Tips To Win Powerball

When the Powerball lottery soars to 235 million Dollars, it becomes down right impossible not to buy a Powerball lottery ticket online.

With so much at stake, I’m pretty sure lottery fans out there all want to know the secret formula that will make you an instant millionaire.  Well, unfortunately, there is no secret recipe to winning the Powerball lottery, but there are some interesting strategies that online lottery players use that do work.

Let’s take a look at some tips that will not only help you win tonight’s $235 million US Powerball, but also win big when you hit this gigantic jackpot!

235 million Dollar Powerball

Play Online

The first piece of advice we can give you, is to buy Powerball tickets online!  Why? It’s by far the most convenient way to play the lottery of course. Not only can you play the lotto on your PC, tablet and your smartphone, by playing the lotto online, you will be able to partake in any of the world’s biggest lottery jackpots no matter where in the world you are.

Another brilliant advantage of playing the lottery online, is the fact that you can play in advance and make sure that you do not miss this fantastic opportunity to win millions.

On top of all this, let’s face it, you will not lose your ticket. With so many lottery players misplacing their lotto tickets and losing out, play the lotto online gives you the peace of mind that your ticket is safe.

Check your ticket

You might think it’s a strange tip. After all, why buy a lottery ticket if you are not going to check your lotto ticket? The truth is, there are tens of millions of Euros, Dollars and Pounds that remain unclaimed every single year, due to lottery winners misplacing, losing and not checking their lottery tickets after the draw.  Thankfully, by playing the lotto online, even if you get caught up with work, home life or sport, you will receive your results mailer, reflecting the winning Powerball numbers and any matches you may have had. In the event of a substantial win, a Customer Service Representative in your region will contact you via telephone and give you the good news!

lottery tickets on laptop, check your lotto tickets, check your winning lotto numbers

Play strategically not in patterns

In patterns?  There are many lottery players that have said that they cannot help themselves and select the numbers based on a pattern on the lotto play block, or lotto ticket.  Whether or not they conjure up images of their dream destination, partner or children’s names the patterns they make are not based on any numbers at all.  Spreading numbers evenly is one of the most commonly spread temptation of all lottery players, so it may not be your wisest move.

Powerball winning tips, how to win the lottery

Play Big

Look at the most picked lottery numbers:  7, 3, 5, 6, 4, 2, 13, 9, 11 and 12.

Now look at the most common winning lottery numbers:  16, 20, 26, 32 and 42.

What do you see?  That’s right. The numbers that win are much bigger than those that lottery players tend to pick.
So it comes as no surprise that you should be picking bigger numbers.

Yes, the odds of winning are huge, and the ping pong balls don’t have any memory, but wouldn’t it make sense to give yourself the best possible chance of winning the lottery?

For those with their own personal strategies, you could always, buy more Powerball tickets online, and for pure sanity purposes play the same numbers you have always played too, just in case they do it the big one tonight!

Powerball changes people, Powerball joke, lottery joke

Whatever you do, however you wish to play the Powerball lottery today, just make sure you get your Powerball entries in on time!  With just over eleven hours left to get your US Powerball tickets in, make sure you don’t leave it till the very last minute.

Play Powerball now and here’s wishing all our players with tickets into tonight’s gigantic Powerball draw – the absolute best of luck!

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Posted by Paweł (23/09/2015)

And I've got a golden ticket :)

Posted by Edmore (23/09/2015)

Only the Father in Heaven knows who is going to win, I pray that my name will be wtitten amongst the winners this month of September 2015

Posted by Julian (23/09/2015)

The most convenient way to play is online tickets and very very good for all and I like it it much.

Posted by Ritwick (24/09/2015)

Big one

Posted by Anu Maarit (24/09/2015)

Thanks for all the helpful tips. I'm guessing that a lot of players are playing children's ages and months - perhaps we should be playing our own ages instead as lucky numbers.:)

Posted by Ying Kwong (24/09/2015)

Great chance to become filthy rich, don't miss it guys!

Posted by Ashish (24/09/2015)

wow superb enough to to be a game changer of life

Posted by IWw0Ut- (25/09/2015)

I guess each of us has our own way of inducing luck.

Posted by CHOW (25/09/2015)

Fun and exiting !

Posted by CHOW (25/09/2015)

Fun and exiting !

Posted by CHOW (26/09/2015)

Good luck to me!

Posted by IWw0Ut- (27/09/2015)

This jackpot is really arousing interest now..... I hope I win it

Posted by Tan Hien (30/09/2015)

I will win it ! I will win it !

Posted by Leyla (11/10/2015)

Good luck!

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