All The Big Jackpots Keep On Rolling

Looking back at all the biggest jackpots over the weekend, one thing stands out – all the big jackpot keep on rolling.

Some might call it a rather blank weekend when it comes to play the lotto, but let’s face it, we want big jackpots to play for.

Nevertheless, there were still plenty of lottery millionaires that were created according to the latest lotto results:

On Friday, the first of the big lotto games, the legendary EuroMillions was the first to rollover, with no one matching all seven elusive little lucky numbers.

The winning EuroMillions numbers that no one managed to get correct were: 01 – 40 – 42 -43 - 47 and the two Lucky Star numbers 09 and 11.
One lucky lotto ticket did hit the second tier prize by matching the five main numbers and one of the Lucky Stars winning € 1,408,009.20.

The next draw takes place on Friday October 16 with a 30 million Euro up for grabs.

EuroMillions results for 9 October 2015, EuroMillions results, EuroMillions winning numbers

With Friday night’s being a seriously good night for online lottery players, looking to change their lives forever and become instant millionaires, we saw another extremely popular lotto game, this time the American giant, the Mega Millions with a jackpot of $65 million up for grabs.

The winning numbers drawn were:  08 – 09 – 21 – 63 - 75 and the Mega Ball 14.

Three tickets matched the five main balls each winning $1 million for their time and effort.

With no jackpot winner, players will now be playing for $75m for the Tuesday October 13 draw. The last time it was won, was on Friday the 11th of September.

Mega Millions results for 9 October 2015, Mega Millions results, Mega Millions winning numbers
Moving over to Saturday evening, we saw the UK Lotto have its first draw with the new number format implemented. Players had an extra ten number to choose from as the numbers were increased to 59 from the usual 49.

The winning numbers were: 02 - 03 - 16 - 32 - 53 - 54 and the Bonus Ball 08.

As expected, no one won the £5.279m jackpot.  The historic draw, however, did create 25 millionaires who matched the winning raffle numbers.

Another new feature, was the fact that anyone who matched 2 balls, would win a free ticket (Lucky Dip) for the following draw, to be held on Wednesday October 14, with a jackpot amount of £7.7m. 

UK Lottery results for 10 October 2015, UK Lottery results, UK Lottery winning numbers
Last but definitely not least, we have another American lotto, the Powerball that caused such a stir in the world of lotteries just a week ago. With the jackpot rolling down to the minimum amount at $40 million, it has once again been climbing up the lotto jackpot ranks.

Saturday night saw lotto enthusiasts from all over the globe buy tickets into the $60 million Powerball draw.

The Powerball winning numbers drawn were: 12 – 27 – 29 – 43 - 68 and the Powerball 01.

In the spirit of the Powerball game, “Imagine something bigger” we saw the jackpot roll over to an even bigger amount for this Wednesday’s draw, a massive $70 million.

The latest lottery results show that one lucky ticket holder did match the five main numbers to win $1m.

Powerball results for 10 October 2015, Powerball results, Powerball winning numbers

If you would like to wake up millions of Euros, Dollars and Pounds richer in a few days, then be sure to play all these wonderful jackpots that haven’t been won yet. These fabulous jackpots are just sitting there for someone to take them home. Will it be you?

There’s only one way to find out...   Play the lotto online. You’ve got nothing to lose, and so much more to gain!

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Posted by Krishnan (13/10/2015)

This always happens when ThanksGiving day and Christmas come near.

Posted by Ritwick (13/10/2015)

Nicely done. keep rolling over till I win big babies.

Posted by Ying Kwong (14/10/2015)

Let's grab the jackpots : )

Posted by Krishnan (14/10/2015)

WE have to wait and see who crosses the billion mark, PB or MM?

Posted by IWw0Ut- (14/10/2015)

Hope to roll into a win with one of the jackpots

Posted by CHOW (14/10/2015)

Going to my turn into carrying Jackpot

Posted by Julian (14/10/2015)


Posted by IWw0Ut- (15/10/2015)

''Bigger is certainly BETTER!"

Posted by Patrick (16/10/2015)

Indeed with SuperEnamax now at 180 million Euros, now is the time to try your luck and buy yourself a few tickets..remember there is a bonus ticket too. Good luck

Posted by Ricardo (16/10/2015)

Big numbers are good and its coming my way.

Posted by Edmore (16/10/2015)

We continuing pushing on PHL...#Believe

Posted by ZqTd (16/10/2015)

I'm so looking to win, my lady luck come knocking :)

Posted by Mir Faiyaz (17/10/2015)

billion sounds perkier.,

Posted by Krishnan (19/10/2015)

Looks like even UK lottery seems to be heading towards a big jackpot like in the beginning.

Posted by Ildefonso (19/10/2015)

The Superena Max super rollover is really intriguing,I would really like someone to win it.

Posted by Wilhelmina (19/10/2015)

A big jackpot will definitely be a very nice and smart Christmas gift.

Posted by Zeljko (16/11/2015)

Bigger is certainly better, but really, 15 MEUR is a cake, the rest of it is just icing......

Posted by Leyla (28/11/2015)

Good luck

Posted by IWw0Ut- (27/12/2015)

now the usa powerball is really packing a punch n down south the megasena is drawing attention too

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