I Won The Lottery – Goodbye

Just how many times have we seen lottery jokes about a husband winning the lottery and then immediately leaving his wife. Well, it’s finally happened.

The story unfolds in Thailand, with a couple that have been living together for many years and share a son.  Thammarong Keawsuanjik, the father, won 30 million baht in a lottery on September 16.
Shortly after the win, Thammarong cashed the win and the funds were deposited into his bank account. A few days later he transferred 700,000 baht ($20,000) into the accounts of his common-law wife and their son, which is being maintained by the mother.

Let’s Break Up 
On Monday, Saowanee Thongwiset, the 28-year-old wife, received a text message from Thammorong saying, "Let's break up."

lottery winner send text saying lets break up, lottery winner breakups

Naturally the break up has come a huge shock.
The wife says that he needs to look after his son and has started proceedings to sue him for a third of the win, amounting to 30 million baht ($857,000).  She is seeking 10 million baht, which is equivalent to $286,000. According to her lawyer, Theerapon Pochanukul, the husband has already purchased land and has started building a house. He also said that she will continue with the lawsuit unless they can come to an agreement during a pre-trial hearing on November 30th.  He went on further to say that if the husband is honest, he would have taken his wife and child to see the land that he bought and have spoken to her about his intentions.

She has also gone to the Juvenile and Family Court to register their child and ensure that he signs paternity.

Thammarong and his lawyer could not be immediately reached for comment. He did however say to the local newspapers that if she takes him to court, he will sue for full custody of their son.

Before his lottery win, he was working as a security guard in northeastern Thailand.

I've won the lottery, lottery jokes

Other couples who have battled after a Lotto win

It’s not the first time that we have seen couples split up after winning the lottery. In saying so, they do usually take a few months or years to do so and not immediately after the win as in this case.

What’s love got to do with it?

Pedro Quezada won $338 million in the Powerball jackpot. He chose a lump sum payment of $211 million which is worth about $152 million after taxes. At the time of the lottery win, he was living with his longtime girlfriend, Inez Sanchez, who is also the mother of his child and business partner in a grocery store. They’ve since split and she wants her share of the winnings.

Pedro Quezada, lotto winners who broke up

Stop horsing around

One of the most documented lottery winner breakups to date has to be Adrian and Gillian Bayford. Adrian, 44 pocked Britain's second biggest ever lottery win back in 2012 when he won £128m on the EuroMillions lottery. The couple parted ways 15 months after winning the huge lotto win. 

Adrian once again landed up in the tabloids when he met his new fiancée, Samantha Burbidge in a pub.  Miss Burbidge, who is 16 years younger than him moved into his £6m Grade II-listed country mansion.  Since then he has spent millions on her every whim.

Adrian Bayford

It’s all sunny, now that I won the lottery

In a twist of fate, 22 year old Sandeep, affectionately called “Sunny” by his friends also went through a harsh breakup with this girlfriend. Only in this case, she called the relationship off.

After working not one but two jobs to help his mum pay the bills, he asked his sister to buy two quick pick Mega Millions tickets for him. One of the tickets hit the big one and he won the $61 million jackpot.

When questioned by the media if he had a lucky girlfriend, he said, “"No lucky girlfriend, just broke up with her," Singh said, adding "thank God."

He clarified saying that she broke up with him and that although he went through a rough patch dealing with the breakup, it was now the last thing on his mind and he’s getting over it and all he now hopes for is that his life changes for the better.

Sandeep lotto win, girlfriend broke up with him the day before win

With so much water under the bridge, some couples prefer to simply start over. Even though there are two sides to every story, it is still important to remember that money cannot buy you integrity. If you play the lottery online and win any of the lotteries available right now on PlayHugeLottos.com, we hope you will take the time to make the right decision about your future. Remember, your partner stood beside you when times were tough, so do the right thing.

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Posted by Ildefonso (20/10/2015)

Hahahahaha,Sandeep's story sounds familiar,now IF only the stars aligned for a nice jackpot win...

Posted by Amos (21/10/2015)

One can always get another wife.

Posted by IWw0Ut- (21/10/2015)

Money can buy you love...,if it can't then it certainly can RENT it!!!

Posted by Balasubramaniam (21/10/2015)

First WIFE !!!!

Posted by Krishnan (21/10/2015)

Money corrupts, More money produces more greed and different wants !

Posted by Julian (21/10/2015)

I will play frist

Posted by IWw0Ut- (22/10/2015)

Money does have a tendency to change people.

Posted by ZqTd (22/10/2015)

I totally agree that money cannot buy you integrity but it sure does help pay the bills!

Posted by Ying Kwong (22/10/2015)

Wife 1st : )

Posted by Zeljko (24/10/2015)

So much money certainly changes everything. And gives one the opportunity to show what are really important.

Posted by IWw0Ut- (2/11/2015)

It will better to keep those who are with at the time of the win....because they chose to be with you. The ones that come after the win, lets face it, are there only for the money!

Posted by Leyla (9/11/2015)

I will play frist.

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