The Best Christmas Lotto Ad Ever!

The latest El Gordo de Navidad (Spanish Christmas Raffle) commercial is a real tear-jerker. It’s the latest lotto ad and it’s got everyone talking about it.

With Christmas only a few weeks away, lottery players need to start thinking about buying an El Gordo Raffle ticket now, while stocks last!

To make sure that tickets get selling fast, the government’s national lottery has come up with one of the best advertisements to date.

It’s a two-and-a-half minute commercial showing just how your life can be transformed when your lottery numbers come in.

The commercial is a short, voiceless a Pixar feel animation, showing the daily life of a night watchman that works at a mannequin factory in Spain. It shows him waking up and setting off to work, only to spend the next 8 hours all alone in the factory. He’s lonely boring job, however never gets the better of him as he starts using the mannequins to leave messages for the daytime workers, he has never met.  In his eagerness to do things for others, Justino will forget about himself…

Let’s not give too much away, you can rather watch his rather sweet shenanigans below:

It’s without a doubt a seasonal tug and the heartstrings that’s for sure. It’s not often we experience such a heartfelt commercial, and working the lottery industry it’s nice to see.

The commercial was produced by advertising agency Leo Burnett and Justino’s (the night watchman in the ad) mischiefs have already gone viral, with the ad being a huge hit in Spain and now around the world too, thanks to the increased popularity of the El Gordo de Navidad and the ability for anyone to buy lotto tickets online.

In fact, the hashtag #Justino has been amongst the top trending topics in Spain since Monday.

Creative director, Juan García Escudero of Leo Burnett, said during the launch of the campaign, "They say that the key to a good story is to have a good protagonist who has a particular goal, which they fail to achieve, so that the reader or viewer roots for the main character to get their wish in the end.”

El Gordo de Navidad, Spanish Christmas Raffle

The hottest lotto ticket in Spain

Every November, December, Spaniards begin to go a little crazy just thinking about buying their tickets.  The name El Gordo means "The Fat One." This bumper-sized lottery sees people queueing for hours to buy a lotto ticket.

With the total value of prizes on the raffle valued at more than 2,2 Billion, the prize is officially recognised as the world’s biggest lottery prize.

The El Gordo lottery pays out more lottery prizes than any other lottery draw in the world, which is why the Spanish Christmas lottery is so extremely popular with lotto players buying lotto tickets in shops and for those lotto players buy ticket online. In fact, almost everyone in Spain buys one or more tickets for "El Gordo" Spanish Christmas lottery with an average cost of 70 Euros per person.
Choosing the right lotto numbers

Choosing the right lotto numbers for the Christmas Raffle is always hard with many people believing superstitions and traditions about which lucky lotto numbers to pick.

In fact, there are certain “lucky” numbers that sell out way before the draw and numbers to avoid are the ones that have already won.

Companies, bars, groups and even entire villages buy “Decimos” and sell it off to form their own syndicates, if they like the number selection so much. This is why we often see a massive group of people, dancing, hugging and drinking, celebrating a lotto win.

With over 30 million trying their luck in the massive prize draw, a total prizes hitting a staggering €2.2 billion ($2.7 million), don’t be left behind – buy an El Gordo de Navidad ticket today!

El Gordo de Navidad, The Fat One, Spanish Christmas Raffle

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Posted by Boris (19/11/2015)

Spanish Christmas Raffle is a few weeks away. From winning. In my group!

Posted by Ying Kwong (19/11/2015)

Great chance to become filthy rich!

Posted by Ricardo (20/11/2015)

A grand way to riches.

Posted by Julian (20/11/2015)

Can big dream can come true of a poor man like me ?

Posted by IWw0Ut- (22/11/2015)

The giving season is here........I hope i'm given a jackpot too! :)

Posted by Krishnan (23/11/2015)

The Spanish Raffle ad is a real beauty ! Wish there were subtitles in English.

Posted by Edmore (23/11/2015)

Silly season is here and i still have the Faith and Hope that this year will not end without a big jackpot for me and my family.

Posted by Emmanuel (23/11/2015)

wow its here can't wait to join to make my Christmas a wonderful memorable day with my winnings

Posted by Krishnan (24/11/2015)

What a lovely advert this is !

Posted by Leyla (26/11/2015)

Good news

Posted by CHOW (26/11/2015)

unbelievable huge jackpot

Posted by Zeljko (2/12/2015)

Lovely advertisement. I did not play El Gordo yet, but I think I will now..

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