Two, Men 1 Lottery Ticket And A Fight

Two men recently got into a fight while standing in line to buy a lottery ticket. The incident got so out of hand that one the men landed up in hospital and the other in jail.

Apparently although it was an argument over lottery tickets, the exact details are still unknown.  It was 3:50 pm on Friday evening at Bernal Heights Market near 30th and Mission streets in the Mission District, when a man wearing a blue cap confronted the victim who was wearing a black jackpot and an orange shirt underneath.  After a few minutes we can see via the stores surveillance camera that the two men were getting confrontational and things were heating up fast. It’s didn’t take long before it escalated into a full blown argument.

As per police reports the suspect swung at the victim and punched him with his fists a few times, after which he shoved the victim’s head into a shelf. The 42-year-old victim suffered a broken nose, broken jaw, and a head injury.
Authorities say that they are certain the argument broke out over lottery tickets. “They were standing in line, to either purchase cash Lotto tickets, and somehow there was an altercation that led up to the assault,” said the San Francisco Police Department spokesperson, Officer Albie Esparza.

The suspect ran off after the attack, probably realising that he had gone too far. Unfortunately for him, the fight was recorded on surveillance cameras, making it much easier for the police to find him.
“While the police were investigating the crime at the hospital, the suspect returned back to the store. About an hour later, police arrived on the scene and he was taken into custody,” reported Officer Esparza.

A 38-year-old man by the name of Abel Mancia-Champas was arrested on suspicion of aggravated and unlawful assault.

Victor Barrios, the store owner, said he’s only been selling lottery tickets for about six months and the lottery fight incident has made him hesitant to continue.

“I am surprised because this is my first time in the business. I don’t want to see trouble, my first time. I think maybe I’ll get out of the business, said Barrio.

“When we see things like this, it’s quite disturbing that people just don’t have any patience, the courtesy for whatever it is. To get into an altercation over such a minute item, you know, lotto tickets or waiting in line, being the first person or cutting the line,” said Barrio.
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Posted by Boris (12/11/2015)

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Posted by ZqTd (12/11/2015)

Ouch ... definitely glad I can get my tickets online :-)

Posted by Santhosh (12/11/2015)

These lottos are awesome!

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less hassle getting your lucky entry by on line.

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I guess one can get really desperate to get a lottery ticket!

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Why not play at PHL!

Posted by Leyla (19/11/2015)

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Posted by IWw0Ut- (23/11/2015)

It just shows that a lot goes on in the que to get a lottery ticket, over and above just waiting!!!!!

Posted by Darren (13/02/2016)

Good reason to play online!

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