110 Lotto Winners Break Champagne Popping Record

110 Lottery Winners recently broke the Guinness World Record for the biggest amount of lottery winners gathered in one place. But why break only one record, when you can break two at the same time?

In true winners style they broke the record for the biggest amount of they smashed another record for the longest champagne cork popping relay.  The group opened 285 bottles of bubbly cheering and laughing the whole way through.
Biggest amount of lottery millionaires

The biggest amount of lottery winners from all over the UK came together on the 7th October, 2015 to celebrate the National Lottery making 4,000 millionaires in the past 21 years. The National Lottery has handed out a whopping £11.5 billion in prize money, and has given lottery players from all over the world, a chance of becoming overnight millionaires.

There mere fact that these lucky lotto winners, gathered in one place, broke the first world record, for the largest gathering of lottery millionaires.

110 Lottery winners break Guinnes World Record

The longest champagne cork popping relay:

Nothing says “We made it!” more so than popping a bottle of champers and spaying it in pure delight. Whether you do so to celebrate a birthday, on the podium win at the Grand Prix or in a photo shoot for a lottery win.  Popping a bottle of Champagne makes everyone happy and with a little more luck, you might even get to drink a few glasses in all the excitement.

It’s for this reason that the National Lottery decided to take advantage of the fact that they had 110 lottery winners gathered together, by breaking yet another record, that of, for the longest champagne cork popping relay.

Under the rules for the record, each person needed to pop their prosecco cork within 15 seconds of the last person in order to accomplish the record.

Guiness World Record for lottery winners popping champagne

A National Lottery spokesperson said: "Creating 4,000 millionaires is an amazing achievement but setting two new Guinness World Records titles has given us even more reason to celebrate.

"A lot of preparation has gone into today’s attempts and we’re absolutely delighted our winners have been successful in making history."

Let’s take a look at the top 5 champagne moments from lotto winners around the UK.

Adrian and Gillian Bayford

Just look at the delight on that man’s face. This is what it feels like to celebrate winning a whopping €190 million. Complete euphoria.  The couple had every right to smile and spray as they had just taken home the world’s biggest EuroMillions jackpot win ever, a whopping €190 million.

 Adrian Bayford popping champagne

Nigel Page

Nigel Page and partner Justine celebrate their amazing £56 million EuroMillions lotto win with a very admirable spray-fest! Nigel officially became the UK's 980th richest person after the enormous jackpot win. He later went on to make headlines after his ex-wife sued him for a portion of his winnings.

Nigel Page popping champagne

Dave and Angela Dawes

That’s right Dave, it’s all up from here on out! Even though, Dave Dawes might be a little more comfortable with a pint of Lager, there’s only one way to celebrate a £101 million lottery win on the EuroMillions, and that’s with a bottle of champagne. The couple won the jackpot back in 2011.
At the time of their incredible lottery win, the couple had been living in a 70 pound per week, one bedroom flat. After purchasing their third ever lottery ticket, their lives were transformed overnight.

Dave and Angela Dawes popping champagne

Colin and Chris Weir

This lottery winning couple need absolutely no introduction. Not only did they win the biggest ever EuroMillions jackpot of £161 million, they have also done some amazing charity work since their win back in August 2012, such as funding a number of good causes, including buying a prosthetic leg for a 13 year old boy, and establishing a charitable trust to help fund health, sport, cultural, recreational and animal welfare projects.

Colin and Chris Weir popping champagne

As it’s clear to see, nothing goes together quite like a giant jackpot win and a celebratory bottle of champagne. But remember, before you can spray, you have to play!

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Play the lottery online and before you know it, you could be popping the bubbly in style!

Lottery toast

Here's to a full belly, a heavy purse, and a light heart!

The PlayHugeLottos.com Team

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Posted by Krishnan (12/10/2015)

It is said "the Lady has abundant hair and can choose to style it the way she wants !"

Posted by Ricardo (12/10/2015)

Wished that I may be included in that group of millionaires!

Posted by Ying Kwong (13/10/2015)

What a Party : )

Posted by IWw0Ut- (13/10/2015)

Nice lot of happy and wealthy people. I hope i'm introduced into that circle soon!

Posted by Wilhelmina (13/10/2015)

It look so nice...

Posted by Patrick (15/10/2015)

Truly life can change when you hit a jackpot at playhugelottos.com.

Posted by Leyla (16/10/2015)

Good news

Posted by ZqTd (16/10/2015)

If there has ever been a moment for a chance winning it is now - I have purchased my tickets and waiting in anticipation :)

Posted by IWw0Ut- (1/11/2015)

What a bunch of winners! :)

Posted by Peter (1/11/2015)

i am happy for them...

Posted by Darren (18/01/2016)

That is awesome. Looks like they had a wonderful party.

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