4 Of The Best Lotto Ads Out Now

With so many international lotteries boasting jackpots way over 100 million mark this week, one thing is definitely on every lottery player’s mind at the moment – “how I’m going to spend my millions?”

With a constant stream of lottery commercials coming your way, promising a life full of luxury, the four New York Lottery ads that are about to be released, will without a doubt put a smile on your dial.  They have a fresh new take on winning the lottery and how the ultra-rich can mess this up.
Once you seen these brilliant ads, true to their word, even “you’d make a way better rich person.”
Wine Bath lotto ad

The first TV commercial shows a man indulging in “pinot therapy,” by soaking in a bath on wine (only the best of course).  He’s an absolute snob after his massive lottery jackpot win and gets rather annoyed at his butler for allowing a speck of cork to fall into his luxurious bath. 

A voice-over says, “A New York gentleman spends $28,000 a week on wine — to sit in,” “You’d make a way better rich person. Lotto: Making more New Yorkers rich than any other game.”

After winning tonight’s $159 million Dollar Mega Millions jackpot, how would you spend your millions?  Please tell us, not on a wine bath. Tell us in comments section below and stand a chance of winning a FREE Mega Millions voucher!

Bat Collector

In another commercial, we see a bat collector show off his $3.2 million collection, in this stuffy wood panelled home.  He tells us, “I have such enormous respect for these creatures,” he says. “Which is why I stuff them and hang them on the walls.”
Would you spend $3.2 million on a bat collection?  Mmm… we didn’t think so.  But if you do have dreams of spending 115 million Euro on a state of the art new home, the latest supercar you have always dreamt of, or jetting off to exotic destinations and experiencing what the world has to offer then we suggest you play this Saturday’s €115 million SuperEna Max jackpot.

To stand a chance of winning a FREE SuperEna Max voucher, let us know in the comments section if you have ever collected anything.  Makes absolutely no difference what is was. We will choose 1 lucky random winner who will win a free voucher that could take home tomorrow night’s €115m SuperEna Max jackpot.


Yes, even staples came into the picture. But not ordinary, run of the mill metal staples. Oh no. The seriously rich would never use those. They need gold staples. After all, they finish things off so much better, don’t you think?  See, you will make a better millionaire!

Pet Whisperer

We’ve heard of the dog whisperer, but the following ultra-rich lottery winner jackpot winner commercial showcases a woman pet whisperer and her lizard!  The woman is sitting at the head of the dinner table, lizard on lap and having a wonderful conversation with her pet.


Let’s face it, these lottery ads, are definitely relatable to people who want to win the lottery, and change their lifestyles completely. We can’t make fun of the poor, we also can’t make fun of someone that has worked hard their whole life to gain their success, but it is easier to have some tongue and cheek fun with lottery winners who have become seriously rich for simply buying a lottery ticket and hitting the jackpot.

Play the lotto online, give yourself the chance, and above all, remember, you'll be cooler than they are.
We would like to remind our online lottery players, that whenever the Superdraw happens, there will always be a “sales frenzy,” due to it being so popular around the world.  It’s for this reason that we urge all lotto players to buy lottery tickets online as soon as possible.

EuroMillions Superdraw 6 November 2015

If nobody wins tonight’s jackpot, it will roll over again to Tuesday's draw. The jackpot can continue to roll to a maximum of 190 million Euro!

We all wish we could become lottery millionaires and who knows, this Friday the 6th November might just be your lucky night as the 100 million Euro lotto jackpot could bring you more luxury you could have only dream of…

So make sure you play international lotteries online at PlayHugeLottos.com and who knows – tomorrow could be the first day of your new super-rich day of the rest of your life!  But, please be a better millionaire than the one’s we’ve just seen.

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Good luck lotto world!
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Good luck!



Posted by Ying Kwong (6/11/2015)

Ad leads you to action, go n grab the jackpots!

Posted by Julian (6/11/2015)

A big part of not having money as a kid isn’t that you haven’t the stuff you want. It isn’t being without heat, or the phone and electric company sending cut-off notices. It’s lying in bed late at night worrying. You feel ashamed that your family is so radically different. Other families had stable lives and nice homes they could invite their friends to visit. Those things didn’t happen in our family. So it was a little bit like embarrassment on top of embarrassment. But the worst is that, even more than food and shelter, you worried about your parents’ anxiety, which was palpable in the house. It sounds crazy, but I’m grateful for all that now. It gave me a really good work ethic and sympathy for the majority of people who aren’t rich. I feel in touch with their lives.

Posted by IWw0Ut- (7/11/2015)

After the big win.....co-host a gigantic party with our mayor for the whole town....with gifts for everyone.

Posted by Samson (7/11/2015)

A mamooth party with PHL staff and distrubition of wonderful gifts.

Posted by Samson (7/11/2015)

stamps of different countries

Posted by Sonu (7/11/2015)

Go for holiday...

Posted by Krishnan (7/11/2015)

I am dreaming of buying a mansion in Oxford because I always love UK having worked with Oxfam - UK

Posted by IWw0Ut- (8/11/2015)

Im into collecting vintage audio equipment...like valve amplifiers, solid wood speakers, reel to reel tape decks, etc..... They are hard to come by and also very expensive!

Posted by Ndeshipanda (9/11/2015)

WOOOOOW!!!! Its such a nice question especially to a person like me. If i win that Mega Millions jackpot, i would pay off my Varsity study debts, then i will pay school fees for a year for all my class mates (because there are only less than 20 mechanical students in my class). My family will always be the first ones in my mind; so wherever i go, they are my backbone. . Without forgetting PlayHuge since they are always my lotto tickets provider, i would obviously thank them with a portion since have always been there for me ever since i started playing Lotto.

Posted by CHOW (9/11/2015)

Will go around the world....

Posted by ZqTd (9/11/2015)

After winning Mega Millions jackpot, I would spend my millions by purchasing flight tickets to anywhere in the world for my selected friends and selected close family members ... you all know who you are :-)

Posted by ZqTd (9/11/2015)

I collect teddy bears and books!

Posted by Edmore (10/11/2015)

i will certainly help my Government especially Hospitals and Schools...

Posted by Ricardo (11/11/2015)

Will start a big business and a scholarship program for the local out of school youth .

Posted by Amanullah (17/11/2015)

I will secure my kids future. give my family all the happiness of the world.

Posted by Leyla (30/11/2015)


Posted by Ritwick (12/01/2016)

Family and the needful

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