelmina (30/11/2015)

It will be so nice to end the year with such a lovely jackpot.

Posted by Minesh (30/11/2015)

if god wants to give u millions of rupees then atleast u shud do a little effort to buy d lotto ticket

Posted by Zeljko (2/12/2015)

That is a second reason why is good to play online, you can not lose your ticket.

Posted by Leyla (18/12/2015)

if god wants to give u millions.

Posted by Ritwick (10/01/2016)

Almost lost his fortune and his mind surely

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