Amazing $325 Million USA Powerball Draw

Saturday the 24th November sees the 14th consecutive rollover draw for the American Powerball lottery. The jackpot is an incredible $325,000,000.00 – let’s take a look at what you could do with a prize like that!

It seems like just the other day that we were excited about the $185 million US Powerball jackpot. Well, we now have a jackpot amount that is nearly DOUBLE that! If it rolls over again it will certainly make the list of top 10 American lottery jackpots of all time.

We have our fingers crossed for all lottery players for Saturday’s big draw!

So You’ve Won $325 Million USD, Now What?

Well, if YOU won a life-changing amount like $325 million how exactly would YOU change your life? has a few suggestions:

1) Quit Your Day Job

Not everyone hates their job, in fact many people really enjoy their work. We are pretty sure that given the right amount of jackpot winnings most people would choose to quit the 9 to 5 grind and spend their time doing other stuff.

Quit Your Day Job

2) Travel The World

Nothing clears away the cobwebs and prepares you for a life of lottery funded leisure more than a trip around the world. If travel isn’t your thing then perhaps just take a short trip to a sought after exotic destination. Bake in the sun, soak in the sea and return refreshed ready to tackle your new bank account.

Travel the World

3) Upgrade Your Home & Car

Let’s face facts; even the most humble of lottery winners is still keen for an upgrade of a few essential lifestyle items. You may be looking to improve upon your motor car, perhaps increasing to a fleet of carefully chosen luxury vehicles. Or perhaps you may feel more inclined to go for one or two high-end, reliable cars to get you from A to B. Whether you go the extra mile and invest in a chauffeur is entirely up to you.

Upgrade Your Home and Car

4) Follow Your Passion

With a new home and various other items (cars, yachts, penthouse apartments) you can now settle down to the business of what it is exactly that you will be spending your time doing. How will pass each day? Will you be hands-on in running your investment portfolio or will you flesh out a hobby of yours and make it fulltime?

5) Secure The Future Of Loved Ones

Although nothing is ever certain in life it is still true that wealth tends to eliminate uncertainty. A well managed $325 million lottery win could last for many generations and ensure that prosperity continues along the family tree.

Taking home a jackpot win is like receiving the keys to a new life, a lottery life. Live the lotto lifestyle with and $325 Million USD Powerball jackpot this Saturday!

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Posted by David (22/11/2012)

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