Get Ready For Christmas With A Lotto Win

It’s that time of the year again! Some of you might be thinking, “it’s only November, what’s Jason thinking?”  Well, I’m telling you this because there’s literally millions to be won on Mega Millions and SuperEna Max. Plus the EuroMillions Superdraw rolled over and with so much at stake, you could be spending a whole lot more this festive season.

EuroMillions Superdraw

It’s the favourite time of the year for international lottery players, with the legendary Superdraw happening and rolling over to an even bigger jackpot prize. The means one thing and one thing only - the shot of winning a guaranteed 111 million Euro!

Every time online lottery players hear about a EuroMillions Superdraw, the online lotto world immediately get festive.  It’s not hard to see why, with 111 million Euro up for grabs in tonight’s draw, you simply need to buy a lottery ticket online now. 

With not one but three off the chart lottery jackpots all screaming for your attention, you have plenty of reasons to make sure you play the lottery online right here at!  Get your lucky lotto numbers in fast and do your best to get your hands on any of these fabulous cash prizes.

Lottery winning yacht

List of EuroMillions Superdraws to date:
9 February 2007
28 September 2007
8 February 2008
26 September 2008
6 March 2009
18 September 2009
5 February 2010
1 October 2010
10 May 2011
4 October 2011
28 September 2012
22 March 2013
7 June 2013
15 November 2013
7 March 2014
3 October 2014
6 March 2015
5th June 2015
6 November 2015

Buy a EuroMillions Superdraw ticket now 

EuroMillions Superdraw Rollover, 111 million Euro EuroMillions Superdraw

Mega Millions

One the other side of the ocean we have the Mega Millions lottery with a jackpot prize that will make your festive season pretty insane.

This Tuesday, 10 November, 2015 the Mega Millions is offering online lotto players the chance to win a staggering $180 million!  Imagine what you could buy with that?

Christmas will never be the same again – not with 180 million in your bank account!

Buy a Mega Millions ticket now  

SuperEna Max

One online lottery lottery players can always rely upon, is the SuperEna Max lotto game. This week is no different, as tonight’s draw is offering up an amazing €121 million.  With Christmas being the perfect time for giving, why not buy a SuperEna Max lotto ticket too? Spread those lucky lotto numbers around on any of the 15 lotteries available right now on, and give yourself more chances that ever before to win millions.

Mega Millions lottery

El Gordo de Navidad

If winning millions isn’t enough, and you are serious about this festive season, you could always buy a decimo or billet on the El Gordo de Navidad Christmas Raffle with, wait for it, 2.4 Billion in prizes!

Thankfully, you won’t have to take a trip to Spain to buy a Loteria de Navdad (El Gordo Christmas Raffle) ticket, as you can with just a few clicks of your mouse have your ticket into the worlds biggest raffle within seconds.

For lottery enthusiasts who have still not registered and would love to partake in these extraordinary online lottery jackpots, we have one thing to say, “Play the lottery online now and give yourself the chance to make this a very merry Christmas indeed!”

Buy an El Gordo de Navidad ticket now

El Gordo de Navidad, Spanish Christmas Raffle

What would you do if you won millions after playing the lottery online at 

Let us know in the comments section below and stand a chance to win 1 voucher for the EuroMillions, Mega Millions and SuperEna Max! 

The winner will be selected on the 11th November, 2015.




THE WINNER winning 1 EuroMillions ticket, 1 Mega Millions ticket and 1 SuperEna Max ticket is:

Liz Buchan

Congratulations Liz!! Here's hoping you win and you get to see your son!

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Posted by Wilhelmina (10/11/2015)

This will be a very nice Xmas present!

Posted by Sonu (10/11/2015)

I would like it to be a secret for as long as i could,take care of some close friends and family and my bills,also invest in houses and some propertys.

Posted by Sonu (10/11/2015)

I will buy a big building apartment to rent it out, buy a big gorgeous private house and stay there and help some homeless people to make up their life, give out some couple of thousands to the poor people, open different kind of stores for business, help some of the student who wants to go to college and could not afford their tuition and take care some of the kids who are abandoned by their parents.

Posted by Ying Kwong (10/11/2015)

After winning millions, I WILL: a. make donations b. invest c. ask more of my friends to join this site as it's so handy and one doesn't have to queue up in order to buy lottery tickets and one can play those awesome jackpots from anywhere in the world

Posted by IWw0Ut- (11/11/2015)

Would love to win the euro millions for Christmas... that will be an awesome present!!!!

Posted by Kabo (11/11/2015)

I plan to have a spectacular Christmas holiday

Posted by P_DPXl (11/11/2015)

If I won millions after playing the lottery online at Playhugelottos, I would buy a private Island that is currently for sale just off the coast of Florida. I would the buy a huge private jet as well as a large custom designed private yacht and I would the fly and ship in all of my family and friends with my jet and yacht to the island. I woud have the biggest and best christmas party the worlds has ever seen. I would have a six storey sand castle constructed on the island on the beach front as the venue for the christmas party. French chefs will be flown in by the dozen to create culinary masterpieces. There will be endless supplies of crystal champagne and caviar. For many years to come people will talk about the best christmas party ever and it will be all thanks to Playhugelottos :)

Posted by Samson (11/11/2015)

I become a Santa Claus and present gifts to my loved ones and my friends in the neighbourd. Also provide financial assistance to Orphanges and nurseries . A big currency note of appreciation to PHL .

Posted by Елена (11/11/2015)

Buy a house, buy a car goes on a journey.

Posted by Boris (11/11/2015)

I'll spend on luxuries.

Posted by Pop (11/11/2015)

If i won millions after playing the lottery online at i will take a pause, to persuade myself that it is true, and after that another pause, so that I can see how they come out of the mess.

Posted by Jitender (11/11/2015)

If I won the lottery jackpot I build a new dream home and make a world tour & help the charity

Posted by Hoang (11/11/2015)

awesome. Christmas this year will be the birth warmth and peace with my family and all of you. Thank playhugelottos

Posted by Hoang (11/11/2015)

awesome. Christmas this year will be the birth warmth and peace with my family and all of you. Thank playhugelottos

Posted by Fndiq (11/11/2015)

You have got to be in it to win it

Posted by Ricardo (11/11/2015)

will be really a white Christmas having win the big money .

Posted by Hyunsoo (11/11/2015)

I am paying off the debt then a small car accident The halgeot invest in businesses. And family and And a great Christmas party, give myself Samyeo cool kid Pad Pro as a gift, one to buy a yacht now The donated to an orphanage sponsored on a regular basis.

Posted by Nane Hee (11/11/2015)

The pay off debt, buy a fancy yachts and cars Christmas party with my family at the hotel.

Posted by Jang Ho (11/11/2015)

I would like to take the yacht to cruise the world...

Posted by Krishnan (12/11/2015)

Mega Million Jackpot has reached 200 Million. Looks like it is going to break its own record by reaching a Billion !

Posted by Ndeshipanda (12/11/2015)

If i win, My life will absolutely change. I will build a castle, my cars, my family, but most of all, i will build an empire

Posted by Leyla (13/11/2015)


Posted by Edmore (13/11/2015)

i am in the running...Little bird tells me 2015 will end with a bang

Posted by IWw0Ut- (19/11/2015)

The euro millions jackpot(162m) would be my ideal Christmas gift! Thank you Santa!!!!

Posted by IWw0Ut- (20/11/2015)

I just cant wait to get my hands on the euromillions gift for Christmas!

Posted by IWw0Ut- (8/12/2015)

We are nearing the end of the year.....and the EL Gordo looks the most attractive for the taking!!!!

Posted by Ritwick (11/01/2016)

Wow so nice opportunities

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