Two Huge Lotteries To Win This Friday the 13th

There are two huge lotteries to win this Friday the 13th November, 2015.  The first of which is the Mega Millions with a jackpot prize of $200 million and second is the extremely popular EuroMillions Superdraw Rollover which is currently standing at a gigantic €129 million.

$200 million Mega Millions jackpot

Whether you are superstitious or not, lottery players need to buy a Mega Millions ticket into this Friday’s draw.

It’s not often that we see a jackpot that has soared to such massive heights, and with lottery enthusiasts in America having to line up for miles in order to buy their lucky Mega Millions tickets, online lottery players, on the other hand, have it easy. Lucky you! All you have to do is login, select your numbers and pay. Voila! Done. No queues, no fuss and on top of all this, the chance that you receive a special offer is high on the site.

$200 million Mega Millions jackpot

€129 million EuroMillions Superdraw Rollover

Luck itself can be amplified to new heights this Friday the 13th, so NOW would be the time for you to get your entries in fast for the massive €129,000,000 EuroMillions Superdraw rollover jackpot.

Even though seasoned EuroMillions lottery players have seen the Superdraw roll to the maximum jackpot amount of 190 million Euro, can you really take the chance that this extremely popular lottery will roll and you don't play this week?

With literally millions at stake this Friday, we would suggest that you make sure you have at least one entry in to this fantastic draw. If you find that time is not on your side and you are worried that you might miss out on playing, why not play EuroMillions now and if possible play a spam if you are so sure that it will roll.

We would also at this point like to point out that you could set up a rule to play a line every time there’s a EuroMillions Superdraw, without even logging into site. How? Simple. With the IntelliPlay option you can set up certain rules which best suite you and your entry/s will be played automatically. How intelligent is that!

As with most games of chance, lottery players have their lucky rituals they use when selecting their lucky lotto numbers.  With both the Mega Millions sitting at $200 million and the EuroMillions Supedraw Rollover sitting at €129 million taking place this Friday the 13th, we can only wonder what weird and wonderful routines our online lottery players will be using.

EuroMillions Superdraw Rollover, 129 million EuroMillions Superdraw double rollover

Find your luck this Friday the 13th on the Lotto

Number 13 can be a lot luckier than you think. Due to the fact less people are likely to pick this superstitious number, the odds that you will not share the jackpot is more likely. Even looking back at the lottery winning numbers for the EuroMillions and the UK Lottery, we see that the number 13 has been draw much less significantly than average.

It’s may be hard to believe but less players may in fact play the lottery on Friday the 13th, which means that the probability of there being a single winner increases drastically.

Fun Facts about Friday The 13th

  • Triskadekaphobia is the fear of the number 13, and paraskevidekatriaphobia is the fear of Friday the 13th. Say that 10 times really fast!
  • In Spanish-speaking countries Tuesday the 13th is considered a day of bad luck (instead of Friday)
  • You can blame Sunday for Friday the 13th, as any month that starts on a Sunday will have a Friday the 13th.
  • Friday the 13th comes in three’s. All years will have at least one Friday the 13th.
  • The master of suspense, Alfred Hitchcock was born on August 13, 1899.  So Friday, August 13, 1999 would have been his 100th birthday.
  • Last but not least, it's my favourite day of the year.

Friday the 13th Jason likes it

The question you have to ask yourself is, will this Friday the 13th be a lucky Friday that brings YOU extra luck?

Win The Lottery On Friday 13th

Are you going to be the one to laugh in fate’s face on this Friday 13th when you walk away with the winning numbers for the $200 million Mega Millions draw or the 129 million EuroMillions Superdraw Rollover?

Take your chances, play the lottery online and make Friday 13th the luckiest day in your year.

Don’t forget to knock on wood, throw salt over your shoulders, avoid the ladder and wear your lucky socks! (just in case)

Do you believe in the luck or misfortune of Friday the 13th?  Let us know in the comments section below and you'll earn valuable lotto points!

Play your lucky numbers this Friday the 13th

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Posted by Piotr (13/11/2015)

I love euromillions

Posted by Dorota (13/11/2015)

Euromillions 129,000,000 euro

Posted by Boris (13/11/2015)

It is my lucky day.

Posted by Zeljko (13/11/2015)

Friday 13th is usually lucky day for me, I won some lottery 3 times on Friday 13th.

Posted by Edmore (13/11/2015)

This is the day the Lord has made...feeling excited

Posted by ZqTd (13/11/2015)

I am ready for this to be my magical day, $200 millions will look good in my bank account :-)

Posted by Ying Kwong (13/11/2015)

Chance again next week, good luck guys!

Posted by IWw0Ut- (15/11/2015)

Its a euro millions roll over! I guess lady luck was shy on Friday the 13th.

Posted by Leyla (17/11/2015)

I love euromillions

Posted by Emmanuel (23/11/2015)

this caught my attention though i am so excited today which mark the day i start my journey of becoming a millionaire by purchasing my first jackpot ticket of oz powerball. i am looking forward to purchasing this as well.

Posted by วิรัช (27/11/2015)

เกิด 13 /03....ชนะ 13

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