$2.5m Aussie Lotto Win Causes Friends To Fight

A friendship has turned sour after a friend reneged on his lotto promise.

Two friends Darren Jamieson and John Taylor who loved to fish together, are butting heads at the moment over a TattsLotto win in 2013.  The longstanding friends, apparently made a verbal promise to each other declaring that that if that if either of them won the lotto, that they would share in it with other.

In 2013, John Taylor won $2.5 million on the TattsLotto. Unfortunately for Darren, John has reneged on this promise to his friend and kept the entire lotto win for himself. 

A mutual friend of the two, said that that John and Darren shared a love for fishing and it’s how they became friends. He also said that Darren was John’s Best Man at his wedding. 

After the lottery win, John called his best mate to tell him that he had won the Lotto. During the conversation though, no mention was made of him honouring the promise that they made to each other.

ahh, you have got to be kidding, man pulling a face,

John denies having ever made the promise and said that there was never an agreement between the two of them.  He also went on to say that they were not that close and that they had only been fishing a few times. He told Nine News, "I'm just very disappointed and appalled by this behaviour; there was no verbal or written agreement in any form whatsoever."

Darren has begun legal proceedings that allege that this friend had made a verbal agreement back in 2006.  On top of the verbal agreement, the friends also planned to each buy a lottery ticket once a week and share any winnings.

Mine, yours, ours, share

The two are in another dispute over and above the lotto win debacle. This one’s about $15,000 that John gave to Darren to buy a car. He never received the vehicle and Darren says the money was given to him simply to pay off a car loan. 

It seems as though, Darren’s doing a lot of back-tracking and changing stories.  But, it just goes to show, that once again it’s never wise to mix business with pleasure, especially when there are millions at stake and the only thing standing between your promises is your word.

It’s not the first time that we have heard of a lottery promise being broken the moment someone actually won. Frank Schwent in the USA and his brother-in-law also promised each other that they would share the lotto win, if either of them were lucky enough to ever win. In this case, however, his brother-in-law did honour his promise when he won $20,000 on the Mega Millions lottery.

With tomorrow night’s Powerball jackpot rolling over to a staggering 235 million Dollars, would you opt in to buy a lotto ticket and share with a friend. Or, would you prefer to buy a Powerball lottery ticket online and spend it as you feel you should.

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Posted by Ying Kwong (22/09/2015)

Don't ever involve one's friends with money, be it lottery or business, imho.

Posted by Ritwick (22/09/2015)

Money makes people go crazy

Posted by IWw0Ut- (23/09/2015)

Money is the root to a "little" evil you might say!

Posted by Wilhelmina (23/09/2015)


Posted by Anu Maarit (24/09/2015)

Apparently, they did not have the two names on the ticket ... legally, that would be binding in most countries. I'm not sure about Oz in terms of contractual law, whether it can be argued that someone's word can be substituted to written terms. The winner certainly knows the truth, and possibly the two of them. Let's all consider our promises carefully so we can keep them.

Posted by Krishnan (24/09/2015)

Money changes character !

Posted by Edmore (24/09/2015)

Eish,at least he should have given his friend something

Posted by Ashish (24/09/2015)

gr8 friendship

Posted by Leyla (23/10/2015)


Posted by IWw0Ut- (22/12/2015)

Money makes people 'funny'

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